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Launceston City v Northern Rangers (NPL)

Live Blog Coverage From Jamie Richardson from 4:30pm

 Northern Rangers
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Full time Launceston City 1 – Northern Rangers 2. Match report to follow.

It seems like Rangers have won this one with probably their best few minutes for the half, City are lost for answers and frustration seems to have kicked in and giving away fouls left, right and centre.

86′ Kelly sends one into the mixer from deep and it falls to Bartlett who is free and he skies his volley! He had more time than I think he realised!

82′ Slice of Cheese for Nathan Bartlett it seemed!

80′ GOAL! Thannhauser is played through slides it past Clark to send Rangers into the lead 2-1! Well that was against the run of play.

75 minutes gone and it’s still City pressing but they can’t quite put it all together to get that second goal.

67′ It’s all City here at the moment corner after corner, clearances of the line. Lino is spewing down below! But City can’t go to sleep as we just witnessed then as Nick LA flashes one just past the post!

62′ City are currently pinning Rangers into their defensive half. Whatman has had to come off his line once or twice to clear the danger.

58′ Sub for City on Compagne, off Campbell

56′ POST! Mahony whips a high one into the box from deep Whatman punches to the top of the box it looks to have gone past Bartlett but he swings a left foot at it and it cannons into the post and back into play!

54′ Bartlett squares one to Dylan Williams who has some space to get a shot off but it’s a tame effort and straight at Whatman.

52′ A wayward pass from Gould this time out of defence finds a Ranger allowing them to release Nick LA once again and Aaron Campbell gets back making the foul. The free kick is whipped in and falls to Shane Egan who tries to run it out but coughs it up and Rangers get a shot off just flashing wide of the post.

50′ Slice of Cheese on the other side of the ground for Dylan Williams it would seems

48′ City are dicing with danger with not getting these clearances right, Egan knocks one into Nick LA and it falls to the Ranger allowing him to strike at goal it’s deflected into the path of Rodriguez on a tight angle he skies it!

Back underway here at Buckby Land Rover Park!

Half Time

City are their own worst enemy at the moment going forward they are too slow to release the ball and when they eventually do it’s an erratic pass that Rangers pick up and allowing them to break early with numbers. So far they’re lucky to not be punished for it.

39′ Kelly skews his attempt at controlling the ball and Nick LA is one on one with his man and it ends up in a corner. The corner falls to Zac Cross he strikes it with force at goal but Rossetto clears! Thannhauser then has a chance when the ball is whipped in but Clark makes the diving save.

37′ A magic touch from Linger kick starts a City attack releasing Degetto that plays it to Bartlett and he shoots from just outside the area straight to Whatman.

29′ GOAL! Straight from the kick off Rangers move forward with Rossetto taking a fresh air swing releasing Nick LA to cross and Clark doesn’t gather it bobbles and hits the post with Mitchell Jones being on the spot to put the ball home. 1-1!

28′ GOAL! Firstly Bartlett plays it to Degetto who fires one from outside the box it looks like it may have taken a deflection and it’s gone top corner to give City the lead.

23′ A nice flick from Degetto plays Bartlett through on goal a little wide and under pressure he bobbles it back into Degetto’s path and it’s block and just wide of the post for a corner. The resulting corner is cleared off the line by a Rangers defender with calls from the City supporters that it crossed the line. No idea from up here so play on.

The game still hasn’t settled into any particular pattern of play as yet at the 20 minute mark. City, unless they go over the top are struggling to get anything going forward as for Rangers they’re starting to gain the territorial possession but not doing much at all with it.

17′ Egan tries to turn in a dangerous position and coughs it up Darrant tris from range but blasts it well high.

13′ Kyle Kelly is having a ‘mare for City at right back. Nick LA who started on the left wing has sensed some joy and moved over to the right wing now.

11’ Jones whips in a cross which isn’t cleared by Rossetto and it falls to Nick LA who strikes but Clark in the City goal has it covered.

City are probably shading the overall play with Rangers looking to break quickly on the counter. Every opportunity Pat LA is getting forward too.. It’ll be interesting to see how many KM’s he’d run in a game!

Not too much to note here in the first 5 minutes as both teams are getting a feel for one another. One thing I do know is there is plenty of white out there in terms of playing strips, something to look at for the next fixture between the two sides!

Kick off!

Northern Rangers teamsheet:

Launceston City teamsheet:

The second Northern Derby of the 2017 PS4 NPL Tasmania season between Launceston City and Northern Rangers is set to play out this Saturday, 4:30pm at Buckby Landrover Park. With Launceston City sitting on the bottom of the table after ten rounds this season, the pressure will be immense for the hosts to get a positive result from the game. Rangers meanwhile have jumped into fifth place thanks to their late 3-2 victory over Clarence last weekend. With the gap between the sides still relatively close, with four just points separating them, the three points from this game will be crucial in sorting out where they finish. In addition to the all-important three points, the match represents the second leg of the Challenge Cup that is played for between the two sides over the course of their three league meetings this season. Rangers claimed the first derby 2-1 meaning the current holders, Launceston City need to respond here or it will slip away. With both sides well off the pace in the title race, the Challenge Cup has to be at the top of the agenda for both of them .City had seemingly turned a corner with their big win over Clarence and stunning Cup upset over South Hobart but heavy losses to Hobart Zebras and Glenorchy Knights represented set backs for young coach Ben Brookfield who has had a tough first season at the helm. A credible defeat at the hands of the current league leaders Devonport, going down 1-0 in a close match at Valley Road was impressive last week, but now they need to build on it. For Rangers, this will be an emotional day for their coach Lino Sciulli. Whilst he has coached against City once already this season, this will be his first return to the Launceston City home ground. He leads a side that had been struggling till last week when they snapped their three game losing streak with a hard fought 3-2 win over Clarence. The influential Lanau-Atkinson brothers led their side from the front, putting in brilliant performances to help them over the line. Undoubtedly the star duo will be key to their sides hopes in what is looming as derby with plenty on the line.