Slice of Cheese

Olympia v South Hobart


89′ SUB! Hickey on for the sore Little – copped a battering a minute ago from three different South Hobart players.

81′ SUB! Mearns off and Ortmann comes on.

77′ GOAL! Kemp smacks the resulting free home to make it 3-0. Top right window.

76′ RED CARD! Hill with a cynical pull down on Walter. He should have just let him score, he’s done for a week at least now.

Olympia have given the game away, and now they’re running out of legs.

73′ GOAL! More defensive errors from Olympia, Walter pounces and loops a header over Cole to make it 2-0.

73′ SAVE! Cole passes straight to Kemp at the edge of 18 yard box and he can’t quite rattle off a solid shot.

69′ SUB! Schmidt comes on for Cook and Brennan on for Hamlett.

65′ SAVE! Cartwright beats the offside trap and gets a shot off with some power, Wright pats it down and collects it.

Olympia really trying to turn the screws to get back into this game now. But they look like a team that hasn’t played a lot together this preseason.

59′ NEARLY A COSTLY MISTAKE! Wright tries to save with his feet from a shot across the face of goal from Sklenar and nearly deflects the ball into his own net, it rolls out to Wadawu and he can’t do anything else with it.

54′ SAVE! Wright does well to save from Sklenar – but Sklenar should have done better with his shot, not enough of an angle on the shot across goals. The rebound ends up with Hess or Vandermey and the hooked shot nearly catches Wright out off his line, he dives back and palms the ball into the bar and back out.

South really turning the screws now, Olympia have dropped off.

51′ GOAL! Out of nothing there, Little has just gifted the ball one on one to Hamlett who steals it and runs in and slots home past Cole. Horrid stuff. Little had been having an excellent game until then too.

Cartwright is so strong, and so smart. I keep raving, but he really is good to watch. He just did Brown like a dinner, read his turn and collected the ball off him.


A cagey opening to the season, not really a lot of chances to speak about. South probably had the best two back to back chances of the half but they were spoiled by some great defending from Olympia. Outside of that, Olympia probably just shading the overall game, but not by too much. Cartwright and Mearns their danger men, Hill dominating at the back for them, whilst for South, Gorrie is having a solid game.

HALF TIME! 0-0 at Warrior Park.

Feels like Olympia getting on top again now, they’ve worked their way into this game, looking more in control the longer the half has gone on. Cartwright brilliant so far.

41′ SHOT ON! Mearns drills the resulting free straight at Wright and he collects it calmly.

40′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Castaneda into the book for a shocker on Wadawu.

Undy burning possession too often, turning it over trying the miracle ball.

35′ SHOT ON! Cook gets free off a quick free taken and rattles a weak shot off when he had a lot more time.

Undy is having an odd game, doing some good stuff and then following it up with some really poor stuff. Expect more from him if he wants to keep his spot in the starting 11 when Hoy returns.

Momentum swinging like a pendulum here, South had a period of dominance for 5 minutes but now it’s Olympia on top again.

27′ HALF CHANCE! Wadawu is released down the right wing by Mearns and his cross is blocked. He has a follow up shot and slams it into the right hand post.

25′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Wadawu into the book for a waist high foot, a bit questionable that one!

24′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Gorrie goes into the book as Sklenar bursts through towards the edge of the 18 yard box, Gorrie scythes him down.

Loving the battle between Cartwright and Brown, Brown not used to someone really taking the physical challenge up to him like Cartwright is at the moment.

21′ BLOCK AND SAVE! Set piece from South Hobart opened up Olympia but they managed to scramble and keep it out. Stevens denied Hamlet with a scrambling tackle and then Cole saved at the near post. Continued pressure from South and they earn a corner, but nothing comes of it.

Cartwright showing strength on the ball just now – we’re into the 19th minute and still nothing to write home about in terms of good chances.

Few words being spoken between Quaile and Wadawu, a couple of angry customers at times! 16 minutes in now. Olympia with a free.

11′ SHOT OFF! Brown gets free at the back post and scrambles and stretches to make it to a deflection but he can’t direct his effort on target.

9′ SHOT OFF! Cartwright unleashes a shot over the bar from outside 18 yards, couldn’t get over the top of the ball. Some great lead up play by Mearns and Little before the delivery hit Cartwright.

7 minutes in now and still no shot from either side. Both teams pretty tentative but the game is reasonably high pressured, not too much free possession for either side with the exception of playing side to side across the back.

Olympia wasteful in possession so far, spraying a few passes around – perhaps a bit of rust given they haven’t played together as an 11 yet.

Both teams probing each other early, nothing really to talk about as yet though.



 Shots On
 Shots Off




Olympia Team Sheet:

South Hobart Team Sheet:

It’s Mark Wiggo Wakefield back again for a fresh NPL season for 2017. Much intrigue awaits tonight in the season opener. An absolute blockbuster if ever there was one. Two powerhouses coming head to head on the first Friday of the season. What more could you ask for?

I’m expecting a reasonable crowd tonight with plenty of neutral observers. The layoff between games with plenty on the line has been far too long. And these two teams are relatively unknown. Olympia have only rolled out their youth teams all through the Summer Series, while South Hobart boycotted the entire series in order to do their own thing to prepare for the season ahead.

Two varied approaches from two big clubs with title aspirations. Will either team look underdone? It’s hard to know, but I don’t think either of these two coaches will be bringing in an underprepared squad. 

Onto the team breakdowns. I’m sitting on my couch writing this at the moment, so I haven’t seem the team lists. I’ll post those when I get to the ground, but in terms of key ins and outs – Olympia don’t seem to have lost anyone of note that they haven’t replaced amply well. They have added a striker that seems to be able to finish chances, they’ve added Shane Cartwright – and he is looking fit and strong at the moment. I saw him play about 15 minutes of a first half in their practice game against VPL opponents and he was easily the best player on the ground in those 15 minutes. He’s an absolute beast at his best so I look forward to seeing how he performs against South.

Lucas Hill and young Stevens sure up the defensive frailties suffered by Olympia from last season and a new keeper with an extremely good wrap will sit in behind them. They’re a juggernaut on paper, but they were a juggernaut on paper last year. Is this year going to be different? I think so, they certainly seem like a more level headed bunch.

South on the flip side have signed Adam Gorrie from the Portress and have picked up a future superstar in Castaneda from the AIS. He captained the u17s last year I believe – but I’ve yet to see him play live. I look forward to that. Other than that I haven’t heard too much out of South Hobart at this stage, other than the big bearded goalscoring machine Alex Leszczynski is out with a broken leg for another few weeks. That hurts them, but the Hammer is fit and firing and young Pujari Sculthorpe showed a bit last year, so his development will be important for South early in the season. As usual, midfield workhorse Nick Morton will be looking to find a way to get one over Olympia but we will see how it unfolds. Ken Morton will have has squad raring to go regardless of how young they are, he always finds a way to remain close to the top of the pile, a wily coach if ever there was one. 

Anyway, enjoy the blog, or the stream if you’re watching that. I’ll keep you updated with the game and stats once we hit kickoff. Enjoy the 2017 season all, I’m glad to be bringing it to you once again.

Wiggo’s Tip for tonight: Olympia 3 South Hobart 1

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