Slice of Cheese

Northern Rangers v Launceston City (NPL)


 Laun City
 Shots On
 Shots Off

Match report to follow.

Full time! Northern Rangers 2 – Launceston City 1

92′ Last ditch corner for City it’s cleared.

90′ Slice of Tomato Danny Jin goes into the book for his second Slice of Cheese for retaliation and gets a red this time around. Really  brainless play.

88′ Thannauser then tries from outside the 18 yard box and fires ir just wide! Rangers finishing strongly now, City look done.

86′ City fail to clear their lines and Thannauser plays Nick LA in and he fires into the side netting!

It’s frenatic at the moment, City pushing hard for an eqauliser

79′ Goal Nathan Bartlett pulls one back for City! Game on?

Substitution Mies on, Linger off, Rossetto off, Compagne on

74′ Goal Kyle Kelly with the free kick for City hits the wall and Riley Darrant is the quickest to it pick up the rebound and runs at City playing in P Lanau – Atkinson who slides it past Smith to make it Rangers 2 nil up.

71′ Kelly crosses into the box and Campbell rises the highest but sent his effort high!

64′ Goal! Mitchell Jones makes Rangers dominance this second half count and fires on his left low and hard beating Smith at his near post.

62′ Goold almost heads back and over Smith! City are all over the place at the moment.

Rangers have definitely come out stronger in this second half the wind is behind them now and must be playing a major factor!

54′ Nick LA skips his defender and cross along the 6 yard box and Jin skies it over the bar!

52′ Campbell crosses into box and it’s just over Bartless, Connolly makes a meal of it and Compagne tries to volley and misses, Connolly finally recovers.

50′ Slice of Cheese Turner goes into the book with a tackle in a dangerous area. Jin to take it, fires it low and finds Jones who loops his effort over the bar.

48′ Jones gets played through and only had Smith to beat but he doesn’t realise he has loads of time and fires it wide!

We’re back underway at the NTCA

Well City have probably shaded overall play but Rangers have made it difficult for City to create any chances. Typical side under Lino defending well and using quick wingers to break quickly. Rangers will be attacking into the wind now so that may swing the balance of play. Smith will have to deal with the sun now which could make things a little tricky.

Half time

Subsitution for City Egan limps off, Frost on

42′ Williams whips a free kick into the box, Compagne leaps the highest and heads at goal but Connolly makes the save!

Subsitution for Rangers Anderson limps off, Griffioen on

38′ Fulton finds himself in some space and tries from distant it’s low but wide!

35′ Compagne strikes on the volley trying to curl it to the back post but it’s high and wide!

33′ Slice of Cheese! City concede the foul and  Jin from Rangers goes into the book for retaliation.

City have looked the more likely to score after 30 minutes played. Apart from hitting the post haven’t forced Connolly into any big saves other than corners in the 6 yard box. Rangers on the other hand are looking to break fast on the counter but usually their balls forward run out of play.

28′ POST! Campbell on the right swivels on the ball and plays it to Williams inside the box, he turns away from goal and fires it near post but can’t beat the post! Goal kick.

24′ Kelly loops a cross into the box finding Bartlett but he can’t generate any power on the header and Connolly easily gathers

22′ Williams floats a free kick back post and forces Connolly into a save. Kelly whips in the corner and Connolly clears!

19′ City racking up the corners. Kelly whipping them in on his left and being heckled by a few Ranger supporters.

17′ Quick throw from Kelly releases Bartlett on the right who crosses back stick but there’s no one home and Rangers concede the corner.

15′ Not much really to note, both teams trying to play through the lines of one another but can’t muster up any significant chances.

Jones and Darrant up top for Rangers with Nick LA operating from the right flank.

9′ Williams dances around a few Rangers players and gets in a good position to cross but his cross is easily dealt with.

5′ Jones is played through but Turner from City sweeps up to concede the corner. The corner from Nick LA is low and not threatening.

City still persisting with the 3-5-2 it looks. Turner, Egan and Goold at the back

Kick off!

Nathan Butler is an intersting out for City, I expect Egan and Goold to form a centre back partnership. I’ve heard whispers that City is electing to play a 4-4-2 today.

Rangers: Connolly, Jones, Cross, Anderson, P Lanau-Atkinson, Darrant, Burk, Fulton, Thannhauser, Jin Seong-Yong, N Lanau – Atikinson Subs: Appleyard, Chugg, Rodriguez, Griffioen

City: Smith, Goold, Egan, Linger, Turner, O’Connor, Williams, Kelly, Campbell, Compagne, Bartlett Subs: Butler, Frost, Kamano, Mies, Rossetto

Jamie Richardson bringing you this Round 4 clash from the NTCA between hosts Northern Rangers and the visitors Launceston City. Both sides are yet to register a win sitting equal last on the NPL table with a point each with Kingborough also joining them.

This one is set to be is set to be a cracker, with Lino Sciulli switching from City to Rangers and his former City assistant Ben Brookfield taking the reins at City. It’s been a long six months for these two sides, with the new coaches and the constant battle for players to strengthen their NPL sides.

We’ll start with Rangers, it’s been tough going for Rangers facing Olympia and South away in the previous two rounds but they can walk away from those games with their heads held high. In the first round they played out a nil all draw with Clarence and on another day could have registered a win if chances fell their way. Lino has instilled is values and ethos into this Rangers side quickly, being competitve and making it hard for their opponents to get chances on goal.

City on the other hand have had mixed results and would have expected to have more points on the board. They’ve been trying to play a 3-5-2 but it hasn’t seemed to click thus far, whether Brookfield plays that today I’m not too sure! Ben when appointed promised an attacking, pressing style and while having their chances to win the game against Kingborough and Clarence games, they can be hot and cold as the Devonport game showed when they struggled.

So all in all this could go either way, Lino definitely doesn’t want to lose this game against his former side and from reports has been working them hard in preparation for this one. What City side turns up today? That’s another one up for debate, it’s at NTCA which City struggle at. So hold tight, strap yourselves in for the live stream and watch it all unfold!