Slice of Cheese

Olympia v Devonport (NPL)

Live Blog Coverage From Mark Wakefield, from 2:30pm

 Shots On
 Shots Off


5 minutes left for Olympia to get another.

80′ GREAT SAVE! Sklenar tees up Wadawu inside the 18 yard box and he rifles a shot on goal that Zaikos gets down well to save.

Into the 76th minute now. Olympia are running out of time to take this.

Olympia having a good period again now, they’ve come roaring back into this one on the back of the goal.

65′ GOAL! Looks like it took a deflation and looped in for the Warriors, but Callan hit one from 35 yards and it wobbled and dropped into the top left corner past Zaikos. 2-1 game on!

60′ SHOT ON! Hill tries another long range effort, he’s moved into the midfield but that is easily taken care of by Zaikos.

Olympia are all at sea and the Strikers are dominant. They’ve really stifled Olympia so easily today. The times Olympia have broken they’ve been outnumbered significantly and Sklenar has no hope when he is so isolated in amongst a number of defenders.

54′ GOAL! Holden gets on the end of the long ball and strokes it home to make it 2-0. Same issue as the first goal there, found space in behind easily.

53′ SUB! OFF: Mearns ON: Little

47′ SHOT ON! It lacks power though on that angle, Sklenar nipped in front of Reynolds and directed an effort on target that Zaikos collected easily. Leaman provided the ball for Sklenar.

Ortmann and Leaman have come on for Cartwright and Bellini at halftime for the Warriors.


HALF TIME! I think Cartwright’s day is done, he’s a very sore boy. Strikers well worth their lead.

45′ SHOT ON! Hill tries his luck from about 60 metres after spotting Zaikos off his line. Zaikos back pedals and collects it easily.

An interesting effort from Mearns, Wadawu played the cross to him and he tried an audacious scissor kick. Looked good but didn’t make any good connection so it didn’t even result in a shot. 37th minute now.

32′ GOAL! And what a stunner. Stevens was all at sea and left the ball for Mann who had a deep run behind. He brought the ball down on a dime with unbelievable skill and then he slotted home. 1-0. A good ball by Dance as well.

Big shout for a penalty for handball there for Strikers – didn’t see which Olympia defender got the hand on it, but that was pretty close… Into the 30th minute.

Into the 26th minute now – not a lot of action in the last few minutes, at least not of note.

Callan having a mare in the final third, he’s had a lot of good overlapping runs that have been found but he hasn’t been able to drive any balls across into the danger zone as yet. On the flip side his defensive efforts have been great though.

Into the 19th minute now, it’s evened out a bit more again.

Strikers well on top now, they’ve worked into this one and controlled it from the 5th minute onwards. Olympia struggling to stifle the Strikers and they aren’t creating anything of their own.

12′ GREAT SAVE! Mann unleashes a hot drive from a half volley and it was destined for the top left corner. Cole dived away and clawed it to safety. 0-0.

9′ SHOT ON! Millington is played in by Holden and he takes a first touch that creates a little space before trying to cut a shot back into the bottom left. Cole has it covered though.

6′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Hill into the book for a professional foul on Millington after leaving him way too much space to stream through towards goal.

Pretty even scrap early days here. Strikers have just had a deflected shot (the first of the game), that is out for a corner.


Olympia Team Sheet:

Devonport Team Sheet:

It’s Mark ‘Wiggo’ Wakefield bringing you the blog today. Should be a cracker between two teams vying for championship honours this year. 

Olympia looked like they’d snuck back into some form last weekend against the Knights, but the ground at KGV suits their style a lot better than their home ground which tends to cramp them for room and stifle their creativity. 

I haven’t actually seen Devonport live yet this year, so I’m not sure what to expect from them. The loss of Fischer definitely hurts them though. From the highlights I had seen of him though, he looked like a very good player, and to be signed by Avondale in the Victorian NPL, he has to be.  I’m not sure who fills that void, or whether Mann pushes on from midfield back into his more familiar striking role, but that’s a big challenge for Port.

Olympia are without Undy and my guess is they’ll slot McArthy in his place for the starting spot. I’d prefer to see Shae Hickey start but Weston looks like a coach that wants to develop his youth and future of the club so he may be squeezed out of the starting 11 more often than not in favour of youth for the remainder of the season. It’s hard to fathom though as I suspect despite not covering the ground as well as he used to, that he’s still one of the best midfielders in the state. Certainly the best in regards to his touch, creativity and passing. It’s been a shame not to see him play more minutes this year for my own selfish reasons, the guy is a joy to watch play. 

I’ll go and grab the team sheets now, back in a few.