Slice of Cheese

Northern Rangers v Hobart Zebras (NPL)

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Mitch Dent For Slice of Cheese

It’s finished up with the chocolates being shared this easter. The rangers will be happy with a point but upset they did not punish the away side. Zebras will head into the changing rooms disappointed that they have given away two points and this result could hurt their title aspirations.  The black and whites will be upset with their finishing  and the way Walsh reacted will probably appeal the red card. Difficult one for the referee but looking back he got that one right.

90′ Full-time Rangers 1 Zebras 1.

87 ‘ It’s the Rangers pushing here .. Nick La is standing up when his team needs him the most.  His shirt is made of captain material

87′ Corner for the rangers with Thannhausers headed saved off the line by Groenwold.

86′ Nick LA… what a strike … What a save. Mercuri saves well in the top right hand corner .

Sub off: Mckoewn Sub on: Pace.

85′ Huigsloot fouls Nick La and is lucky not collect a second slice.

84′ P. Lanau Atkinson whips in a cross but turns into a shot with Mercui saving well.

82′ Muller fires well wide.

81′ Zebras push the ball up field quickly and earn a corner.

80 ‘ Danny Jin turns the ball over cheaply.

76′ Sanders fires one off but Pooley saves well.

75 ‘ Sub on Joel Griffeon Sub off: Luke Tuma

75′ Tuma down and out, I think the lights are off.  Stretched off.

73′ The big Huigsloot gets his Slice of cheese for descent.

68′ Pat Lanau- Atkinson runs up to take the penalty but the imposing Mercuri saves wall to his left and also saves the rebound.

68 ‘ Walsh has just sent off !! Red card. Very harsh decision.  The referee has sent Dwayne Walsh for handling the ball on the line.  Savill is absolutely furious.

PENALTY RANGERS !!! Walsh handles on the line. 

66′ Thannhauser crosses to the front post, but Groenewald.

63′ Luke Warriner kicks the ball out under pressure from Harry Thannhauser.

we could have a sub here, Fulton looks in a bit of strife here. 

61′  foul to the rangers, McKeown smashes Jesse Fulton. Zebras complain but the referee is spot on this time.

60′ Fulton with some very tricky feet plays his way out of trouble but his mishits his pass.

58′ Referee gives the rangers a free kick, not much in that and Zebras a little upset.

54′ Burke gives away a professional foul as the zebras were breaking away, lucky to escape without a slice of cheese.

52′ Zebras with some lovely passing sees them win a corner. Tuma puts it out behind.

49′ Appleyard so close, Mitch Jones whips in a free kick and Appleyard heads just over.

48′ Zebras filthy at the referee and have every right to be, Clearly a Zebras throw.

46′ Interesting to note that  Groenewold is taking goal kicks. Is Mercuri injured or does Sav not trust him ..?

Sub off: Zac Cross Sub on Alex Fulton.

Back under way here at the NTCA, Zebras out of the changing rooms first and look hungry. 

Half time  Zebras 1 Rangers 1

44′ Harry Thannhauser almost went from hero to villain gifting Mckeown shot off whilst Marshall was out of his box.

43′ Sanders a bit eager to get in behind and is adjudged to have been offside. marshall to take.

41 ‘ Goal !!!!!!! , Lewis equalisers for the zebras. He fires a shot off in the box hits a rangers defenders and gets a nasty deflection. The game has really exploded in the last five minutes. Rangers tried to clear but it got a nasty deflection. 

As a past player of SAV’S from first-hand, he does not like his players talking to the referee. he will not be happy with how often they. 

36′ Nick LA showing all his technical skills,  earns a free kick from Warrener.  Nothing comes of it.

33′ So close for the Zebras, goal mouth scramble sees young Zac Cross clear it off the line. Zebras really should be level here. 

32′  Groenewold puts in a beautiful long delivery.

30′ Fulton fires off a shot from distance,  that’s not going to trouble any goalkeeper.

Jayden Hay is being played out wide by Mr Peter Savill, he’s causing Burke all sorts of issues with his pace. 

24′ Free kick to the Zebras. A corner comes of it.

21′  Save! , May have just seen save of the week, maybe even year. Marshall Pooley at full strength gets fingertips to a certain goal.

20′ Sanders fires one off from range with Marshall “The ROCK “ Pooley comfortably saving.

18′ Jayden Hey gives a cheap free kick to the rangers with a push on Ben Burke.

14 Corner for rangers, Nick Lanau-Atkinson fires a shot off but hits the opposing Zebras defender.

13′ Danny Jin with a super jinking run, he would have had to run 60 meters beating the Zebras players for pace.

10′ Huigsloot cross bar, Zebras work the ball into the area with Huigsloot towering over his defender beating Marshall Pooley but was denied this time by the framework. 

5′ GOAL TIME !!!, it’s the home side with Harry Thannhauser scoring from close range, did not expect that.  Beautiful hair .. scrappy goal. 

4′ Cross bar !!!, sanders hits the bar.  Will be disappointed he didn’t hit the back of the net.

3′ Zebras showing why they are top of the table as they are moving the ball around at pace.

Mitch Dent here for the slice of cheese team, team sheets to follow, a bit of a mix-up with the referees’ so I’ll endeavour to do my best to get them from the team managers.

1′ Kick off, we’re underway here with at the beautiful NTCA both teams wearing a lot white, going to be difficult.

Hobart Zebras:

Rangers Team Sheet: