Slice of Cheese

Olympia v Hobart Zebras (NPL)

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Mark Wakefield For Slice of Cheese

FULL TIME! A great game but no winner could be found. An absolute classic.

Into last chance saloon time, Hey with another long throw to come.

90+1′ HUGE MISS! Not really sure how the Zebras have missed that and it’s too far away for me to see who missed, maybe Walsh or Groenewolde there, had an open goal and sprayed it across the face after a clever flick on across to the back post from Huigi.

Into injury time now.

Hickey has been good since he came on, he just finds ways to open the game up with intelligent passing.

89′ SHOT OFF! Olympia should have hit that sooner, Hoy finally pulls the trigger after Sklenar and Mearns both had chances to, and he flashes his shot JUST wide.

88′ CLEARED OFF THE LINE! Didn’t see whose shot it was, but the Warriors have gone close again, cleared off the line by Warrener.

86′ ANOTHER DANGEROUS FREE… for Zebras.. Huigi falls over again, doesn’t look to be much in it from where I’m sitting. Free is wasted nonetheless.

7 minutes of regular time to find a winner here, Olympia look the most likely of the two teams at the moment.

83′ HUGE SHOUT FOR A PENALTY! Hoy goes down under pressure but Charlie wants nothing to do with that one.

82′ SHOT OFF! Downes takes the free and it rips and dips just over the bar.


78′ SAVE AND CROSSBAR! Undy is played through by an incredible Mearns ball into the left hand channel in the box, Mercuri does well to save that. Sklenar is first to the rebound and smacks a volley hard and into the bar. Meanwhile Hickey has snuck on for Ortmann for the Warriors.

Into the 77th now. Olympia still looking the most likely of the two teams, but it only takes one Zebras set piece to undo that.

Groenewolde playing a really fine line there in his defensive box, he could have been called for a push on Cartwright there, Charlie looked close to putting the whilst in his mouth, but decided against it.

70′ SAVE! Olympia with another chance that Mercuri fumbles again, it dribbles back towards his goals but there was no danger of this one going over the line as he got up and collected the ball.

67′ AN ABSOLUTE HOWLER!!!! Mercuri has let an absolute sitter in there, Hoy burst through into the 18 yard box before shooting on his left straight at Mercuri, he was down on his knee to collect and it rolled through his hands and into the back of the net.

66′ WIDE AGAIN! Groenewold should have scored there, he was free from 10 yards out and had the whole goal to header into again, but he managed to put his effort wide.

64′ FREE IN A DANGEROUS AREA! Huigsloot goes down and it looked questionable, but its about 25 yards out, real dangerous with Downes over the ball. But his shot is straight into the wall. Now its Zebras having the good period. So many ebbs and flows in this one.

60′ SO MANY CHANCES! Zebras should have scored then, first Sanders had a cracking volley from about 8 yards out but it was straight at Cole and he parried it away, Huigsloot was the first to react and had a fair chunk of the goals to header it into but couldn’t direct his effort on target. It remains 1-0.

58′ SO CLOSE! Sklenar stretches but can’t quite get to Wadawu’s cross, Wadawu had done so well to get that ball and cross it in to Sklenar too. And now he’s subbed off, on comes Hoy. Another dangerous player. Olympia seem to be the ones turning the screws this half.

56′ SAVE! Mercuri sights that one really late and does well to keep Sammuts long range missile out there in the end. Close to the equaliser though, the save fell towards his own goal line but fortunately for him it went the other side of the post and not in.

54′ SAVE! Mearns gets on the end of a Stevens pass from the back, turns his man and unleashes a drive from range, doesn’t quite get hold of it with the purchase we know he can and Mercuri is equal to the task.

51′ SHOT OFF! Cartwright jumps for a header and powers it just over the bar from a free from Mearns wide on the left hand side.

49′ SHOT OFF! McKeown tries a volley from a long, long way out and his effort flies well wide, Cole under no pressure there from that effort.

48′ HEADER OVER! McKeown flashes a header just over the bar from the corner earned by Hey. Brushed the top of the net on the way over.

Hey just ran the length of the field with the ball at his feet and won a corner, great effort there.


HALF TIME! Hobart Zebras pinch a late goal to go into the rooms up 1-0.

45′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Downes into the book for a foul just after the save, didn’t see who he fouled.

45′ SAVE! Sanders weaves some absolute class beating two defenders and strolling into goals before Cole rushes his feet and saves at point blank range to deny a certain goal.

