Slice of Cheese

South Hobart v Northern Rangers


 Shots On
 Shots Off


90+3′ GOAL! Morton ghosts in at the near post to slam home a Gorrie cross. 5-0 South.

90′ SUB! OFF: Thannhauser ON: Youd

86′ GOAL! Cracking strike from Cook, first time on the left across his body, Morton sets him up and he finishes with aplomb. 4-0.

84′ SUB! OFF: Pat L.A. ON: Appleyard

Game has gone quiet now. South just knocking it around at will for the most part.

80′ SUB! OFF: Hamlett ON: Schmidt.

76′ GOAL! Hamlett gets his second goal, on the end of a ball from Morton after a bursting run from Walter. Walter fed the ball to Morton, Morton slotted it through to Hamlett, Hamlett did the rest. 3-0.

75′ HUGE TACKLE! Tuma with no hesitation just after collecting a slice to go in hard on Gorrie. I think he got the ball to his credit but it looked ungainly!

74′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Tuma into the book for pulling down Hamlett after he’d been beaten.

Drinks break taken. It’s 31 out there. A well earned break. South about to make another sub. Pujari Sculthorpe to come on shortly. Assume Hamlett will make way? No, it’s Kemp coming off, still limping from that cork earlier. He’s slotting into the middle as well by the looks of things, thought Walter might end up in the middle instead.

67′ SHOT ON! Thannhauser finds a little pocket of space inside the 18 yard box and rattles off a low shot. It lacks power and Wright is comfortably down to his right to save.

62′ GOAL! Walter is free at the back post, Morton squares it up and Walter hammers it home. 2-0 South.

60′ GREAT TACKLE! Nick LA on the last line of defence slides in to deny Kemp at the last second before he was about to pull the trigger on a shot. Solid effort.

59′ SUB! OFF: Rodriguez ON: Tuma (Rangers)

Players starting to look a bit tired out there, and it’s no surprise. Stinking hot.

58′ SUB! OFF: Brennan ON: Cook

53′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Hamlett into the book? Not sure why, thought Brown was going in. But Tenzing Anderson is lucky to be on the field, escaped without a card at all there. He completely cleaned up Castaneda studs up and everything and escapes..

51′ GOAL! Hammer time steps up and slams it home.

51′ PENALTY! Brown sneaks in front of a defender about to clear and takes the contact and earns a penalty. A bit unfortunate for Rangers.

50th minute now, South with their first corner for this half. It’s a big in swinger that Connolly has to push over the bar for another corner.

I’ve turned the auto-refresh off this half – the stream won’t be interrupted at the top of the page I assume unless you refresh the page yourself. 


Rangers have stuck to their guns here today and threatened as much as South have. South’s general play is much smoother, but the Rangers have really made it hard for them in the final third, pressuring, harassing and being backed up by some solid keeping from Connolly. Down the other end Wright has also been solid. Lino will be pleased his boys have held firm this long – the real test will be as the game wanes long and the heat starts taking its toll, who is going to be the team to show weakness first? We’ll find out soon enough!

Apologies for the stream – weren’t meant to have one today at all, so we have been a little spoilt. However I’m reliably informed there is a bit of a problem with the camera feed that is causing some skipping at times. We will try to resolve during the break, so fingers crossed. If not just stay tuned for the live blog updates.


45+2 SAVE! Nick L.A finds space and burns a defender before ripping a shot towards the top left. Wright dives to his right and plucks it out of the air like it was nothing.

South offside again – ball was in the back of the net but Morton was adjudged to be offside before it was turned in for an own goal under pressure.

40′ THROW IN SHOT! Nick Lanau Atkinson would probably like that one back, he lashes an effort so wide it goes for a throw in.

South wasting corners at the moment.

38′ SAVE! Wright has to sprint off his line to dive at the feet of Pat L.A after a bursting run through the heart of South defence.

Rangers are scrapping for everything here, no easy shots for South so far.

34′ SAVE! Connolly stands tall under the aerial threat from Brown and collects the free and earns a hip and shoulder from the big South defender for his troubles. Bounces straight back up and gets on with it.

33′ FREE IN A DANGEROUS AREA! For South, Walter earned it with another good run down the left channel. Kemp to take. We know how dangerous he is.

