Slice of Cheese

Launceston City v South Hobart

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full time Launceston City 2 – 1 South Hobart. An absolute nail biter sees Launceston City progress in the Laka cup, they defended for their lives and held on. South Missed a lot of chances and on another they go in . Take nothing away from City they fought hard and showed signs they are improving.

90+2 Degetto played in 1 v 1 but his shot is well saved by Brown.

90+1 Foul to South.. 25 yards out straight in front.. But nothing comes to it. 

City are holding on for dear life at the moment, Edge of your seat stuff here.

88′ Corner for south but nothing comes of it. Wouldn’t have thought Smith is going to rush.

85′ Kemps heads wide !! Gorrie delivers it into the mixer and Kemp jumped highest.

BROWN FINDS HIMSELF WITH SOME CHEESE.  He jumped into the back of Williams and the ref had no option.

73′ South swing in a corner, but city clear.

81′  South are lucky to find themselves still in this, Linger broke at pace he then laid the ball to Mies who’s shot should have found the net but it goes out for a goal-kick.

80′ aaaaaand its Goal kick to Smith, last 5 has seen City pushing forward. ” The best form of defence is attack?”

75′ Plays paused for an Injury to Goold.

73′ South shot off, Kemp blazing over from an acute angle.

Tactical move from Brookfield as he brings on Mies preferably to use his height.

Sub off : Kelly Sub on :Mies

Sub off: Cook Sub on: Brennan

70 Goal Bartlett (LCI) from five yards, the ball is squared from out wide, he keeps his head and finishes well into the bottom left-hand corner.

65′ Morton inches wide again, how many ?? Williams cheaply turns the ball over and Morton fires wide.

62′ South again just inches wide,  lovely ball from out on the left sees Kemps header just wide.

58′ Kelly inches wide,  a long ball is played over the top and he beats the offside but fires wide of Brown.

56′ Morton misses from point blank range, he’s kicked it straight to the feet of Smith again. Will South rue these chances?

53′ Degetto inches wide !, he did well after receiving an aerial pass from Linger.  It’s his first real involvement since rejoining the club from Hobart Zebras.

Sub off : Hugh Ludford Sub on:  Oscar Thomas

Ludford is down and it looks like there well could be a sub here.

50′ Kelly picks up some cheddar with a nasty little tackle on Ludlow, the Irishmen wanted a piece of him.

48′ Smith with a fingertip save, Morton did well to find himself a yard of space but fired straight at Smith.

47 ‘ Kemp is played through 1 v 1 with Smith but his shot leaves a lot to be desired and is kicked out by Smith.

Back Underway here with City kicking towards their clubrooms. 

Half-Time 1-1. Half time here in Prospect with City holding south so far. City came storming out of the blocks and scoring early. South responded through Kemp after sustained pressure in the City half. All to play for here with a Semi-Final spot in the Laka Cup!

45+1 Kelly barges into the back of Ludford and a free kick is given to south.

South all over City, but Lonnie are organised at the back and are winning the 50 50 ball at the moment.

36′ Foul on Cambell as Ludlow holds on to him and dragged into the ground.

35′ Kemp almost at the double, Him and Gorrie with some lovely interplay results in Smith saving at full stretch.

33′ Goal to South Hobart, Kemp floated in a cross which wasn’t dealt with and goes in at the far post 1-1.

32′ Foul to South.

27′ Offside, Gorrie a bit eager to get in behind.

25′ Shot off Morton tries one from distance but it goes well over.

20′ Slice of cheese, SCHMIDT for a pull on the shirt

18′ Foul to city, Cambell was brought down from behind as City were away. I’m not sure how there hasn’t been a card yet.

15′ Cambell should have seen cheese here, he takes a massive swipe at Ludford and was lucky to escape.

12′ City camped in souths half atm.  This is a very different looking city side that South dismantled only last week

11′ Ludlow fouls kelly from about 30 yards out, his shot is fired straight at the wall and nothing comes of it.

10′ Kelly earns City a corner on the right-hand side.

7′ It’s goal time here as Williams heads in from 5 yards out, the ball was floated in from the right and he made no mistake and he powered his header into the top left-hand corner.

5′ Compagne fires one off early from 30 yards out, he out Campbell out on the left and probably should have used him.

4’walter misses a half volley from 9 yards out, Ludford floated into him and he really should have hit the net with that chance.

2′ Walter draws a foul from the American Dylan.

1′ South zipping the ball around in City’s half, the full backs are playing like wingers.

we’re under way here at Bucky Landrover Park.

Launceston City team sheet:


South Hobart Teamsheet:

League position or previous meetings count for nothing in cup games! South Hobart will still go into this as favourites as they have quality players all around the ground and it will be interesting to see if they feel they need to play a full-strength side today against the bottom of the PS4 NPL ladder opponents Launceston City.  South Hobart have match winners and plenty of them! The inclusion of Caleb Ludlow only adds to the depth that Ken Morton has to choose from and on his day, is more or less unplayable.  South Hobart will be looking to take the Laka out this year and given their results this year they seem favourites to do so.  In the previous two seasons Launceston City have pushed south Hobart all the way and from memory beat them 3-1 at this very ground, but given their playing list and their form so far this year I just don’t see it happening. I hope it’s a close game and you enjoy the blog!