Slice of Cheese

Taroona v University


Full Time: Taroona 8-1 University

Scorers- Taroona- Hulton 3, Ayton 2, Horgan, Blackwood Coyle, Uni- Young

Well Taroona had no problems breaking down the University defence this time around, they were far too strong and have made an early statement of intent in the Super League with a dominant performance here. Their playmakers Ayton and Horgan were instrumental in the win whilst Lily Hulton was clinical up top and scored the first three goals of the game. University will be disappointed to have been broken down so easily and will want to bounce back quickly.

HALF TIME: Taroona 2-0 University

Lily Hulton has scored a brace for Taroona and they lead 2-0 at the break. Taroona have been on top in general play and looked the more likely side throughout the contest.

Welcome to Kelvedon Park as Taroona and University kick off their PFD Women’s Super League seasons. Taroona will enter as favourites at home but University utterly stone walled them when they met in the Summer Cup on their way to a 2-0 win. Can Taroona find a way through them this time?


Taroona- Ayton, Ayton, Birch, Blackwood-Coyle, Dick, Horgan, Hutlon, Ottavi, Painter, Parsell, Raymond- Subs- Bremner, Cruickshank, Kallonen, Parish

University-Bowditch, Dandolo, Dunstan, George, Hart, Hoystead, Lucas, Macgregor, Matthew, Riddell, Young- Subs-Rafael, Fraser, Young

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