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LIVE: League Cup/Super League


6:25pm: Or not! Callum Brown with a stoppage time winner!! Full Time: Knights 3-2 Launceston City

6:20pm- 2-2!!!! Bartlett redeems himself with an 87th minute leveller! Extra time now looming

6:10pm- Launceston City pull a goal back! Now 2-1 in favour of Knights after 75 minutes!

6:05 FULL TIME: Olympia Warriors 2-1 Hobart Zebras One of the best double saves you will ever see from Jakob Cole in the 94th minute has denied the Zebras and seen the Warriors sneak home.

5:41pm- An own goal to Sammut has it back to 2-1 at Warrior Park

5:00pm- Half time here at Warrior Park and Olympia leading 1-0, Zebras have had 3 good scoring chances and had the better of the first half but it’s Mearns who took his chance.

4:55pm Glenorchy Knights take an early 2-0 lead over Launceston City, Rowan Heggie and an own goal from Nathan Bartlett the goalscorers.

4:45pm- Mearns puts Olympia 1-0 ahead with a terrific drive from range.

4:38pm, Rangers win the shoot out and progress to the semi finals

4:35: Full Time: Somerset 2-3 South Hobart AET

4:33pm Into penalties at Valley Road, 2-2 the score AET

4:27pm, Hingston with a goal to pull it back to 3-2 at Cardigan Street.

4:22: Half time in extra time, South Hobart 3-1, Rangers 2-2 Devonport

4:15; South Hobart seemingly safe now, Lesczynski making 3-1!

4:10pm Alex Walter, has South Hobart 2-1 ahead in the first half of ET

3:57: Full Time in Ulverstone, Hobart Zebras 4-0 Ulverstone 

3:55pm- Full Time, Somerset 1-1 South Hobart and Devonport 2-2 Northern Rangers. Extra Time for both those game!

3:52: Full Time WSL: Launceston City 9-0 Kingborough

3:51 A last minute Astyn Johnson equaliser for Somerset!!! 1-1 the score!

3:50pm Full Time Olympia 5-3 Taroona

3:35pm- Devonport 2-2 Rangers! Brayden Mann with a brace and both goals assisted by Michael Holden!

3:33pm- Emily Hernyk has a hat-trick and Launceston City have a 9-0 lead over the Lions!

3:29pm! Taroona have scored 2 in a minute! 5-3 now at Warrior Park! Birch with a free kick before a halfway screamer from Adelyn Ayton a minute later.!

3:23pm South Hobart 1-0 Somerset! Nick Morton finds the breakthrough at Cardigan Street. A long range strike finds the top corner!

3:21pm Michael Monticchio hands Rangers back the lead at Valley Road, 2-1 Rangers, 57 minutes played!

3:12pm- Devonport 1-1 Northern Rangers! Brayden Mann has levelled the scores up at Valley Road! He only came onto the ground at the start of the second half, two minutes in, he has scored.

3:09pm- Three minutes into the second half, Olympia have scored twice, Tanaka then Johnson completing her hat-trick with a fine volley. Olympia 5-1 Taroona!

2:55pm- Lucy Johnson has been red hot in this first half against Taroona, she has has provided tremendous drive, running at the defence and scored 2 with tidy finishes.

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Half Time in the Two Quarter finals up in the North, Somerset 0-0 South Hobart in an arm wrestle of a game with the Sharks defending well and Rangers riding their early lead to maintain a 1-0 lead over Devonport.

2:49pm- Hobart Zebras head into half time against Ulverstone with a 1-0 lead! Georgia Burt the goal scorer.

2:47pm- Olivia Bomford has made it 3-1 to Olympia at Warrior Park with a well placed finish!

2:45pm- Half time up at Buckby Landrover Park, mercifully for the Lions, who are now trailing City 8-0! Savill, Hernyk, Bygrave all have 2, Storay and Fagan with singles.

2:44pm- Lucy Johnson now has a brace and Olympia lead Taroona 2-1!

2:33- Adam Gorrie puts one in the back of the net but the offside flag was raised. Still 0-0 at Somerset.

