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Northern Rangers v Kingborough (NPL)


 Shots On
 Shots Off
Football is a funny game, Kingborough Lions snatched one on the break and defended for their lives. Northern Rangers again miss a penalty which Lino Scuilli must be getting frustrated about. That was the difference today… the lions took their chance and the Rangers, however, didn’t.  Full Match write up to come. 
Full time: Northern Rangers 0 Kingborough Lions 1

90+1 Benny fires over from 15 yards over.

89′ Kingborough nearly add a second to their tally… Cowen heads just over at the near post.

5 minutes to go, its tense and players tempers are flaring. Lino Scuilli is using choice words to tell Nick La to calm down and stop the back chat. This is why football is  the best game in the world. 

There’s a Kingborough Lions player down outside the pitch … he was celebrating and injured himself. I don’t know his number as he has no shirt on.

GOAL TIME!!! Nearly Headless Ben (I think it was him) beats Marshall at his front post. He was played in down the left and fired across into the post and it rolls into the net.

The lions starting to put the Rangers on the back foot here and looking the likelier to score.

74′ Foul to the lions, Zac Cross again guilty of taking man first then thinking about the ball later.

70′ Nearly headless Ben! Zac Cross kicks tries to kick the ball and almost collects Benny.

68 ‘ Mr Pooley stop it! Kingboroughs Danny Cowen heads it towards the top corner. He’s going to be dirty if he’s overlooked for the team of the week for two weeks in a row.

Sub Off: Appleyard  Sub on: Darrant

Slice of cheese Markaj…, he wins the ball fairly but the referee sees it differently. He gives the referee a fair spray .. I’m not sure what the card was given for.

Sub Off:Sub on:Basstock

63′ Kingborough with a penalty shout… They sound filthy and on another day may have been given. 

62′ Pat LA earns the rangers a corner by pressing Okello again.

58′ Wowzazz… Okello receives a pass from Kamara, he tried to turn under no pressure and kicks it out for a corner.  Absolute Doozy!

56′ Kingborough trying a bit of kick and hope here that results in Marshall kicking it into Row Z  !!

55′ Goldilocks (Harry Thannhauser) with a push in the back at halfway gives the lions a foul.

54′ Marshall Pooley makes a bit of a meal of a cross but the Rangers clear.

53 ‘ Great save, Danny Jin stepped up but Kamara with cat-like reflexes saves low to his right.

53 Penalty !!!, Danny Jin sprinted into the box and gates is punished for an unfair hold.

48 ‘Slice of cheese: AKAKAAPO !! Bad challenge on the right-hand side of the field, will have to be his last foul.

46′ Benny fires well wide… The rangers match manager may not find that ball.

Back under way …!! 

42′ Nick La having a field day in the final third, the lions really need to close him down or he will score.

39 ‘ Kingborough earn a free-kick out on the right, it’s sent in,…… but Marshall comes and collects a blocked shot.

He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere. Benny is a proper player and is giving the Rangers a headache with his ability to shift at pace.

Slice of Cheese !! Northern Rangers captain earns himself a slice for swearing. Silly Nick!!

35 ‘ Kingborough break through the middle, Yuel fires wides though.

33′ Danny Cowen showing some lovely feet, but pocket rocket Pat LA nips in and takes it off his toes.

31′  Kingborough finally get out of their own half, but it comes to nothing and Marshall to take the goal kick.

30′ Nick LA again beat one but his shot is wide.

24′ Woweee, Nick LA shoots from back post but the Kingborough keeper makes an amazing save to deny him.

21′ Pat lA swings a cross but the Kingborough keeper collects comfortably.

17′ Pat LA jinks past two black and blue shirts and hangs one up at the back post.  Nick La fires ones off but it comes to nothing.

15′ Corner after corner after corner, Kingborough starting to build pressure.

14′ Alex Fulton guilty of over playing it that the back, Benny should have punished the rangers here, Corner to come in.

13′ Nick La fires one off at the Kingborough goal, Nothing comes of it.

Interesting to note that Benjamin Kovadio is playing. Earlier reports said that he was due to go back to the mainland,  but he’s here in the flesh and playing as well as Gabrial dresses, GOOD !.

4′ Foul for the Rangers. Mitchell Jones steps up to take but flashes his effort wide, that was a real chance.

3′ Kingborough with some neat work down the right results in Marshall Pooley making a great double save. should be 0-1.

 2′ Rangers foul Kingboroughs no 4.  sorry I will get names. 

 ‘1 Thannhauser shoots, it’s very wide and it’s almost a throw in.

 Kick Off here at the NTCA

Northern Rangers Team Sheet:

 Kingborough Lions Team Sheet:

Mitch Dent bringing you this Saturday afternoon battle between the fifth-place Northern Rangers and the seventh place Kingborough Lions. If previous weeks are anything to go by the Northerners must go in as favourites, despite a shock loss to Nelson in the Laka Cup last weekend. The lions, on the other hand, have been nothing short of disappointing this year receiving a few absolute drummings. The enigmatic Gabrial Markaj made big noise pre-season with his club bringing in a host of imports to the club and implanting a pretty heavy training schedule. It will be interesting to see how Markaj approaches this, does he put 10 behind the ball like he did against the knights or does he continue his gung-ho approach? I’ll endeavour to do my best to keep you updated, should be a cracker!