Slice of Cheese

Kingborough v Hobart Zebras (NPL)

Live Blog Coverage From Andrew Cooling From 2:00pm

 Shots On
 Shots Off

So the Zebras steal back a point late on! The built up pressure finally saw a mistake at the back produced and Hey was ice cold dispatching the penalty. The Zebras certainly deserved something from it, they battered the Lions throughout, but the hosts will be frustrated to have come so close only to see it slip away in stoppage time.  

Full Time: Kingborough Lions 1-1 Hobart Zebras

90+4′ Kamara stretches at full extension to grab a Sanders cross with Groenewold lurking behind waiting to head home the winner.

90+3′ GOAL! 1-1! Hey steps up and coolly slots home the penalty! Cruel for the Lions, though on the balance of play, it had been coming. 

90+1′ PENALTY!!!!!! ZEBRAS! A handball in the box (from Nugent I think) after a long throw into the box gives the Zebras a lifeline.

90′ Into stoppage time now, every tackle, every duel won is being warmly cheered by the Lightwood crowd. They know they aren’t far away now.

89′ Shot off! Lokoes wastes a prime chance on a 3 v 2 breakaway after the Zebras had piled bodies forward for  a corner. He gets his shot horribly wrong as he tries to ice the game.

86′ Kamara is sharp off his line to beat Pace to a Sanders flick on that threatened to unlock them.

85′ Lions being bombarded with balls into the box at the moment but their defence is standing up to the challenge.

84′ Slice of Cheese! Pace into the book for a lunging challenge. Will allow more time to tick off the clock, survival the name of the game here and they’re just holding on.

81′ The wall does it job, blocking 2 Groenewold shots from the free kick.

81′ A handball just outside the box gives Zebras a free in a promising area. The Lions put a defender on the line leading to a mass of bodies in the box.

80′ Shot on! The Colonel denied by a full stretch Kamara who springs across to make a sharp stop to deny his effort back across the face of goal.

SUB- Both sides make a change. Cowen off for Wakefield and Brooks for Ackerly

77′ Shot off! Hey swings in a cross to the middle of the box where a diving Sanders heads it past the post. Some shouts for a penalty, Hey’s apparently a little too much as he has gone into the book. Zebras seem to be copping a few stiff decisions and the frustration is boiling over

73′ Shot off! After several minutes of playing the ball into the area and not finding an opening, Ackerly decides to try a shot from outside the box but he hooks it wide.

67′ Shot off! Again Huigsloot is firing one over the bar, this time throwing his leg at a ball bouncing in the box and smashing it over the top as well as running into the man.

66′ Shot off! Hugisloot picks Nugent’s pocket in the box and then turns and fires a shot over the bar.

The Zebras keeper was furious no foul was called on him, he certainly got collected as both players went at the ball but on first glance I thought play on was the right call, replay will be interesting he might have had hands on the ball. A repeat result brewing here, Zebras dominating but not scoring then Danny Cowen doing the damage at the other end. 

63′ GOAL!! 1-0 LIONS! And wouldn’t you know it, it’s Danny Cowen! The bane of the Zebras strikes from a tight angle with a well placed drive. Mercuri flung himself at a ball in dispute in the box as did Belstead, it spilt the way of Cowen and with the keeper out of the picture having run into Belstead he threads the needle and puts them ahead!

The Zebras are knocking on the door at the moment but just can’t quite find the final finish.

SUB- Not sure when it occured by Harms seems to have been replaced by Lane!

58′ Shot off! Gates races into the box and smashes one back across the face that is inches past the post.

57′ Shot on! A superb through ball from Warrener springs Pace who cuts it back to Huigsloot whose effort is shut down at the near post by a sprawling Kamara.

56′ Slice of Cheese! Schuth with an agricultural challenge that sees him booked.

55′ Mercuri saves the day, getting a boot and then a glove on two different sliding/diving challenges to prevent clear cut chances in the box for the Lions when they seemed on.

54′ Slight stoppage here as Groenewold gets some treatment after being clattered in midfield, back to his feet and walks off ok, so should be right to play on. Not sure how the Lions player wasn’t booked though.

51′ Shot off! But only just! Schuth looks to bend a free kick for the far post from just outside the box on the right, it curls but not quite enough.

48′ Shot off! Huigsloot belts one into the stratosphere after he won a scrap in the box, was firing from the angle so would have taken something special, and his shot, was far from it.

46′ A long heave into the box from Hey ends with the ball spilling to Groenewold who smashes his shot over the top.