2:29pm- Lucy Johsnon has squared things up at Warrior Park, 1-1 now the score.

2:26pm- Make that 6-0! Can’t keep up with this, Herynk has another. City running riot.

2:25- It’s now 5-0 to Launceston City in the Super League, Bygrave and Savill scoring. This could turn into a cricket score if the Lions don’t sort themselves out.

2:20pm- Harry Thannhasuer has handed Northern Ranges an early 1-0 lead over Devonport!

2:15pm. 3-0 Launceston City! Emily Hernyk has fired in a third already, City look like they are ending their season in style.

2:08- A long range bomb from Marion Dunbabin has Taroona 1-0 ahead minutes into the game against Olympia

2:07- Launceston City are already 2-0 ahead of the Lions up at Buckby Landrover Park, Fagan and Savill scoring the goals.

2:05pm, Just about to Kick off at Warrior Park- Follow the Live Blog

2:00pm, The Super League games and two Northern League Cup games are set to kick off.

1:30: South Hobart have named their starting XI against Somerset with Dan Brown, Hugh Ludford and Loic Feral all rested so it’s a very youthful looking side with first starts of the season for youngsters Matthew Oh and Jack Bowman. Somerset are without their star striker Kyrone Johnson which is a big omission for them.

South Hobart: Brown, Bowman, Gorrie, Hall, Hamlett, Kass, Kemp, Morton, Oh, Qualie, Walter.
Subs:Cook, Leszczynski, Moncur, Conforti

Somerset: Treloar, Whitehouse, A Johnson, Hyland, Buckingham, K. Johnson, Hingston, Eaves, Berne, Smith, Blizzard. Subs:Kirkland, Jordan, Nettleton, Phillips

12:40pm- An unfortunate update from Warrior Park where the wild winds are set to prevent us doing the Super League Live Stream. The winds are unfortunately prohibitive in terms of setting up on the far side of the ground, with our Stream guru Ash nearly getting decapitated. We will still be able to do the Zebras v Warriors game, on battery power from upstairs, but it won’t last long enough to do the double header sadly. Our apologies, Ash is good, but even he can’t fight the weather! So instead you can follow the Live BLOG coverage of the game here.

11:30am- One of the more interesting story lines today sees Gabriel Markaj making his senior coaching return. After being ousted at the Den, he has been working with the Hobart Zebras Under 18 side as well as assisting with the senior NPL side. With Tommy Fotak away he will be taking the reins for their League Cup quarter final against the Warriors. To some that may seem eye raising but the Zebras players have been giving rave reviews of his training sessions and tactical knowledge. There is no doubt he knows the game intimately and is giving every indication he has learned from his mistakes at the Den. Certainly something to keep an eye on this afternoon and it’s hard not to root for a character like him to succeed, he was last spotted hugging it out with Charlie White in Grape last Saturday night.

Gabriel Markaj will coach Hobart Zebras today

11:15am: The Examiner reports thats redemption is on the cards for the two Launceston based NPL sides in their respective quarter finals

11:00am- Welcome to Slice of Cheese’s Saturday blog covering all the action around the state today. The Championship and NPL seasons may be in the book but there is still no shortage of top level football to be played out today. The final round of the Super League and four League Cup Quarter Finals mean it will be an action packed day and we will have updates from around the grounds and a pair of Live Streams, with the double header from Warrior Park to be streamed. First we have Olympia and Taroona clashing in the Super League from 2:00pm before Olympia and Hobart Zebras clash in the League Cup at 4:00pm.

League Cup

Devonport v Northern Rangers, Valley Road, 2:00pm

Somerset v South Hobart, Cardigan Street, 2:00pm

Olympia Warriors v Hobart Zebras, Warrior Park, 4:00pm

Glenorchy Knights v Launceston City, KGV, 4:30pm

Super League

Launceston City v Kingborough, Buckby Landrover Park, 2:00pm

Ulverstone v Hobart Zebras, Ulverstone, 2:00pm

Olympia v Taroona, Warrior Park, 2:00pm


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