43′ GOAL! McKeown looks to be claiming it, but the long free kick from about 40 yards out has danger written all over it, looks to have taken a deflection on the way through, but perhaps McKeown didn’t get a touch on it as Mamacas has announced the goal was for Downes the kick taker.

42′ SAVE! Wadawu weaves some magic and hits a shot towards goals, its straight at Mercuri and he has no problems collecting that.

38′ SAVE! And as soon as I say no chances, the Warriors forge one. Wadawu sprints down the left channel and plays a neat inside ball to Sammut who has his left footed effort saved by Mercuri. Great save, read it well and got to Sammut’s feet to really shut down the effort.

A bit of a slog the last few minutes – no chances to speak of. Into the 38th.

And now it’s Olympia having the good period. They’ve earned a corner here. Nothing comes from it though.

32′ BIT OF ARGEY BARGEY! Wadawu is entitled to go for a ball there and collects Mercuri from the free Mearns had taken. He was late but he was already in the air from my view – not much he could do to avoid the contact once he’d jumped at pace. Definitely a foul, not sure if he picked up a slice to go with it, but there were some afters as Zebras stampeded from everywhere to remonstrate.

Olympia with a free in a dangerous area now – 31st minute.

30′ SHOT OFF! Olympia finally register another shot, Vandermey is released down the right channel by Sklenar and he rattles of a shot high and wide of the target.

And they’re still playing with fire playing out from the back at times. Against a quality side it’s not always going to be a great option and they’re likely to punish it if it goes wrong. Into the 28th minute now.

Olympia struggling to get a hold of the game at the moment.

24′ POSTER? Not really sure if Huigsloots glancing header from a whipped in cross has just glanced the post there, but it was close and it wasn’t going to be saved if it was on target. Thought I  heard a light ping as it flashed by the post.

Zebras having a good little period for the last five minutes, they’ve limited Olympia’s ability to play and have taken over the attacking chances at the moment.

18′ SHOT OFF! The resulting free is taken by Downes and is looped onto the penalty spot where Lewis tries his luck in flicking a header on target – it loops over for a goal kick.

Strange one here, Charlie has found a free kick for the Zebras when the linesman had flagged for offside on the Zebras. 

16′ SAVE! Cole comes up huge there with an important save. Sanders snuck into the 18 yard box and unleashed a powerful volley on his non preferred foot that was heading into the bottom left corner, Cole dived to his right and pushed it away.

Hey’s long throws look to be the main source of Zebras attack so far – they’re being launched in and around the 6 yard box right in the mixer – but Cole has been up to the task so far and has controlled the area along with Hill and Stevens.

11′ SHOT OFF! Cartwright ends up with a ball streaming into space from about 25 yards out and unleashes a shot but it flies well over the top and out for goal kick.

9′ POSTER! Wadawu with some absolutely audacious skill there, headers a bouncing ball over Hey before heading into the ground inside the 18 yard box and unleashing a drive on the volley from near the byline, cannons into the post and out for a goal kick.

Still being played at a rapid place out there, Sklenar is beginning to look dangerous as well.

6′ LUCKY TO GET AWAY WITHOUT A SLICE! Lewis was caught out by Sklenar there and opted to hold the striker back instead of letting him through on his own, should have been a card perhaps. Lucky to get away with just a foul.

5′ SHOT BLOCKED! Some good interplay by the Warriors sees Sklenar released and through, but big Imran Lewis comes through at the last second to block his effort as he unleashed a shot.

Tackles flying in early and the contest is being played a hot pace.

3′ SIDE NETTING! Wadawu’s corner drops at the near post and Mearns pounces, drilling an effort into the side netting as the crowd roared in approval.

2′ HEADER ON! Huigsloot directs a header on target from a side footed volley cross from Hey, but it lacks power and Cole collects easily.

Jayden Hey already on a bursting run down the right wing, Sammut had to be nimble to clear before he got there.


Olympia Team Sheet:

Zebras Team Sheet:

Should be a cracker today. A great day for football, a game on an important day in the Australian calendar – it’s ANZAC day. The Zebras and the Warriors will be out to battle today, fighting for an important three points. The winner will go to the top of the ladder, so there is plenty on the line for both sides. 

It will be a good clash, both teams are close to full strength and it should be a high quality game today. There is no excuse – the weather is decent, a light breeze is floating across the ground and the rain is staying away at the minute.

Minute silence is being observed as we remember those who made and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for this beautiful country – our service men and women.