Slice of Cheese

Hobart Zebras v South Hobart


 Shots On
 Shots Off


90′ GOAL!!!! Sanders with a real opportunist goal at the near post. Pokes home towards Wright and he can’t react in time, pushes it into his own net. 3-0 Zebras. A brace for Sanders.

8 minutes of regular time to go, not much time for South to find a way to win this game.

76′ SHOT ON! Walsh somehow keeps possession of a ball twice from defensive challenges and then tries to shoot after his efforts. Lacks power and Wright collects.

75′ SUB! OFF: Hamlett, Feral ON: Schmidt, Castaneda

74′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Downes gets a tackle all wrong and goes into the book. Looked heinous.

Game has evened up a bit more now after the first 20 minutes of this half being all Zebras.

69′ SAVE! Morton drives a powerful swerving shot straight at Mercuri and he is an awkward position as this moves in the  air. Pushes it away somehow and out for a throw in, really just bounced off him.

65′ POSTER! Walsh lashes an absolute bullet volley against the post and it falls to Sanders who doesn’t even get time to react to this before it cannons into his foot and out for a goal kick.

South have been uncharacteristically sloppy in this game tonight. Groenewolde has also been intercepting so many balls. 

60′ HEADER GOES WIDE! South work a short corner and Gorrie delivers near post where Brown has ghosted in, but he can’t steer the header on target.

58′ SHOT JUST OVER! McKeown tries a dipping left footed volley from just outside the 18 yard box and it skids over the top of the net, just didn’t quite dip in time. They’re well on top at the moment the Zebras.

Downes delivery is so good, nearly another goal for the Zebras there with it right in the mixer and Wright struggling to keep it under control. Walter came off for South at half time, you’d have to think he was injured as he was probably their best in the first half. Into the 58th minute now.

56′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Gorrie into the book for a poor foul on McKeown.

52′ GOAL! Brown makes an absolute meal of a back pass to Wright and it bounces off him at close range, into the open space just inside the 18 yard box and Sanders taps home on his right to make it 2-0.

52′ GREAT SAVE! Mercuri makes himself big to deny Morton after he breaks through one on one!

48′ SHOT OFF! Downes ends up with a chance to volley from just outside the right hand side of the 18 yard box and he lashes his effort off target.

46′ SHOT OFF! Another Sanders corner and another Huigsloot header, this time it’s over the bar.


HALF TIME! Zebras a goal to the good.

43′ NEARLY ANOTHER! Groenewolde sneaks in at the near post after a delivery from Downes and nearly sneaks in to steal it from Wright. Wright just collects.

42′ SHOT ON! The free is delivered wide at the back post, couldn’t see who headed it on target, but it lacked power and Mercuri caught it easily.

40′ GOAL! Huigsloot leaps above everyone from a terrific corner from Sanders and powers a header past Wright. Great delivery, even better finish.

Zebras need to give Sanders a chance up top, they’re delivery into him has been poor. We know his quality and his ability to bring others into the game, yet the passing to him has been really lacking.

35′ SAVE! Groenewolde comes up big from a set piece and powers a header towards the top right. Wright dives across to his left and pushes it away. Sanders was sniffing about for scraps too, an important push away.

34′ SHOT OFF! Kemp has a ball teed up for him and drives a shot over the top of the bar.

Hey with another great run, tries to feed Sanders but his pass is intercepted. He’s certainly come into the game since I gave him a negative mention before… opposite of commentators curse?

32′ SHOT OFF! Walter tries an audacious first time volley from a long cross to the back stick, it’s well wide and Mercuri isn’t troubled.

Hey’s just made up for his indifferent start there with a great run down the right, a couple of one twos and a great pass across into Huigsloot, but he isn’t able to get the shot off. 31st minute now.

29′ HALF CHANCE FOR ZEBRAS! Wright comes to collect a ball just outside his box and Sanders is there to make a contest, Sanders couldn’t keep his feet and run onto the loose ball before the South defenders recovered.

28′ SHOT OFF! Game opens up slightly and Gorrie scythes forward and finds Cook with a good ball. Cook slams a shot way over the top when he had more time.

27′ SHOT OFF! Hamlett finds a bit of space from 25 yards and hits a curling powerful effort that flies wide of the left hand post. South have had a good last couple of minutes.

Walter is giving Jayden Hey an absolute bath down the left wing so far. Hey has to lift.

Gone back to being a tight contest again now, into the 16th minute. Still the same, into the 21st now. No more chances to speak of. A lot of throw ins and long clearances.

South turning the screws at the moment, some good continued pressure. Groenwald sore as well after a clearance, maybe kicked someone’s studs?

11′ SHOT OFF! Hamlett finds himself in good position inside the 18 yard box after Lewis hashed his reading of the ball. Pretty lucky to also not give a penalty away to Hamlett there as he had his arms around him and pulled him back.

Still pretty tight here, neither team registering too many clear chances as yet. General play, probably just being shaded by South. But not by much.

3′ CHANCE! Wright saves from McKeown after Sanders fed him with a delightful curling ball from his own half.

Tight opening minute here, both teams already prodding at one another.


Hobart Zebras team sheet:

South Hobart team sheet:

Mark Wakefield For Slice of Cheese

Should be an interesting game tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t seen the Zebras play live yet, only watched a few bits and pieces on the stream last week. Sanders looked in ominous touch though, so I’m looking forward to watching him play tonight.

I’ve covered both of South’s games so far, they are looking very fit and are playing at near maximum capacity (in my view) so whilst they’re excellent now, it remains to be seen how other teams might catch up as they hit top fitness but for now, South is the most complete side in the competition that I have seen. They’ve been well served so far by the excellent Quaile and Gorrie at left and right fullback, whilst Wright has also been a good acquisition so far. Walter looks to have gained yet another yard of pace and is looking very dangerous. Morton has been pulling the strings whilst big Brown looks as defensively strong as ever. They’ve got weapons all over the park and it comes as no surprise that they’re slick, they are Ken Morton’s side after all.

Much was made of the player movements from the Zebras in the offseason, but a lot of the guys that moved weren’t first 11 players. The ones that were have been replaced and the end result is that they’ve still got a really strong 11 to take the field. Sanders is their danger man, but they’ve got a sensational attacking quartet with McKeown, Walsh, Sanders and Huigsloot. All bring a few different avenues to goal, so it will be a test for South tonight should the Zebras actually play well.

I don’t really know what to tip tonight. Both great teams, both I’d expect will challenge for the title. I suspect though, if Sanders is given too much space, it will be the Zebras that will come away with the points. I’ll call it 2-1 Zebras.