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Clarence v Devonport

Live Blog Coverage From Andrew Cooling

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Full Time: Clarence 2-1 Devonport

90+3′ Holden drives a free kick into the wall!

90+2′ A free kick in a promising position is wasted by Holden.

90+1′ Red Card! Henry Andrews marching off the pitch after being shown a red, I assume it was for abusing the ref but not sure.

89′ Shot on! A Voss makes a crucial save diving down to his left at the back post to deny a Davies header.

88′ Slice of cheese- Price into the book for a foul on the left hand side of the box.

84′ Slice of Cheese! Odaine Demar into the book for a lunging challenge. My view was obstructed by the signage but it’s fair to say the locals rather vehemently disagree with it.

81′ Shot off! Wicks sends one inches wide, it rolled just past the post after firing it first time from the top of the box.

79′ Big change goes begging for Clarence, Naden is played in behind, he races in on goal but delays the shot too long allowing Smith to recover and block his eventual effort.

79′ A drilled Holden Cross into the near post is claimed by Voss under pressure from a sliding Wicks.

77′ Post! A drilled cross from the left wing by Knott smashes into the post.

74′ GOAL! 2-1! Clarence! Bremner! A perfectly delivered corner from Price is smashed in by the head of Bremner, thumping header that!

72′ Shot off! Naden with a lobbed volley from about 45 yards that comes down with snow on it. Just a bit much on it and it floats over the top but had Pearce scrambling.

SUB- Davies on for Fischer

SUBS- Burgess and Demar on for Stuart and Palmer

65′ GOAL! 1-1! A corner is turned home by Dom Smith and the Strikers level the game.

65′ O’Neill with a clearance off the line to break up a slick build up from the Strikers.

SUB- Argent replaced by Rand

60′ Shot off! Holden tries to bring one down and volley it but he skews his effort wide and high.

58′ Voss has been strong in the air today, bringing down a number of crosses hit into the area.

54′ Shot off! A cross into the box from Price is cleared into the path of Randall who fires wide. I think a free kick was blown in the box for a foul on Dance though so likely would not have counted anyway.

46′ Play resumes here, Clarence eyeing off a first top 4 scalp.

Half Time and a pretty scrappy affair so far, Devonport have shaded the chances but Clarence have taken one so they head into the sheds a goal ahead in a game that could definitely go either way.

Half Time

45+2′ Shot off! Argent fires over the bar on the turn from the top of the box.

40′ Shot on! A good ball from Naden releases Stuart who charges in and fire straight at Pearce from the angle who holds well.

39′ Voss strong in the air to claim a raking cross over the head of Knott!

35′ GOAL!!! NADEN!1-0 Clarence A chip into the box releases Naden one on one with the keeper and he fires home, Pearce got a piece of it but not enough to keep it out. 

32′ WHAT A SAVE! Henry Lush with a spectacular shot block on the line, rising to deny a thumping Wicks header. From a secondary ball in he does likewise, though less spectacularly the second time, but a brilliant 30 seconds for the Divine Pony Tails!

31′ Shot off! Andrews drives one wide, for some reason a corner is awarded!

29′ Shot on! A cross is kneed goalward by Fischer making for an easy save for Voss.

28′ Stuart has now been caught offside 3 times in the opening 30.

25′ Voss does well to fly off his line and beat Wicks to the ball after Andrews drive deflected into the box.

23′ Shot off! A corner gets cleared to the top of the box and Holden smashes a drive over the bar.

21′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Knott with a cynical albeit intelligent challenge to halt a promising counter attack, good cheese to take.

20′ Stuart has had a few surging runs and the Devonport full backs have overlapped and put some crosses in but otherwise this has been an extremely dour affair.

14′ Shot on! Finally a chance! Price tries to catch out Pearce with his strike from range but the young keeper shows a safe pair of hands,

10′ Still nothing doing, most eye catching thing so far the dual Pony tails Henry Lush is sporting.

6′ Not even a semblance of a chance so far, a real scrappy game in the midfield so far.

1′ Kick off underway here in wet conditions.

Welcome to the Dungeon for this Round 20 clash between the Strikers and Clarence. It’s a cold wet and miserable old day here. Average age of this Devonport side is 17.5! So very young but they have smashed Clarence both times this year, so should have plenty of belief.


Clarence United v Devonport Strikers

Overall Head To Head Record:

Clarence United:

P: 5 W: 0 D: 0 L: 5 GF: 1 GA: 26

Devonport Strikers:

P: 5 W: 5 D: 0 L: 0 GF: 26 GA: 1

Head To Head Record At Wentworth Park 2:

Clarence United:

P: 1 W: 0 D: 0 L: 1 GF: 0 GA: 5

Devonport Strikers:

P: 1 W: 1 D: 0 L: 0 GF: 5 GA: 0

Clarence United 2017 Home Record:

P: 10 W: 2 D: 1 L: 7 GF: 9 GA: 32

Devonport Strikers 2017 Road Record:

P: 8 W: 5 D: 1 L: 2 GF: 18 GA: 12

2017 Meetings:

Round 7, Clarence United 0-5 Devonport Strikers (Wentworth Park 2)

Round 13, Devonport Strikers 10-1 Clarence United (Valley Road)

Ground Top Scorer:

Top goal scorer at Wentworth Park is Nick Naden with 7 goals.