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Kingborough v Olympia

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Ground announcer has become rather deflated in the last 20 minutes.

90′ GOAL! Cartwright finishes off Sklenar’s good work there. Sklenar beats a couple, had his shot blocked and Cartwright finished it off from inside the 6 yard box.

89′ SHOT OFF! Mearns rattles one off target from outside the 18 yard box. Pulls up a bit ginger from that shot.

87′ SUB! Off: Conway On: Thomas

86′ GOAL! Sklenar again gets the ball at the near post and he smashes an absolute bullet into the top of the net. Kamara no chance.

84′ GOAL! And straight from the long ball down field, Undy is through down the left channel and lobs it over Kamara into the back of the net. 3-1 Warriors.

83′ HALF CHANCE! For the Lions, Cole came to collect a free in the mix and spills collects after Cowen can’t hook it on target.

80′ SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER! Cartwright streams into the 6 yard box and blazes over after Sklenar played it across to him. Would have backed him to score there normally!

76′ SUB! Hickey coming on for Olympia. A bit of a position shuffle as Stevens is the man to make way with a sore calf.

74′ GOAL! Olympia hit the lead! Undy flicked the ball onto the near post and Sklenar beat the keeper through his legs at the near post! I didn’t quite catch that, was still typing about the last goal!

72′ GOAL! Hess bobs up at the back post off the resulting corner and nods it home, Kamara couldn’t get to that one. 1-1. Game on.

72′ SAVE! Kamara blocks yet another shot and it ends up out for a corner.

I reckon it’s time for Olympia to end Hoy’s exile. They miss his creative spark in games like this. And the crowd is deprived of a good player to spectate.

70′ GREAT BLOCK! Akakpo denies a Sklenar header there somehow, dived across in front of his keeper and blocked it with his body.

Stevens has gone down injured here. He fell over one of the Lions players that was down injured at the time! He’s back up now, should be ok.

Apologies, the live stream has gone down for now. We’re working on a fix. Might be back up?

60′ SAVE! Kamara saves again to keep the Lions ahead here. Mearns finds space inside the 18 yard box, beats a defender and then hits a shot towards the bottom left. Kamara dived sharply to push it away from the goals.

I missed a sub there for the Lions. Pearce has come off and Lokoes has come on.

56′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Not sure who got that one, a Lions player. Too far away and too many standing around near the card to identify who it was.

54′ GOAL! Lions have taken the lead. Punished for sloppy play there. Little I think played back to Cole but sold him really short. Cole tried to clear but Kovadio was there to block, ran onto the loose ball and tucked it home.

53′ SUPER SAVE! Kovadio brings down a long ball perfectly and tries an audacious chip over Cole. Cole somehow springs backwards and tips the ball away and out for a corner. So close to breaking the deadlock.

51′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Pearce into the book for chirping at the Referee after he gave away a free.

49′ SHOT OFF! Cartwright plays over a ball from the right after a corner drifted to him at the back post. Finds Hess, but Hess can’t direct his header anywhere near the target after finding so much space inside the box.

48′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Ntale into the book for a poor challenge.


HALF TIME! Olympia on top, but Kamara keeps them in the game.

44′ SAVE! Kamara does well again to deny Cartwrights cutback, smothers it and collects before it gets too dangerous. Olympia starting to get on top now.

43′ SHOT OFF! Kovadio drops the shoulder and goes past Stevens before rattling off a shot high and wide. He’s done well to find himself in space a few times, but his finishing is leaving a lot to be desired so far.

41′ FANTASTIC SAVE! Kamara denies Undy’s curling effort with a big dive away to his right, again pushing it out for a corner. Brilliant effort from the Lions custodian.

38′ SHOT ON! Kovadio finds space in behind the Olympia defence but his shot lacks power and is straight at Cole. He collects comfortably to keep it all level.

37′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Vandermey brings down Gates and earns the ire of Phillips and a slice for his troubles.

36′ SAVE! Cartwright jinks across a couple of defenders and rattles off a fizzing drive, but it’s too close to Kamara and he pats it down and collects  it.

It’s the uncertainties at the back for Olympia at times that may come back to haunt them. They sometimes lack urgency back there and Kovadio nearly pounced again just now (35th) but his shot on the turn was well wide.

33′ SAVE! Kamara makes a great save to deny Vandermey at the back post. Ortmann played a lovely ball across to him at the back post and Kamara got down well to his right to push it out for a corner. Great football all round there.

A quiet few minutes again now, Olympia have been caught offside a couple of times whilst the Lions have stopped creating for now. Into the 30th minute.

23′ SHOT ON! Sklenar finds space inside the 18 yard box from a cutback and he hits first time – it’s blocked. He probably had time to take a touch as his defenders had dropped off him. Danger averted.

22′ SHOT OFF! Really should have done better there the Warriors. They broke quickly from a Lions corner and the ball was played through the left channel for Hess. He delayed the shot when a chip would have been the better option there early as Kamara was off his line. Then his left footed shot was weak and dribbled past the right hand post by a couple of meters.

Pretty slow going still. Olympia starting to knock the ball around a little more, but after they pass the halfway line its a bit ugly. 21st minute now.

16′ ANOTHER GOOD POSITION FOR A FREE FOR LIONS. Benny Kovadio earns yet another free for the Lions. He’s dominant early. Shot from Gates from the free is slow and wide.

Olympia look horrendous at the moment. They’re not pretty to watch. Lions on top of this contest early.

11′ SHOT OFF! From the free Kovadio curls it into the side netting, close, but no cigar.

11′ SUB! Lions make an early change. Robinson off injured, Nugent ON.

11′ FOUL ON THE EDGE OF THE BOX! Lions have a good chance here. Not sure who their set piece specialist is, but it looks like Cowen might take it.

Kovadio looking dangerous for the Lions, causing a few little headaches at the back for the Warriors, has earned his team two corners. Conway down on the ground at the moment after copping a ball in the crown jewels.

7′ NERVES AT THE BACK! Little plays a ball early under some pressure from Kovadio and he sprays it out for a corner instead of to the keeper. Having nightmares about last week still perhaps. Neither team with a shot yet.

Nothing of note happening yet, into the 5th minute. Cowen playing right back to try and nullify the physical presence of Cartwright. A few challenges flying in early as well. Pretty even though.

Little bit audacious off the kick off from the Lions, trying an early shot. Trickled well wide of the the target.



Olympia team sheet:


Kingborough team sheet:

It’s Mark ‘Wiggo’ Wakefield bring you the blog from the Den today.

Should be an interesting game today. Lions are a real unknown to most in the league, and to neutral observers. I have no idea about them anymore, they’ve pretty much had a new team brought in this year. It’s going to be a struggle to identify the players from this vantage point but I’ll have a crack.

Olympia were disappointing last week, to me they looked underdone, and nowhere near close to being on the same page as one another. For the most part they played as 11 individuals and Shaw’s post game comments about being happy with their performance came as a surprise to me. I expected a lot more out of them. That’s taking nothing away from South who were superb on the opening night and played Olympia off the park in the second half.

But looking at their strength on an individual level, Olympia have to be close to being the best team in the competition. They have quality all over the park and when their players are fit and playing, their bench is going to be deep. So Shaw’s job is to get them to gel sooner rather than later. A tough task but he has to do it soon as Mr Mamacas is not renown for keeping under performing coaches for too long. 

Anyway, it will be a fascinating game. I’ll grab the team sheets in a while and upload them and dissect a little bit further if I have time. As it stands, having not seen the Lions play yet this year and having seen a largely disappointing effort from the Warriors last week, I’ll tip a close one. Maybe Olympia 2-1 or a draw.



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