Slice of Cheese

Kingborough v Hobart Zebras


 Shots On
 Shots Off


90+1 Harms with an opportunity from outside the box – its a soft shot and Mercuri collects with ease.

90’+1 Fabulous save from Kamara as Downes fires in a free-kick.

87′ GOAL Zebras. Sanders aims for the top corner – he wasn’t going to miss. 0-6 Zebras.

Zebras foot is clearly off the gas as they play the ball around, awaiting the final whistle. Still 6 minutes of normal time to play.

83′ A shot from Paolo Markaj from range is easily saved by Mercuri.

79′ Cheese for Lewis for a foul on Cowen I believe. The free kick is cleared by Zebras.

76′ Kingborough with a great opportunity to get something from the game – Cowen with a header blocked on the line by Zebras.

75′ A screaming shot from Muller aiming for the top corner is just wide. Kamara is under the pump here.

70′ a scramble in Boro’s 6 yard box sees the ball hit the underside of the bar – a 6th seems inevitable for the Zebras

69′ Jack Gates fires from range – its well over the bar.

68′ Chance from range by Downes who tries to chip the keeper from distance – bounces off the bar and back into play.

66′ First shot on goal for the Lions from Adam Harms from some way out – a comfortable catch by Mercuri.

61′ Substitution for the Zebras. Hey passes on the captains armband and is replaced by Ryan Backhouse.

55′ GOAL – Warrener with a shot thats parried over the line by keeper Kamara. Its a walk in the park now for the Zebras.

53′ McKeown with another opportunity – but well high & wide.

51′ Warrener down and it appears a slice of cheese given to a Kingborough player – 4-5 players involved in total, so missed who the card went to.

48′ GOAL a pinpoint cross from Sanders finds McKeowns’ head and its past the keeper. McKeowns’ 2nd, Zebras 4th.

2nd Half underway here at the Lions Den.

Kingborough will be glad to see that half over. A convincing display by the Zebras, who must have taken around 80% of the possession. The Lions’ defensive frailties were on clear display, with the Zebras being more complacent as the half went on, as their confidence grew. 

There were some bright sparks from the Lions on occasion, especially when getting the ball on the counter attack. With Groenewald enjoying time in front of goal, there may be an opportunity open up – but ‘Master Blocker’ Imran Lewis seems to be in complete control on his own.

Kingborough do not look confident on the ball at the back, and will need a complete re-think of their tactics if they want anything other than more goals to flood in.


44′ Some good play by Kingborough, especially on the counter- when they get the opportunity. Butthe Zebras defence seem to be a brick wall – theres no way past them.

42′ CHEESE for Groenewald, who was a clear 2 metres offside, who continued to play and shoot after the whistle.

29′ Kingborough get their first attacking opportunity with a corner – but its played high and the wind whips it way over the bar.

22′ Kingborough now punting the ball forward from the back to try and get their forward players in the game.

19′ GOAL Zebras! Adam McKeown makes it three – Kingborough struggling to get the ball out of defence.

18′ Chance for Zebras- Downes with the ball and just the keeper to beat – a good confident save from him.

14′ GOAL Zebras! Groenewald finds the back of the net! Missed the lead up with the previous update – Zebras 2-0 up.

13′ a magnificent ball from Groenewald up the field looking for the head of Huigsloot – but its just wide.

8′ A dominant start by the league leaders – the majority of the ball played in Boro’s half. Boro looking shaky at the back, with Zebras looking in complete control.

3′ GOAL Zebras – a scramble in the 6 yard box with 3 Zebras in there- the ball falls at Sanders’ feet, and there was only one place for it. 1-0 Zebras.

2′ Corner in from Sanders, cleared straight back to him – a ball finds Huigsloots’ head, but its put wide.

We’ve kicked off here at Lightwood Park.


Its Saturday April 1st – and the Zebras enter tie Lions’ Den – where neither side will want to walk away the Fool with a loss today.

Boro are looking for their first win of the season, and will be looking to tighten their back line with 11 goals conceded in their first 3 games- against a Zebras side that seem much more comfortable in front of goal this season with the addition of Matt Sanders.