Slice of Cheese

South Hobart v Clarence (NPL)


 Shots On
 Shots Off


90+2′ GOAL! Schmidt is released down the right wing and he finishes into the bottom left to seal the game for South.

90′ BOOMING TACKLE! Quaile and Stewart both go hard for a ball and its a huge clash but both youngsters get up and get on with it. Awesome stuff.

88′ SHOT OFF! The free is blocked by the wall but the rebound falls to Bremner who hits it with some venom but it sails over.


Ticking into the final 5 minutes now, unless there is any added time. Don’t think so, not too much has happened beyond the goals this half. Clarence with a couple of half chances, South have invited trouble tonight by not closing the game out by finishing their glut of chances.

81′ GOAL! He duly slots it home to make it 2-1.

80′ PENALTY! Brown scythes down Bremner after he crossed the ball as he burst into the 18 yard box. Penalty. Malcolm to take?

77′ GOAL! Leaman feedss Quaile down the left wing and he crosses towards the 6 yard box where Randall tips the ball into his own net instead of away.

Into the 74th minute now. South still on top in general play. No more goals though to seal the game.

69′ SUB! OFF: Heggie ON: Stuart

68′ SHOT OFF! Lewis tries a volley from 35 yards. Makes a sweet connection but it flies over the top.

67′ SAVE! Randall does well to deny Kemp after some great work from the young midfielder once again. He is having a great second half.

64′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Heggie gets a slice for a foul and some verbal.

63′ SUB! OFF: Cook ON: Leaman

Not too much happening at the moment, last five minutes have been pretty uneventful!

55′ WOW! Randall nearly makes a meal of things trying to take on Morton with the ball. The rushed clearance after the tangled feet goes to Cook and he tries a long range effort with no keeper in sight but it floats wide.

Kemp is taking this game by the scruff of the neck at the moment and trying to get South across the line by himself. A great start to the half by the young midfielder.

51′ CHANCE! Goes begging for South there as Quaile drives a cross low and hard across the 6 yard box. It rebounds to another South player whose shot is blocked.

49′ GOAL! And it comes finally for South. Kemp does all the hard work, and smashes home an unstoppable curling effort into the left hand side of the goals.

48′ SHOT OFF! Couldn’t see who it was in the mixer there but South header a chance over the bar and the score remains 0-0.


HALF TIME! 0-0 at Wentworth Park.

45+1′ SAVE! Wright back-pedals and holds a cross-cum-shot from Hallard that looked like it was a chance of floating over him and in.

45′ SHOT OFF! Kemp tries with an acrobatic effort from a cross but skies it over the left hand side of the goals. South dominating possession but can’t do anything with it yet. They will be frustrated at this stage.

South are still struggling to penetrate though – they have had a lot of the ball in advanced positions but the lack of a true striker is hurting them.

Into the 38th minute now – still not too much to talk about. Clarence spurned a free just now by giving up a foul on Wright in the contest.

South starting to prod a bit more around the edge of their attacking 18 yard box. Think it’s only a matter of time before they find a good option here.

Clarence really struggling to find any options at all going forward. Bremner is isolated constantly and no one is arrive to support him.

Into the 30th minute, Clarence had a big shout for obstruction with Gorrie blocking the run of Heggie after he was caught out of position. No call from Phillips there though. Could have gone either way really.

Ludlow has largely been anonymous this half, playing well behind the ball. He just skied a shot well over the bar.

25′ SHOT OFF! Quaile tries to make something out of nothing, cutting in from the left flank onto his right foot and hits a speculative long range shot well wide and well high of the target.

20′ SAVE! Randall saves comfortably from a straight Morton drive after some nice interplay between Kemp and Morton.

For the most part, both teams are wasteful especially transitioning from their middle third.

South Hobart have the better of the general play as expected here. But Clarence to their credit aren’t letting them have it all their own way. Into the 17th minute now.

13′ SAVE! Morton is released with an inside ball by Walter near the 18 yard box. He drives a shot low and to the left and Randall dives away to his right to push it away. Price makes amends for his error that opened the chance up originally by getting to the rebound and clearing the danger.

Sorry just on essential updates only at the moment until this shower passes. Clarence have a free from 25 yards out here and we’re into the 12th minute.

8′ SHOT OFF! Morton finds space from about 30 yards off and tries to bomb one in from range, the connection is poor and he hits it well off target.

South really lacking a true striker – their forward movement is disjointed early. And the rain we hoped wasn’t coming has decided to show up.. I’ll have to move if it gets too heavy… laptop is not waterproof!

4′ SHOT OFF! Lacks power, I think it was Price for Clarence that had an effort that fell to his feet after Bremner had scrapped for a long throw.

Early days and South have had possession for the opening minute before spurning it out for a goal kick. Clarence not keen to press high so far.


South Hobart Team sheet:

Clarence Team sheet:

It’s Mark ‘Wiggo’ Wakefield bringing you this game live tonight from Wentworth Park. The first colder night of the season and I’m not too keen on freezing. Hopefully the rain stays away for the evening and I don’t have to try and do my blog from the clubrooms.

Not too sure what to expect from Clarence, having not seen them play yet this year. They will be trying hard as per usual, and full of confidence after their first three points of the year earned last week. Matt Lewis will be up against his old mob for the first time and it should be interesting to see how that battle goes.

South have re-signed Ludlow though and he’s a big in. Will be interesting to see how they structure up tonight and whether Alex Walter is out or not – he had a suspected broken wrist stemming from the game last week but I’ve not heard anything else about that. I’ll go grab the team sheets and post them up here in a minute or two. And yes, he’s playing, can’t have been too bad then!