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Devonport v Northern Rangers

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FULL TIME Devonport 4 – Northern Rangers 0. A good win for the Devonport Strikers … they were lacking key players but still got the job done. The league is out of touch now but performances like this should set them up for a succesful finals Series. Full Match report to come.

90′ Weak header on goal for Devonport saved well by Whatman


82′ No penalty given, sure foul in the box by Rangers.

80′ Foul given for Davenport, nothing comes of it

78′ GOAL !! Holden with a Brace, Millington with a great squared pass sees Holden alone in the box and he smashes it in.

77′ GOALLL !! Millington doubles the Devonport Lead !!!. On top of the box, he makes no mistake and buries it past Whatman

71′ Sub comes on for Kwin.  Liam Appleyard in the game.

70′ Kwin injures himself on the tackle.

70′ Foul by Kwin.  Dangerous Free kick to give away

66′ Millington almost !! great play by Devonport Sees Millington in behind but his effort is only inches wide.

65′ Pearce with some good glove work, Rangers sat the ball up in the mixer but the Devonport keeper came and collected.

63′ Devonport with some lovely play out on the left-hand side, Millington tried to play in Holden but Whatman denies him with some smart keeping.

Rangers with a good bit of pressure here, if they want to get anything out of it they will have to take their chances.

61′ Whatman comes up huge !!! A massive save to deny Holden.

Nick LA is furious with the ref’s decision…. he was clearly caught but the referee is having none of it and calls play on.

54′ Shot off from the the town house , but the young Devonport goal keeper saves well.

51′ Slice of Cheese… but to who ? A yellow card was shown but not to anyone in particular.

46 ‘ Back under way here at the Portress, all to play for!

Half- Time, Devonport lead proceedings here at the Portress! Devonport on the basis look good for their lead…. If they had Mann this game would be all over !

44′ Slice of cheese to Pat LA , it looked to be for descent . He went to the ref to ask a question but a quick response of cheddar!

43′ Slice of Cheese to Thannhauser, Stood on the ball when he should of walked away.

38′ Free kick to the Rangers after Humphries only had one to beat, but Jones’ effort is well wide.

37′ The Dangerous Nick LA is through but Bidwell Clears well…… Devonport Goalkick……..

devonport aren’t having a problem getting the ball in the final third, but without Mann they are lacking a bit of quality up front.

26′ Humphries with an audacious chip !! his effort only inches wide.

25′ Whatman with a huge double Save denies Millington then holden.

20′ Nick LA with a huge tackle on Holden regains possession for the Rangers, Devonport were probably in other wise.

18′ Dubious Foul by Bidwell on Kensley, nothing comes of it and Devonport clear.

12′ Michael Holden nearly doubles his lead, but he does the unselfish thing and passes across goal … his effort is cleared by Cross.

not sure about Broadbent’s comments about the wheels falling off, Devonport look slick on the ball and dominating proceedings…

8′ GOALLL !! Michael Holden with a pile driver from about 30 yards out beats Whatman who had no chance !!

2′ shot off from Burke, a huge effort at goal but his shot is way wide.

‘1 and were live, a few technical issues,  sorry for the delay!

Devonport teamsheet:


Rangers teamsheet:

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