Slice of Cheese

Clarence v Kingborough (NPL)

 Shots On
 Shots Off


A comfortable win for Clarence, they took the lead early and were never really challenged from that point onwards. Definitely deserved the victory. 

90+1′ Shot off! Lane smashes one well over the bar after it spillled his way at the top of the box.

89′ Shot off! The ball is worked to Verdouw at the top of the box and he curls it wide of the post.

86′ A Herweynen shot is deflected behind for a corner.

84′ A lunging challenge from Mceldowney does just enough to stop Bremner from getting a shot away.

82′ Shot off! Bremner does superbly to cushion a header from a long ball into the path of Naden who can’t keep his volley down and it flies over the bar.

79′ Kamara makes a brilliant save to deny Burgess from 6 yards but the flag was up for offside anyway.

78′ Shot off! Malcolm curls the free kick over the bar.

77′ Burgess is brought down just outside the box and a slice of cheese is issued.

75′ Shot on! Cowen gets played through one on one with Voss, he steadies then fires but Voss makes himself big and saves it.

72′ Shot on! Kamara looks to clear it, seemed to take a piece of Naden as well as the ball, he dribbles the ball outside the box then turns it over leading to a Malcolm shot from range but a backtracking Kamara is able to collect.

71′ GOAL!!! 3-0! Ball Game! Naden with a clever backheel sets up Bremner who runs into the box and buries it into the bottom corner.

Sub- Bremner replaces Demar

Clarence firmly on top at the moment, best they have looked this season.

64′ Absolute chaos here at the moment, about 6 fresh air swings and mistimed clearances, with the ball just bobbling around the box ominiously but nothing happening and the Lions clear it away… eventually.

63′ Shot block! Herweynen with a perfectly executed sliding block to deny Naden.

62′ Shot on! Price swings in a perfect inswinging free kick that sets up Naden but he can’t make sufficient contact with the header, into the ground and into the hands of Kamara.

60′ Slice of Cheese, Nugent holds back Naden before he can surge into the box on the left hand side. Just outside the box.

58′ Shot off! Pearce smashes a long range drive over the top from 35 yards, struck with power but couldn’t get it down

53′ Shots on! Demar has three bites at it but somehow can’t score. First Stuart puts it on a platter for him and he fires straight at Kamara, then the ball finds it way back to him and again he fires straight at the keeper and then a third time it sits for him and he smashes it into the post.

Harms seems to have come for Lokoes during the half time break.

46′ Play back underway, if the blog cuts out midway through the half it’s because I have physically turned to ice and frozen. Apologies in advance should that eventuate

Half Time: Clarence 2-0 Kingborough 

45+1′ Slice of Cheese! Cowen into the book for a late challenge,

37′ SAVE! Kamara comes up with a top save to deny Naden, he had nipped in ahead of him and taken it wide but Kamara got back across to cover the post and make a strong stop.

31′ Shot off! A long ball into the area sails over everyones heads to an unmarked Naden at the back post who volleys on the right wide of the post.

30′ Shot off! Lokoes smashes one from range that flies well over.

29′ Some lovely flowing football from the Lions ends when Lewis makes a sliding block to deny a cross.

28′ Shot on! Flynn volleys one straight at Kamara after a misplaced header from Nugent presented an opening,

Odaine Demar making a massive impact on this Clarence side, has really straightened them up and given them a real athletic presence up top.

24′ Shot off! Herweynen opens up the Clarence defence with a perfect through ball to play in Cowen who races onto it and drives it just wide.

23′ Shot off! Stuart almost chips the keeper from miles out but his effort is wide of the mark.

SUB- Verdoux has replaced Burn.

21′ A dangerous corner is swung in and Clarence come close to another but Flynn can’t reach it as it flew across the face of goal to the back post.

19′ Shot off! Naden buys himself some room and cuts inside before unleashing a rising shot that flies over the bar.

16′ Shot off! Malcolm puts one just past the post from the top of the box. Clarence creating the chances but the Lions have had a few good minutes.

10′ GOAL! 2-0! Naden! A turnover at the back leads to a chance for Demar who smashes a drive that Kamara denies with a diving save but Naden follows up and taps home the rebound.

7′ GOAL! 1-0! Clarence take the lead through Stuart. A corner is curled to the back post where he rises high and thumps the header home. 

5′ Shot on! Lokoes hits a tame curler from outside the box that Voss comfortably collects.

1′ Underway at a freezing cold Dunegeon.

Teams From

Clarence- Demar, Lewis, Malcolm, Naden, Flynn, Palmer, O’Neill, Price, Stuart, Voss SUBS-Randall, Randall,Burgess, Bremner

Kingborough-Burn, Cowen, Herweynen, Kamara, Lokoes, Mceldowney, Nugent, Pearce, Robinson, Schuth, SUBS- Harms, Rickards, Hall, Verdoux, Hoddy

Voss replacing Randall in goals today and Odaine Demar getting a start, playing as a striker which should be a big boost to the Reds.

In the final game on the Saturday Clarence entertain the Kingborough Lions in what should be a tightly fought battle on the pitch and a desperate fight for survival against the elements in the arctic conditions for those off it, it is freezing here! Clarence’s last point came against the Lions all the way back in Round 6 when they drew 2-2. They have now lost their past 7 matches since that game, scoring just 3 goals whilst shipping 35 in the process. Things seem to have hit rock bottom for the Reds after copping a 10-1 thumping at the hands of Devonport last week meaning this is a game they desperately need something from in order to stem the bleeding. The players need to stand up and respond against a Lions side that should serve as an example to Clarence. After their rocky start to the season, Mark Broadbent has steadied the ship and brought some defensive stability. It hasn’t been anything overly complex or been brought about by an influx of new players, but they are defending well as a unit and making themselves extremely hard to break down. It has led to some much improved results and they will head into this game believing they are capable of claiming all 3 points against a Clarence side down on confidence.