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Upcoming Fixtures

Upcoming Fixtures

Upcoming games for the following week. For full fixtures and results of all FFT competitions, click here. 

National Premier Leagues Tasmania

Saturday 14 July

Clarence v Olympia, 2:00pm, Wentworth Park

Devonport v Kingborough, 2:30pm, Valley Road

Launceston City v Hobart Zebras, 4:30pm, Buckby Landrover Park

Sunday 15 July

South Hobart v Northern Rangers, Sunday 15 July, 2:00pm, Darcy Street

PFD Women’s Super League

Saturday 14 July

South Hobart v University, 2:00pm, Darcy Street

Launceston City v Hobart Zebras, 2:30pm, Buckby Landrover Park

Ulverstone v Kingborough Lions, 2:30pm, Ulverstone

Sunday 15 July

Clarence v Taroona, 2:00pm, Wentworth Park

Veto Men’s Northern Championship

Launceston City v Riverside, 12:30pm, Buckby Landrover Park 1

Ulverstone v Somerset, 12:30pm, Ulverstone

Northern Rangers v North Launceston Eagles, 2:30pm, NTCA 2

Devonport v Launceston United, 4:30pm, Valley Road

Veto Men’s Southern Championship

Saturday 14 July

Metro v Taroona 2:00pm, North Chigwell

New Town v Nelson, 2:30pm, Clare Street

University v Southern FC, 2:30pm, Olinda Grove 1

Beachside vs Glenorchy Knights, 2:30pm, Sandown Park

Veto Women’s Northern Championship

Saturday 14 July

Devonport vs Launceston United 12:00pm, Valley Road 2

Launceston City vs Riverside 12:30pm, Buckby Landrover Park 2

Ulverstone vs Somerset 12:30pm, Ulverstone 2

Northern Rangers vs Burnie, 2.30pm, NTCA 3

Veto Women’s Southern Championship

Saturday 14 July

South Hobart vs University, 12:00pm, Darcy Street

Olympia FC Warriors vs Hobart Zebras, 2:00pm, Warrior Park

Sunday 15 July

Beachside FC v Kingborough, 12:00pm, Sandown Park

Clarence vs Taroona FC, 12:00pm, Wentworth Park 2