Slice of Cheese

Northern Rangers v Clarence

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 Shots On
 Shots Off

90+2 Full Time here at the NTCA which leaves the game 1-1. Thankyou for tuning in tonight.

Slice of Cheese! Zac Cross and Nicholas Naden gets in disagreement which almost causes a scruff.

Both teams desperately trying to put the ball in the back of the net, will Thannauser save the Rangers again this week?

84′ Slice of cheese! Fulton rams his body into Randall and definitely deserves a slice for the unnecessary foul.

83′ Shot On by Jonathan Burk, who steps to Burgess’ right side but slips on his backside, and Voss is easily able to save it.

80′ Shot Off by Thannauser from a set piece but is unable to get the shot on target and skies it.

75′ Rangers Substitution: Sub On: Lachlan Mcallumsmith Sub Off: William Humphery

75′ Clarence Substitution: Sub On: Joshua Burgess Sub Off: Paul Palmer

69′ Slice of cheese! Bremner flew into Nick-La’s back and got a slice for his efforts.

66′ Nick-La is given another free kick outside 18, he challenges Voss but he is able to make a great save and keep the scores 1-1.

It’s been an interesting second half, both teams are having their fair chances in front of goal but unable to convert. It was good to see a couple of goals in the first half, it would be great to see another few.

53′ Shot on by Stuart, he is able to receive the ball in the box and belts it at Whatman but is too good and parries it away!

51′ Shot off by Naden, he has been a threat for these Rangers defenders and is a player to watch for the rest of the game.

We are underway again here at NTCA, Northern Rangers substitution Sub On: Johnny Burk Sub Off: Tenzing Anderson

Halftime here at the NTCA, where the scores are 1-1. It has been an interesting half and should be a close second half.

45+1′ Tenzing throws the ball into a Clarence players head, which results in a free kick.

39′ Backpass to Voss, Indirect free kick for the Rangers it was an interesting call and has caused major speculation to what actually happened.

35′ Shot on, Humphery receives a through-ball into the 18-yard box, takes a few touches and shoots but Voss is too good to save it.

32′ Shot on, Naden was clear and only had to beat Whatman, was unlucky to slot one and put his team in front.

30′ GOAL!!!!! Oh my, how did that happen? Randall gets a through-ball into the back post and is able to convert!

28′ GOAL!!! Nick-La gets a set piece from about 20 yards out, challenges Voss and he is unable to save it, great goal!

Rangers have given some professional and unnecessary fouls in this first half, it will be interesting to see if any slices will be given.

22′ Pat-La puts a surging cross looking for Kwin Kensley, but the keeper is able to firmly save it.

18′ Tenzing clears the ball but nearly puts it in his own net.

In The 15th but both teams are struggling to get in on goal hopefully we will see a few chances soon.

11′ Nick-La Gets called out by an offside and doesn’t look too happy about it.

Here in the 7th minute, both teams a little too eager to get in behind.

1′ Annnnd we’re under way here on a cold Launceston night….

Thanks for joining me today where the travelling Clarence take on Northern Rangers, Clarence are coming off the back of a good win as are the Rangers, should be a belter!!

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