46′ Action resumes here at the Den, can either side find the breakthrough? Hoddy has been subbed off for Lokoes. Zebras unchanged.

Half Time: So 0-0 the score at the break. The Zebras have been well on top for the most part and should be ahead but a lot of their shots haven’t been overly threatening.  The best chance was that last one for Sanders and other than that, despite having a number of shots, you’d hardly call them gilt edge chances. The Lions are doing a good job forcing them wide by shutting off the middle of the pitch, which is leading to plenty of crossing chances. Yet despite Huigsloot winning most his aerial duels, he hasn’t been able to put one away yet and the Lions will be fairly content to head in level. It worked last time they played, when Cowen produced a bit of magic, they will be counting on something similar here because they’ve created very little themselves. 

45+1′ Shot on! Some outstanding play from Warrener on the left wing sees him play in a perfect cross into the middle of the box that Sanders runs onto and hits straight at Kamara. Should have buried that one!

44′ Slice of Cheese! Sanders into the book, not sure what it was for.

43′ Shot on! A long range cross into the box is nodded on target by Huigsloot but again it’s no issues for Kamara.

43′ McEldowney fouls Hey, which leads to a minor altercation between the pair, referee quickly defuses the situation though.

41′ Nugent swings in a dangerous free kick that dips into the six yard box and Mercuri does well to fist away. The danger isn’t over and the follow up ball into the box is dealt with by Hey.

40′ Shot off! The ball falls to Griffen who rather optimistically opted to smash it first time from 30 yards and he tugs it wide.

38′ Gates gets in behind on the left, gets to near the by-line but his cross flies over the roof of the net. Had 3 men in the box, so was a wasted ball.

36′ Shot off! From the wing, Groenewold curls in a peach of a ball that a stretching Sanders gets to but he can’t keep his volley down and he just misses out on what have been a spectacular goal.

34′ Shot off! From the corner Sanders swings in another quality delivery that Huigsloot meets and nods wide.

33′ Nice skill from Hey as he skins Belstead, gets past McEldowney, but Cowen has come storming back in defence and he puts it behind for a corner.

31′ Herweynen gets his head up and runs at Hey before blasting a shot that is blocked behind for a corner, end to end action the past few minutes after a fairly uninspiring first 30 minutes.

29′ Shot off! Groenewold with a free kick chance and he steps up and puts it wide, didn’t go over the wall, went the other side, but slipped as he hit it.

27′ Gates cops a close range falcon from Schuth who volleyed it right into his face from all of a metre away. That would have stung, welcome back to the Den! He trots off for treatment, Zebras down to 10 for the meanwhile

23′ Shot on! Mercuri denies Belstead who did very well to skip free of his marker and blast a dipping effort from 20 yards.

20′ Shot off! Superb cross from wide on the right to the middle of the box from Ackerly and a leaping Huigsloot nods it just wide, couldn’t quite get his body shape right, might have been better off leaving it for Gates who was 2 yards behind him.

14′ Griffen drives one across the face of goal and through the box that just eludes both Huigsloot and Gates.

10′ Shot off! Herweynen makes lovely contact with a free kick and it lands on the roof of the net, fooling half the ground into thinking he had scored.

8′ Shot off! A drive from Hey flies just wide of the post, sat up for him outside the box.

7′ Shot off! Groenewold is inches wide from opening the scoring with a thumping header. Rose up to win a perfectly swung in corner from Sanders.

5′ Shot on! Huigsloot curls one from outside the box but it’s an easy collect for Kamara.

3′ The Zebras look to be in down the left but Pace’s cross is overhit and a lunging Ackerly at the back post can’t connect with it.

1′ So we are underway here at the Den, Markaj on the team sheet as the assistant, but I get the impression that is just on paper, we shall see.

Welcome to the Safari Derby Episode 3, Revenge of the Markaj, as Hobart Zebras and Kingborough Lions meet for the final time this season. Last time the sides met it was a Danny Cowen wonder goal (which would claim goal of the month honours, check out June’s edition here) that led the Lions to a stunning 1-0 upset that marked the return of Mark Broadbent to the senior coaching job. Broadbent may well be coaching against the man he replaced too, with Tommy Fotak away this week meaning that Gabriel Markaj appears primed to play a significant coaching role for Zebras on Saturday. Whether his in depth knowledge of the Lions players will give them a decisive advantage remains to be seen, but what certainly will help is the return of  central defensive pairing Groenewold and Lewis, who missed last week through suspension. The Lions put in their worst performance under Broadbent last weekend as they were belted by Clarence and will need to better here or the likes of Sanders and Huigsloot could have a day out.