Slice of Cheese

South Hobart v Devonport (NPL)


 Shots On
 Shots Off


84′ SUB! OFF: Walter ON: Leszczynski

80′ WHAT AN EFFORT! Zaikos does well to tip it over, but Kemp chips a shot from 30 yards out of nowhere and it nearly falls in!

77′ POSTER! Reynolds misclears and Turner belts a shot from outside 18 into the right hand post, it cannons away to safety.

76′ GOAL! Turner gets on the end of a great run and cutback from Walter. It’s definitely over now!

74′ GOAL! She’s all over! Morton plays a quick one two and then blasts a low shot into the bottom left corner, from outside the 18 yard box again. Best on ground today. 2-0 South.

69′ SUB! OFF: Hamlett ON: Kass

Into the 60th now, South have largely controlled the game since they scored. Devonport just working back into it slightly in the last couple of minutes.

52′ GOAL! A ball falls to Morton after Walter turned and a Devonport player knocked it into his path. He stroked the shot home into the bottom left to make it 1-0.

51′ CLOSE! Mann nearly released Wicks through there, but Brown did enough to bat away the danger and collect it on the second go!

50′ SUB! OFF: Dan Brown ON: Oscar Thomas

47′ SAVE! Zaikos saves from Turner after some silky work from Hamlett down the wing and byline, he teed up Turner in a good position and given the form he has been in you’d expect him to have scored that!

46′ SHOT OFF! Kemp bombs one from about 35 yards and Zaikos is unsighted, but he doesn’t bother moving and it goes wide.

46′ FOUL! And a bit of afters, Mann cleans up Morton and Morton wants to go one with it. Mann is keen to give it back to him as well.



45+1 CHANCE! Dogga Brown’s touch lets him down when he was through on goal, bumps off his knee and the chance is gone.

A game of great challenges so far – both teams have made some great tackles to break up good patches of play.

42′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Gorrie into the book for a late and raised foot challenge.

Now into the 41st. Still a rather uneventful half. Brown has had to make the better saves, South has probably had more of the play.

33′ SAVE! Brown does well to stand up strong and parry a powerful Bidwell shot over the bar. Mann found him in the right channel in acre of space.

A pretty scrappy few minutes has gone by – we’re into the 29th. Devonport looking for the counter, whilst South are trying to build attacks.

22′ SHOT ON! And it is the previously sore man, Kemp that drives a left footed effort on target that Zaikos picks up with ease.

Kemp is back on.

16′ INJURY! Kemp is down with a shin or ankle problem at the moment, getting some attention. He has a limp up and is coming off for a second. Hopefully nothing serious and is back on shortly.

14′ SAVE! Hamlett gets the ball close to the byline and somehow gets a couple of bobbles in a row under control and hits a shot. Zaikos collects it on the second bite.

11′ SAVE! Strikers with an incredible counter attack, Mann gets on the end of it and strikes a target on the top left and Brown does well to flick it over for a corner.

Some great tackles and interceptions by the Strikers so far, they’ve been pinned back for now and can’t find a way into the game. Into the 10th minute.

7′ SHOT OFF! Walter picks the ball up at the back post but after controlling and cutting inside he skies his volley way over the top.

Pretty even contest early, but quite scrappy in the middle for both teams. Lots of pressing. Into the 5th minute now.

1′ DIVE! Hall has gone down to ground way too late, probably deserved a slice of cheese there for a blatant dive!


Devonport Team Sheet:

South Hobart Team Sheet:

It’s Mark ‘Wiggo’ Wakefield bringing you the live blog today. Should be an absolute pearler of a game today between the top two teams in the league. Both are in scintillating form of late, Devonport are taking care of all comers whilst South have really hit their stride with the return of Jack Turner. Darcy Hall adds another prong to their attack and should get a run again today.

The Strikers lost a key man a few weeks back to the Victorian NPL but they’ve not looked like a lesser team since his departure. Another soldier in as they say and they’ve been tearing their opposition apart on a regular basis still. They made Olympia look second rate at times and they’re hard working and are lead by the incredible Brayden Mann. 

Today’s result is a going to be a big one, Port have proven to be South’s kryptonite in recent times, whilst a draw will have Olympia licking their lips and hoping to make ground on the two runaway leaders. Though it may be too late for anyone outside the top two to win the title now as I do not expect them to lose many more games this season.

Anyway, not too long until kickoff. Going to relax for a few minutes.