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89′ SUPER SAVE! Somehow Cole dives away to his left and flicks a shot out of the top right corner out of nowhere. Incredible stuff. Can’t fault his performance tonight.

86′ GOAL! Sean Symons drives from deep in midfield, plays a one two and works his way into the box before getting back on his deadly left peg and whipping a curling shot into the left hand side of the goals. 5-0.

84′ GOAL! Sekiya afforded way too much space inside the 18 yard box. He has time to turn and the drive a booming shot in off the arms of a diving Cole. 4-0.

79′ GOAL! Symons finds an acre of space somehow behind the Olympia defence. Parisi provides for him and Symons makes Cole commit before slotting into an empty net. 3-0. All over.

Leichardt still controlling this game. Warriors really needed to score that chance that Sklenar had in the 58th minute if they were to make a game of this. Now its APIA just controlling the tempo and the Warriors are struggling to find a way to get into the game at all.

74′ SUB! OFF: Murray ON: Parisi

71′ SUB! OFF: Mearns ON: Bellini. Mearns Olympia’s best tonight, but playing injured.

67′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Wadawu into the book for scything down Symons.

65′ DEFLECTION INTO THE POST! Sekiya tries to play a cross and it deflects off an Olympia defender and cannons into the post with Cole scrambling to try and save!

A bit of a quiet period now, only a couple of half chances for APIA in the last handful of minutes. Into the 65th. 

58′ SHOT OFF! Great work up by Wadawu to release Sklenar and he scuffs his effort when he should have at least forced Necevski into a save.

56′ SHOT ON! Olympia finally get one on target, a long looping header from the edge of the 18 yard box by Sklenar and Necevski finally gets a touch of the leather. Comfortable save.

53′ SUPER SAVE! Symons looped a strong header on target and Cole did brilliantly to dive back and push it over the bar with his left hand.

48′ DOUBLE SAVE! Cole does well to prevent two shots on target in quick succession from ending up in the back of the net. APIA broke through with Sekiya and Sean Symons running riot but they can’t manufacture a way past Cole.


A complete domination by the Sydney boys that half. Olympia will be thoroughly disappointed with their showing in that half. APIA were too fast, too strong, and too tactically astute for the Warriors to contend with. Let’s see what changes they make at half time and whether they can swing the game. At this stage it seems completely unlikely that they can mount any sort of challenge to a superior APIA side, especially given they’ve yet to have a shot of any sort on Necevski’s goal.

The major shining light for Olympia has been Nick Mearns who has not looked out of place at all in this game. A solid performance from Olympia’s star youngster. For Leichardt… it’s hard to pick who’s been their best. They’ve pretty much dominated all facets of the game all over the park with the exception of the midfield battle which has been pretty even.


45+2′ SAVE! Cole gets down to his left well to save a low curling shot from an APIA striker.

43′ SAVE! Cole keeps it at 2-0 with a good save. A little knock back to Biczo and he lashed a shot on target, it was at Cole but he still had to parry it away to safety.

39′ FIRST CHANCE FOR OLYMPIA! Sklenar finds a way in behind and plays a cutback towards Cartwright and Hill who are open. A diving APIA defender clears it away JUST!

38′ SHOT OFF! Millgate plays a cross in to an APIA striker who turns a little square ball to Sekiya and he somehow produced a miss from 12 yards out. Skies it high and to the right of the goals.

35′ SHOT OFF! Dapuzzo smashes a shot JUST over the top of the crossbar, and boy that had some mustard on it. Would have taken some serious saving if it were on target.

35′ BLOCK! Vandermey blocks a shot that was a certain goal, a timely intervention from the Olympia captain.

Olympia in all sorts, they’re second to everything outside of Mearns and Cartwright. They are not winning the 50:50 balls, they are creating nothing. Danger signs for the Tassie boys, looks like it might be curtains at the round of 32 unless they find something soon.

31′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Mearns into the book for a shocker of a challenge on Sekiya as he burst down the left wing!

27′ GOAL! Dapuzzo smashes home the penalty into the bottom left. Cole no chance. 2-0.

26′ PENALTY! Sammut just runs straight into the back of an APIA striker and knocks him over. Penalty.

Mearns is getting fouled pretty much every time he picks up the ball. He’s played well so far, probably Olympia’s shining light so far.

24′ HEADER WIDE! Josh Symons knocks a header wide of the target, flashed just wide of the right hand post.

24′ FREE IN A DANGEROUS AREA! APIA with another opportunity just wide of the 18 yard box. Dangerous times here for the Warriors.

APIA’s game plan is pretty clear as well, they’re attacking down the flanks as they have correctly identified the flanks as Olympia’s weakness. Into the 23rd minute now.

Undy has largely been unsighted so far. Olympia need him in the game.

16′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Cartwright goes into the book for a handball that looked very unintentional, strange decision to card him there!

12′ SITTER MISSED! Not sure who the APIA player was there, can’t see the back of his shirt, but he was unopposed from 6 yards out and missed the target completely when all he had to do was fashion an effort on target.

10′ INJURY! Uccino has just gone down with no one around, holding his quad or hip region? He’s coming off, night done. Shaun O’Connell on

Olympia seem out of their depth early days here, APIA are lightning early, they’re slick. 

6′ GOAL! Symons opens the scoring for APIA! They stretched Olympia wide and Murray ripped a great ball across to the far post and Symons was there to tap home. 1-0!

5′ POSTER! Symons steps up to take and rips a curling, dipping left footed shot against the right hand post, Cole was beaten!

4′ FREE! In a dangerous area for APIA! Cartwright got called for a handball. Ucchino over it for the Tigers.

2′ Symons down injured for APIA, but he looks fine now, he will come back on shortly. Ortmann collected him in a  clash for a header but there was nothing given by the Referee.

KICK OFF! We are underway at KGV!

Olympia teamsheet:

APIA Leichhardt team sheet:

Welcome to KGV for this Round of 32 FFA Cup game between the Olympia FC Warriors and the APIA LEICHHARDT TIGERS of NPL NSW. It’s one of the biggest days on the footballing calendar and sure to be a cracking game. Before kick off, check out the FULL MATCH PREVIEW for the lowdown on APIA and Live Streaming details for those of you wanting to tune in. Slice of Cheese will be calling the game for Fox Sports.




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