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Olympia v Clarence (WSL)





Wounded Warriors Looking For Derby Response 

An Eastern Shore Derby is always an intense affair and with the Warriors reeling from a thumping at the hands of Zebras last week they will be well and truly fired up for this one. They were sluggish last week and made to pay for it but as Clarence lack the firepower of Zebras their defence is unlikely to come under as much pressure this week. That game should provide a blue print for the Reds though, who must attempt to physically pressure the Olympia defenders and get up in their faces which yielded a string of turnovers and seems the best way to get at them. Keeping out the all star attacking line up of the Warriors will be a very difficult prospect though even with a strong defence. It was an all too familiar story for Clarence last week as their defence battled hard and repelled a host of attacks before the overwhelming pressure finally told. They will need the returning Lara Sims and Isobel Kearney to give them a lift in the final third to help give their defence some a breather. You would expect the Warriors to be far too strong in this one, just so long as there is no lingering hangover from last weeks defeat.

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