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Launceston City v Olympia

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Full time! Launceston City 0 – Olympia Warriors 2 Match report to follow.

City are starting to find their feet but with only a few minutes left it’s probably too little too late.

86′ Compagne cross into the box from the left, Mies rises highest and heads on target, Cole makes an excellent save at full stretch.

81′ Campbell has back to back chances but he can’t keep them down!

79′ Campbell and Compagne link up well it eventuate in Compagne striking at goal from just outside the box, it’s low and hard and it bobbles up and forces Cole into a reaction save!

78′ Williams skies an effort over the bar after neat work from Campbell to cross in and Compagne to bring it down for Williams.

75′ Sub for City On: Degetto Off: Bartlett

74′ Double sub for Olympia On: Hickey, Vincent Off: Mccarthy, Wadawu

69′ Nkoso almost makes an immediate impact as Clark saves the day for City again!

68′ Sub for Olympia On: Nkoso Off: Bellini

65′ Crossbar! How Olympia didn’t score just then I will never know! Great passage of play by Olympia whizzing it around in the front third it eventually ends up with Mccarthy in behind after about 6 passes zipped around. Mccarthy only had Clark to beat he attempts to smash it over him but it hits the crossbar and back into play. It eventually comes back to Cartwright who strikes at goal and Clark saves well down low.

63′ Slice of Cheese Mccarthy goes into the book for obstructing City from playing a quick free kick.

57′ Bartlett gets it on a tight angle and shoots it high over the bar. City have started the better in the second half.

City receive their first free kick and a round of applause goes up.

City absolutely losing their rag with the referee here.

55′ Mccarthy smacks a free kick just outsdie the area straight at Clark.

53′ Slice of Cheese Player coach Brookfield goes into the book for dissent after getting frustrated with the referee.

50′ Mies makes a run, running at the Olympia defence, he lays off to Campell who whips it back into the box for Mies, he smashes it on target, Cole makes the save, Compagne with the follow up and he lashes it over the bar!

47′ Barlett sends his effort just over the bar after Compagne found him with a pass in from the left.

Back underway at Buckby Land Rover Park!

City at sixes and sevens at the back today, they just don’t know what to do about the rampant Bellini out on the left and then Cartwright who’s having a stellar game for Olympia thus far in Sklenar’s absence. 

Half time! Launceston City 0 – Olympia Warriors 2 

37′ Slice of Cheese for the centurion man Aaron Campbell.

34′ Post! The ball is sent in deep to Undy lurking around the back post, he heads it towards goal but it hits the far post and back into play, which is eventually cleared by City. Olympia are all over the home side here.

33′ Leaman and Bellini link up well on the right that ends with Leaman crossing it into the mixer, it’s cleared but only to Undy at the top of the box but he skies is effort over the bar.

30′ GOAL! Calls for offside on Cartwright are waved away and he’s through on goal, he cuts inside from Butler, trips over his own feet but curls it inside the far post!

26′ Cartwright goes close as he shoots on his left looking to squeeze it past Clark, Clark gets an outstretched leg to it though! Ortmann then smashes it towards goal but Butler blocks.

23′ GOAL! The ball is whipped in from wide it falls to Stevens who takes a swing at it but scuffs it, doesn’t matter though as it falls to Wadawu who slots it home past Clark

Fourth corner coming up for Olympia, so far nothing has eventuated from them.

14′ Bellini is causing havoc down the left wing, he’s cutting in and asking questions from the City defence. Mahony bringing him down just on the edge of the box. Mccarthy takes the free kick and smashes it towards goal but Clark gets a hand to it and out for a corner.

12′ Compagne fancies himself from just inside the box on a slight angle, but he scuffs his shot and easily saved by Cole.

10′ Bellini is through on goal and only has Clark to beat! Clark spreads himself big and saves with an outstretched leg.

8′ Bartlett flashes his volley just wide! Brookfield was released down the right wing and cross to the back post which was cleared to the top of the box, Campbell received at the top of the box and laid off to Bartlett.

Cagey start to this match after 6 minutes, no opportunities for either side. No Sklenar for Olympia, Cartwright playing up front.

Kick off!

Olympia Teamsheet:

Launceston City Teamsheet:

Apologies in advance guys, it probably won’t be the best live blog as the blogger has just won the Championship 1 league haha!

Overall Head To Head Record:

Launceston City:

P: 14 W: 2 D: 0 L: 12 GF: 7 GA: 56

Olympia Warriors:

P: 14 W: 12 D: 0 L: 2 GF: 56 GA: 7

Head To Head Record At Buckby Land Rover Park 1:

Launceston City:

P: 5 W: 1 D: 0 L: 4 GF: 2 GA: 13

Olympia Warriors:

P: 5 W: 4 D: 0 L: 1 GF: 13 GA: 2

Launceston City 2017 Home Record:

P: 9 W: 2 D: 3 L: 4 GF: 9 GA: 19

Olympia Warriors 2017 Road Record:

P: 10 W: 7 D: 1 L: 2 GF: 29 GA: 13

2017 Meetings:

Round 6, Launceston City 0-3 Olympia Warriors (Buckby Land Rover Park 1)

Round 14, Olympia Warriors 8-1 Launceston City (Warrior Park)

Ground Top Scorer: 

Top goal scorer at Buckby Land Rover Park 1 is Nathan Bartlett with 11 goals.


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