Slice of Cheese

Northern Rangers v Hobart Zebras (NPL)

 Shots On
 Shots Off

FULL TIME! Northern Rangers come away with a massive win againts Hobart Zebras who will be dissapointed given they were heavy favourites going in to the match, Full match report to come

90+2 Slice Of Cheese! Nick-La gets a yellow for an unnessecary tackle at the corner flag.

88′ Sub On: Danny Jin Sub Off: William Humphery

87′ Shot on, Jayden Hey takes a freekick which hits the post, Whatman is able to get a hand on it to get it out of the danger zone.

85′ Sub On: Wilson Brooks Sub Off: Ryan Backhouse

79′ Sub On: Kwin Kinsley Sub Off: Jesse Rodriguez

77′ GOAL! Harry Thannhauser gets a cross in from Mitchell Jones. which is tapped into the bottom right corner!

75′ Shot on from the Townhouse but is unlucky and the ball is calmly picked up by Mercuri.

72′ Shot on by James Ackerly. He got the ball at his feet, took a couple of touches and boots it into Whatman’s chest.

Both teams have been really unlucky to put one away, they have had several chances in on goal but all of their opportunities have been high or wide.

59′ Shot off by Fulton who shoots with the outside of his boot but it doesn’t trouble the keeper because it went far wide.

55′ Shot off by Tenzing, puts an effortless shot over the bar from 30 yards out.

46′ Shot off by Tenzing, tries his luck from 25 yards out but it nearly goes into the carpark.

45′ We are underway into the second half.

Half time here at the NTCA where the scores remain Nil all.

40′ Sanders gets run down by Fulton, he got his shot off but skied it.

38′ Nick-la another chance infront of the sticks but it just goes wide again!

31′ Sanders gets into a 1v1 with Whatman but is unable to convert.

27′ Freekick from Nick-La which is very nearly put in the bottom right corner.

21′ Jayden Hey gets a freekick at the top of the box, but it hits the wall and bounces back into play.

18′ Huigsloot gets the ball with plenty of space and puts it straight over the bar.

Were in the 15th minute and Rangers have had most of the possesion, there has been quality passes through to the rangers forwards but have been unlucky to get one in.

9′ Chance for Zebras but Backhouse couldn’t pick out the header against Whatman.

3′ Shot off by Nick-La who gets a pass into the box but the keeper saves it firmly.

1′ We are underway here at the NTCA.


Welcome to the NTCA where the Northern Rangers are hosting the travelling Hobart Zebras, it should be a tight contest as the Rangers are a different outfit at home.  The Rangers midweek have lost wide man Danny Jin who has returned home to South Korea. On a positive note, the Rangers Welcome flip sensation Twin Kensley, who scored on debut down south against Mark Broadbent Kingbourough lions. The Hobart zebras are more or less out of the title contention once again after disappointing results but will be hoping to consolidate fourth place so they are in contention for cup silverware. The Zebras are missing key players Lewis and Groenwoeld who are both out due to suspension, the rangers on the other hand will also miss Darrant (Dreamboat) who is away.

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Zebras Teemsheet: