Slice of Cheese

Kingborough v Launceston City












Launceston City travel down to the Lions Den to take on Kingborough Lions. City will be warm favourites to take care of business in that one and their record against sides below them on the table this season remains impeccable. They are 11 from 11 in games against sides not named Olympia or Hobart Zebras and you’d expect that to become 12 from 12 by games end here. The sides have only met once in 2017 and it was a 5-0 win for City up at Buckby Landrover Park with Keilin Fagan and Emily Hernyk doing the damage, just as they did against University last weekend. Kingborough have hung in there and made life tough for the top two over the past fortnight, falling to 4-0 defeats against Olympia and Zebras, but both those results were an improvement on their meetings from earlier in the year. A similar effort here would again be a respectable result and if they can compete and improve on that 5-0, it would be another step forward for them. City don’t have much to play for with the title beyond their reach, but if they were to win out could still claim second place, so won’t want to go dropping any games they shouldn’t like this one. They have enough quality to chalk up the win, but at home, the Lions should give them a decent game.


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