Slice of Cheese

Launceston City v Kingborough Lions

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 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time Launceston City snatch one back at the death to claim a 1 all draw

Launceston City 1 – Kingborough Lions 1

Kingborough keeper is down and receiving treatment. Not long left now.

90′ Slice of Cheese Williams breaks up the play with a professional foul and receives an obvious Slice of Cheese

89′ One minute to go of regular time! It’s all happening now as both teams look for a winner!

City subsitution Hancox on, Compagne off

85′ GOAL the slice of cheese free kick is taken by O’Connor who curls it into the top corner. Kamara had no chance!

84′ Slice of Cheese Bartlett gets a blatant clip by Ntale

79′ POST Aaron Campbell fires from outside the box it’s touched onto the bar from Kamara!

77′ Lokoes heads at Smith who parries back into a dangerous area but he manages to recover quickly and gather.

74′ Slice of Cheese Williams is chopped down just outside the left hand side of the box. Yellow card for the Kingborough player.

Substitution for City Thorne on, Mies off

73′ A long ball finds Benny in a 2 on 1 situation and he skips past the defenders and only has Smith to beat, he tries to round him but Smith has it covered.

72′ Williams sends in a free kick from deep it finds Butler but he doesn’t quite catch it!

70′ Butler! Aaron Campbell whips a cross in from the right and Nathan Butler has a free header but it flashes past the post! City are pushing for this equaliser but it’s seeming to be not their day!

68′ Bartlett crosses from the left finding Noah Mies who cuts onto his left foot but curls hit high over the bar.

65′ City are pushing for an equalizer here. Some nice one touch football outside the 18 yard box ends up with Williams who curls high and wide.

61′ GOAL A long ball out of defence plays through Danny Cowen and he fires past the oncoming Smith to make it 1 nil to Kingborough!

59′ Benny cuts in from the right again crosses to the back post Lokoes fires it well wide though!

Subsitution for Lions Herweynen off, Dale on.

Subsitution for City Kamano off, Bartlett on.

54′ Mies cuts past his defender on the edge of the area. He hits a tame effort at Kamara who spills it.

52′ Ntala tries to catch Dave Smith off guard from half way but it’s no where near threatening

50′ O’Connor whips a cross to the back post that finds Compagne but his volley is high and wide!

47′ Aaron Campbell skips past a few defenders on the half way line and dribbles to the 18 yard box but hits a tame shot at Kamara in the Kingborough goal.

Been one sub at the half time for Kingborough number 23 has come on who’s not on the team sheet. Apologies.

We’re away for the second half!

Half time! Half time! Still 0-0 here. City probably just shading the overall play could have had a penalty there at the end of the first half on a different day. Benny for Kingborough has looked lively and the Lions main attacking threat!

A lot of long balls from Kingborough trying to find Benny most of the time but apart from hitting the post it hasn’t produced the goods.

43′ Williams dribbles into the box he’s bundled over calls for a penalty but the referee was having none of it! City is upset by the decision, I’ve definitely seen them given..

42′ Willams gets chopped down on his way to the box! O’Connor drives the free kick in the 18 yard box it’s headed away but only to Compagne who fires his volley high!

39′ POST! Long ball from Kingborough plays through Benny who drives to the box and shoots near post bets Smith but not the post!

38′ Campbell fires from outside the box but it curls high over the bar!

35′ Kamano finds himself in the box it looks like it might be in but Kamara in the Kingborough goal saves low to his left.

34′ Benny cuts in from the right and skips past Frost but fires it straight at Smith!

30′ Williams just fires over the bar! Mies flicks it onto Williams on the edge of the area and he drives it towards goal but it flies over the bar. City getting on top now!

28′ SAVE by the Kamara! Compagne crosses to the back post finding Linger who cuts inside and looks for the far post but the Kingborough keeper pulls off a great save. Corner for City.

25′ Williams was a bit too casual in his defensive area and Kingborough won the ball but the tackle was judged by the referee as a foul. Lucky escape for City there.

24′ Kingborough are starting to control the game a little. It’s the Benny, Gates show with the odd foray for Mtwale.

21′ Gates has been productive for Kingborough at left back going past his left winger and getting the crosses in, they just haven’t quite found Cowen in the middle.

18′ City are linking up the play nicely but failing to find Noah Mies up front at the moment.

17′ Gates crosses from the left wing but it’s hoofed away by Linger for a corner. The resulting corner is easily dealt with.

14′ Alot of long balls from Kingborough at the moment. They’re trying to look for Benny on the right wing at every opportunity. Most of the balls are ending up in Dave Smith’s hands.

11′ Benny is causing havoc for the City defenders! He drives at the City defense but stalls on the ball too long and the shooting opportunity was closed off.

10′ Frenetic start to the game! Both sides trying to gain the upper hand at the moment.

4′ Benny makes a run into the box and gets around a few City midfielders and defenders finally he shoots and it’s blocked for a corner. Resulting corner flies over the bItack post and out of play.

2′ Williams from City tries a speculative volley from range but it’s easily gathered by the keeper.

1′ Corner for Kingborough as Danny Cowen bursts down the left and Tom Frost gets a touch in to concede the corner. Good corner whipped in but it’s cleared and Gates shoots high and wide!

We have kick off!

Kingborough Lions Teamsheet

Launceston City Teamsheet


It’s Jamie Richardson fresh, ready and roaring to go for the 2017 NPL Season! First up and interesting clash between Launceston City hosting Kingborough Lions at the newly named ‘Buckby Land Rover Park’.

City’s home ground is currently inadequate to play football on due to new drainage installed over the summer months, so this clash will be played on City’s training ground. However for a training ground the surface is still nice and flat to play free flowing football. So the ground condition shouldn’t play a part in the performance of either side.

We’ll start City’s preview coming into this clash. There’s been a lot of change around the new Buckby Land Rover Park. Ben Brookfield replaces Lino Sciulli as head coach aiming to bring an attacking brand of football to the club which struggle to find goals towards the end of last season. Notable departures include Dom Rossi (interstate), Isaac Degetto (Hobart Zebras), Tobius Omenihu (Aussie Rules), Alex Sciulli, (Aussie Rules) but with those departures Brookfield has strengthened his side with key midfield players in the Dylan’s from Ireland and America and Vincent Kamano as a strike. Brookfield is expecting big things from the likes of Jarrod Linger,Nick Thorne and Alex Turner this season to move them further up the table than 5th position.

Onto Kingborough… Like City there has been a fair change down at ‘The Den’. In comes Gabriel Markaj from Adelaide as head coach. He’s been a bit of a ” Pied Piper of Hamelin’ bringing in no less than 9 players from interstate and overseas! With all the new inclusions a few club stalwarts have left the club to name a few Nick Cuthbertson (Beachside, Damian Pearce (Beachside) and Chris Downes (Hobart Zebras).

Really not sure how this one is going to pan out! City scored goals freely in the NPL Summer Series but we can’t take too much out of that as some sides sent up youth teams, etc. Markaj from Kingborough played his cards closely to his chest in the Summer Series and not sure what to expect from this Kingborough Lions side, with so many inclusions, brings expectation to do well.

All in all I have no idea what to get from this game! Looking forward to it!