Slice of Cheese

Launceston City v Taroona

Full Time

Launceston City 7 (Bygrave x 2, Hernyk x 2, Storay, Fagan Savill)

Taroona 1

Full Time

A massive between two of the league’s heavyweights, with Launceston City hosting Taroona. Taroona came up agonisingly short against Zebras and were just 15 minutes away from starting their season with consecutive wins before losing 3-2. City took their time to get firing against Clarence but eventually overwhelmed them 4-0 to back up a thumping 9-0 win in week 1 over Ulverstone. Keilin Fagan leads all comers with her six goals to start the season and is someone Taroona will need to pay close attention to. Conversely Lily Hulton is playing superb football at her new club and will need to be marked closely by the City defence.

However if there are any players in focus for this one, it’s in the midfield. If you’re talking about the best players in the Women’s Super League then two names that immediately spring to mind, Adelyn Ayton and Caitlyn Storay. They would undoubtedly both feature in a consensus top five players list and their midfield duel will be pivotal to the outcome of this game. They are the two keys to their sides,midfield playmakers who can take over a game and dictate proceedings. Whichever of these two midfield stars can exert the most influence will go a long way to winning the game for their sides. They are both so good at bringing their team mates in attack into the game and improving players around them Taroona’s Summer Cup hit outs against Zebras as well as last weeks game might have them slightly more prepared for this game than City, who have had two comfortable Super League wins so far and barely had to get out of second gear. Home ground advantage should help City counter this and there is plenty of big game experience in the squad so they should be up for it and on home soil will be favourites.

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