Slice of Cheese

Kingborough v South Hobart


 Shots On
 Shots Off

FULL TIME! South comfortable winners.

86′ GOAL! Brennan finds way too much room at the top of the box, picks up a clearance and slams home with the help of a deflection.

84′ SUB! Saracino on for South, not sure who else has come off.

The standard of play here today has been pretty ordinary. Trickling into the last 10 minutes now.

72′ GOAL! And it’s the fresh man, Schmidt, that nods home from about 8 yards out to make it 4-0.

70′ SUB! OFF: Kemp ON: Schmidt

62′ GOAL! Liam Quaile rips a cross to the 6 yard box in the centre of the goals and Turner is there to smash the chance home and make it 3-0.

60′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Herwenyen into the book for a late and ordinary sliding tackle from behind.

Now the Lions have fallen back into their old style of play, clearing it to no one, rushing possession, turning the ball over constantly. South have been sloppy as well and that has really been the only thing that has kept the Lions in the game since Piok was sent off.

51′ GOAL! Morton strides into the right hand side of the box and powers one past Kamara to make it 2-0. This game is over now I would suggest.

46′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Markellos first move of the half is to pick up a slice for an absolutely brutal hip and shoulder against Turner. Send the midfield enforcer spiralling to the turf at a rapid pace.

Markellos has been injected into the game at half time, can’t quite figure out who has come off for him.


HALF TIME! A late retraction on the goal the Lions scored – apparently it was an indirect free kick and so the score is in fact 1-0 South Hobart. 

45+3′ SHOT OFF! Hamlett should have buried that, a cutback from Walter and he didn’t have too much pressure on him, but leant back and scooped it well over the bar.

They’ve lost their shape now the Lions and South are really starting to pull them to pieces. They’ll be ecstatic the Lions #9 has ended his day prematurely and they can now prise apart the Lions for the next 50 minutes.

40′ SAVE! Kamara saves another, this time it’s Turner again and he booms a diving header straight at the Lions custodian which he gladly collects.

39′ SAVE! Kamara dives to his left to stop a Turner drive. South feeling on top now after the send off.

38′ GOAL! And immediately they’re punished. Turner nods home at the far post to make it 1-1.

37′ SLICE OF CHEESE AND A SLICE OF TOMATO! The new Lions man apparently had already picked up a yellow, makes a late and stupid tackle from behind and picks up his second. And his day is done. Piok is off. This will frustrate Markaj no doubt after the Lions had made such a good start.

And now it’s South getting frustrated with themselves for sloppy play it seems. Into the 32nd minute.

We have seen efforts like this from the Lions earlier in the year but they used to fall in a hole and lose games badly in the second half. Can they keep it up this game? Find a way to grind out a win? South starting to create but just missing that finishing touch!

28′ FREE! Brown has got away without a slice there for the most obvious professional foul I’ve seen all year. Not sure how he has avoided that!

It’s not often we’d get to 27 minutes into a game without South registering any shots at all. Unusual, credit to the Lions they’ve defended well.

22′ GOAL!!! What a free by Markaj! He rips it and dips it up and over the wall and into the bottom left corner past a despairing Brown in goals!

19′ SHOT OFF! Harms lobs a volley harmlessly wide, but it’s the first shot of any sort for the game to date.

Still a no shot game and we’re into the 14th minute. Nothing clear cut yet. A couple of shaky moments presenting now for the Lions, lets hope they can arrest the slide and keep this a game for a while yet.

Into the 9th minute now, still no clear cut chances for either side. In fact no shots at all. Lions probably just shading the game at this stage but haven’t forget anything from their possession.

Both teams trying to play the ball on the deck early and stringing passes together. Lions not overawed at all early on. Into the 4th minute now.


Kingborough Lions team sheet:

South Hobart team sheet:

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