Rangers to their credit have really stifled South’s attack so far. South are on top in general play, but the Rangers are definitely making them earn it. Defensively they’ve worked hard for one another and Connolly has made some timely interceptions in the air. Another positive is that Harry Thannhauser looks to be in good form early in the season this year!

24′ SHOT OFF! Morton finds a little bit of time to rattle a curling effort off. It’s so close to hitting the upright on the right hand side, a great effort with tremendous power. I don’t think Connolly was going to cover that if it was on target.

Into the 23rd minute now and I think we’ll find a fair bit out about player fitness the longer this one goes on – it’s hot out there now.

Connolly looks like a decent keeper from what I’ve seen from him early so far.

Kemp strides back onto the field as well, so he is fine to play.

17′ PAUSE IN PLAY! Kemp has come off send best getting into a contest with Connolly and looks like he’s suffered a little head knock on the turf after he hit the ground. The players take the chance to go and grab a cold drink. Kemp looks ok, might just have a bit of a headache at this stage? He’s on his feet, although he’s limping as well, perhaps it’s a corky rather than a head knock there. No idea. I suspect he’ll be right to continue in a  few minutes if it’s not a bad corky. Fair play to the keeper there though, both were well within their right to contest there and there was no foul from either player.

16′ SHOT OFF! Rangers really should have scored there. Darrant got free at the back post and somehow didn’t fashion an effort on target with his head after he was in 5 yards of space.

Another corner for the Rangers, they’re not looking too bad going forward at times.

14′ SHOT OFF! Down the other end now and it’s Kemp spraying one wide from just outside the 18 yard box as a clearance falls his way.

13′ SHOT OFF! Riley Darrant rattles one off from just outside the 18 yard box for the Rangers, it’s narrowly wide as Wright struggles across to cover it. Close.

Rangers playing a dangerous game here, trying to play the offside trap. Managed to catch Walter then but there isn’t much room for error.

10′ SHOT OFF! A Rangers player heads it just wide of the right hand post after cannoning it into the ground first.

Now it’s Rangers first corner of the game after some good work down the right flank from Jin. Back to back corners.

The corner is wasted, doesn’t even make it into play, disappointing effort from Castaneda. South well on top now in these early stages.

6′ SAVE! Gorrie is fed again down the right wing and blasts a shot across the face of goals that Connolly gets a hand to and pushes out for a corner.

4′ SHOT OFF! Gorrie intercepts and bursts down the right wing and cuts back to Morton unmarked on the edge of the 18 yard box. He miscues his effort and it goes wide.

3′ HALF CHANCE. Walter bursts through down the left channel following a long clearance from Brown but he opts to square it up instead of hitting a shot – should have gone himself the young lad.

We’re off and Nick L.A. has just gone on a barnstorming run with a few interceptions and tackles by him on the way. A good effort. Rangers looking to try and start positively rather than tentativeness. Last time these times played here I believe it was double figures for South…


South team sheet:

Rangers team sheet:

Hello all, it’s Mark ‘Wiggo’ Wakefield bringing you live blog today. There may be a stream up in a while possibly – I’ll link it once I have the information. I’m not entirely sure whether its definitely coming up or not. It appears to be, I’ll let you know if it goes down again at all, but it’ll be live from the start of the game.

Beautiful day for football. Pitch looks great, there is no wind, so there is no excuse for any poor passing today other than opposition pressure. I’m yet to see the Rangers this year, but I’ve seen South and they were mightily impressive. Ken has them up and going early this year and they’re still a star studded unit with plenty of attacking options. Great performance from them last week and I expect another win from them today.

I’ll grab the sheets shortly and post them up as well. Not too much analysis here today, I’ll try and do a bit more at half time once I’ve seen how Rangers are playing. We all know South will be well drilled and look to pass and open up teams and their speed in transition is always a threat.

Looks like Ludford has done his job last week and gets a rest this week. On the bench with Oscar Thomas now starting at fullback in his place. Jakey Brennan earns a start this week as well in place of Cook. The big in for Rangers is Pat L.A – adds a lot at the back. Hopefully he’s fit. Still, I’m tipping a South win today. They look good, strong, fast.


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