Slice of Cheese

Hobart Zebras v Kingborough Lions (NPL)

 Shots On
 Shots Off



A smash and grab, they scored a miraculous goal then clung on for dear life. Inspired defensive performance and Broadbent picks up 3 points in his coaching return. What a stunning upset this has been. Zebras title hopes in dire straights now.

90+4′ Bastock takes it on the counter and fires a shot wide. Kind of kills the whole 1 shot, 1 goal, 3 points headline I had planned. That will surely be it though

90+4′ Muller picks out Groenewold who tries to adjust his body but his header floats wide.

90+3′ Corner ball. Cleared behind, another corner, Muller to take again.

90+2′ Hey picks out Sanders who nods a free header wide of the post, big miss.

90+1′ Sanders is hacked down and it sparks players flying in from everywhere. Groenewold goes into the book in the midst of all the pushing and shoving. Free kick in a great area middle of the box, on the right win. Last chance saloon this,

89′ Shot off! A well placed Hey cross is headed wide by Huigsloot. Not long left now, the Lions improbable win is almost done.

87′ Slice of Cheese for Huigsloot for a lunging challenge, won the ball so perhaps stiff. Gives the Lions a chance to kill some time.

85′ Shot on! A long throw is flicked goalward by Huigsloot but it never had the power to trouble Kamara who gathers it.

Sub- Belstead and Schuth replaced by Lane and Nuttall.

The Zebras firing off shots from everywhere here with an increasing desperation as each minute pases but the Lions are holding on and restricting them to pretty low % efforts for the most part, has been a superb defensive display. Whole team has contributed to it, working both ways but the back four of  Mceldowney, Robinson, Nugent and Herweynen have belied their youth with their displays. 

78′ Shot off! Gates sets up a volley for himself on the left hand side of the box but he blasts it over the top.

76′ Shot off! Ackerly volleys over the top from the middle of the box, a long Warrner throw had been flicked on perfectly by Huigsloot but another chance goes begging.

Sub- Downes off for Buga, believe that will be the last we see of Downes this season as he takes off overseas in a week.

72′ Downes with a shot from the edge of the area but he is off balance and slips over.

71′ Shot on! Gates drives on, Kamara saves well and then crucially gets a fingertip to the rebound to direct it away from a lurking Sanders. Another follow up shot comes from Gates again, but this is an easier save.

70′ Shot on! Another try from range, this time from Gates who picks out the keeper.

69′ Shot off! Downes smashes a volley over the bar from long range.

The Lions have their tails up now, they know they are 25 mins away from a massive boil over and are flying around the pitch and defending with great spirit. The belief is there and the Zebras are looking a little lost. 

63′ Shot off! An acrobatic volley from Huigsloot, on the left and from well behind him is just off target, cross had come in from Warrener on the left.

62′ A long range floater into the middle of the box is met by a leaping Huigsloot who gets to it before the keeper but directs it over the bar.

61′ Shot on! Groenewold rises highest from the corner and makes good contact but it’s straight at Kamara.

55′ GOAL!!!!!! 1-0 Lions!!!! A goal from out of nowhere, miles out Danny Cowen chips one over a stranded keeper. First shot they’ve had and they lead! Stunning goal from the captain! From near on halfway, that is magic.

54′ Downes drills one low that fizzes just past the post, keeper leaving it and only just went wide.

53′ A cross from Gates almost drops in at the back post but Kamara tips it away under pressure from Ackerly.

Groenewold stayed down for a solid minute clutching his ankle, bad signs this for the Zebras superstar. He has now hobbled off and headed into the rooms, has to be in doubt to return.

49′ A slip from Groenewold lets in Bastock who tears off toward goal but Lewis is back to marshall him.

47′ Corner for the Lions won by Schuth but caught comfortably by Mercuri.

46′ Back underway in the second half, Let’s hope this thing livens up a bit, as much as I respect a good old fashion bus park.

Well that is half time and only the one real clear cut chance which fell to Gates who was well denied by Kamara. Apart from that it was a half devoid of excitement, with Downes testing the Lions with his trademark free kicks, but little else happening. Broadbent has rolled in and parked the old Lions bus firmly in front of the goal, and you can’t deny it’s been effective so far. Makes complete sense as a tactical approach, but has rather lent itself to a pretty drab 45 minutes. Hopefully it comes to life in the second half.

45+1′ Shot off! Downes swings in a free kick which Huigsloot flings himself at but it flies high.

44′ Downes drills one into the box, with a silky touch Sanders controls it and volleys top window but the offside flag was up.

38′ Sub- Broadbent makes an early move and takes off Burn replacing him with Lokoes.

Zebras just starting to break down the Lions and create a bit, has been a sturdy defensive display so far, plenty of bodies behind the ball and they look well organised. 

34′ Shot on! Gates denied by Kamara who had his angles covered well, Huigsloot worked it to Sanders who played in Gates at the back post on the angle.

33′ Cowen rather agriculturally brings down Huigsloot, 25 yards out, middle of the box. Prime Downes territory. Smashes it into the wall!

Sub- Walsh has been forced off presumably injured, and is replaced by Ackerly.

31′ Shot off! Downes swings in a free kick, Groenewold rises highest and flicks it on but there is nobody at the back post to tap home.

28′ Shot off! Gates volleys over the bar, had the power but no direction. Fell to him after a scrambled clearance following a long thrown onto the head of Huigsloot.

27′ Gates makes inroads down the left, gets around the keeper, but is trapped very wide and near the by-line, he cuts it back and the ball is scrambled away by Robinson.

26′ Pearce swings in a logn range free kick which Mercuri holds at the second attempt.

21′ Shot off! Well we have a shot, but not much of one, Walsh attempted a spectacular volley from 35 yards but dragged it well wide.

20′ Jayden Hey has been playing a right winger in this game so far, is getting some good chances to cross but nothing has come of it yet.

15′ Quarter of an hour into this one and there has not been a chance! Lions are defending tenaciously and making life hard for the Zebras who are yet to look like breaking them down. Zebras have had plenty more of the ball though.

9′ Great delivery from the corner but Kamara does well to claw it away from the head of Huigsloot who looked for a moment like he was primed to bury it.

8′ Downes with a free kick in a good position, he swings it in and Pearce heads behind for a corner.

4′ Furious pace to the early moments in the game but no clear openings yet save for Sanders firing one over the bar that didn’t matter due to an offside flag.

1′ Kick off, clear night here at KGV and we are off and running.

Welcome to KGV for the opening fixture in Round 10 of the NPL TAS, Andrew Cooling blogging through this one which I am going to dub the Jack Gates cup. The former Lion will make a start for the Zebras tonight but it’s his former side that has a number of changes, with Broadbent promoting plenty of youth. This is a game that sees two sides clashing under new management, with our first look at the Zebras under Tommy Fotak and the Lions under Mark Broadbent. That is where the majority of the intrigue around this fixture looms and it will be interesting to see if anything major has changed for both sides stylistically. Certainly plenty of new faces for the Lions.



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