Slice of Cheese

University v Hobart Zebras (WSL)

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time Hobart Zebras 8-2 University! The Ladder leaders do it comfortably, University dug in for a while in the second half and put in an improved showing before the Zebras ran over the top of the game and made the score line reflect the balance of play over the full 90 minutes.

88′ GOAL! 8-2! Zebras making it more emphatic now, Kannegiesser again, hits one at Lucas who probably should have done better, squeezes through her and into the back of the net. 

85′ Shot on! Harris gets around a couple of defenders and works it to Moate who is denied by Lucas.

83′ GOAL! 7-2 Kannegiesser, jinks around a defender with a nice piece of skill before drilling one near post, Lucas gets a big piece of it, but it deflects off the post and in. 

79′ GOAL! 6-2 Again the Zebras answer back in a hurry. Harris splits the defence and releases Moate who runs in on goal and blasts home from close range. 

76′ GOAL! 5-2! The Students pull back another. A corner is repelled but played back in to the feet of Cropp, she does well drawing multiple defenders and works it to Reid Clarke who guides it home. 

SUB- Orlowski comes on for Delaney.

72′ Shot off! Kannegiesser smashes one with real power from outside the box, but it flies over the top.

SUB- Uni put Lucas in goals and sub off Norton and Van Beek for Refaei and Reid Clarke.

61′ The Zebras come close as multiple shots get blocked in the box. Now a stoppage as Norton appears to have been hit in the face and is the worse for wear as a result.

61′ Sub- Morris replaced by Moate

60′ GOAL! 5-1! And Zebras respond immediately, the keeper misplaces a pass out from the back and Allie Berry sends it back from whence it came and in the back of the net. 

59! GOAL! 4-1! University pull one back, some sustained pressure pays off and Macgregor picks out the corner with a fine effort from distance.

57′ SUB- Mason replaced by Harris.

56′ Norton threads a fine pass through to Duncombe, she releases Young who carries it into the box before having her shot blocked behind by Delaney.

53′ A long ball over the top from Kannegiesser leads to a foot race between the keeper and Morris, Van Beek gets there first and hammers it away.

46′ Back underway in the second half.

HALF TIME University 4-0 Zebras

All one way traffic here so far, if not for some profligacy and some good goalkeeping it could very well be even more than the 4-0 margin it is.  

42′ Shot on! Georgia Burt has a shy from range and a scrambling Van Beek claws it out of the bottom corner.

37′ Shot off! Morris with a wonderful cross for Kannegiesser who can’t redirect it on target from close range.

36′ Shot off! Mason gets forward and puts in a good cross to pick out Kannegiesser, she controls on the chest before hammering it over the bar

33′ GOAL! 4-0! Not this time though, Bowden given time and space at the top of the box and she picks out the bottom corner to perfection. 

32′ Shot on! Bowden tries from range but unlike her goal, this one lacks power and is a simple save.

31′ Shot on! Uni have their first chance, Cropp nods it forward to run onto, she fires off a shot but Denholm makes the block with her legs.

30′ Shot on! Kannegiesser from range, but it has no power and rolls to the kkeeper.

29′ Shot off! Morris has a chance at the back post but hits a tame effort wide.

28′ Berry steals the ball then unleashes a powerful hit from 25 yards but it’s straight at the keeper and Van Beek shows a safe pair of hands.

24′ GOAL! 3-0! Again Uni get sliced apart at the back. Kannegiesser outpaces Lucas, runs into the box and then plays it the back post, might have been a shot, but turns out to be a perfect cross for Morris to tap home. 

22′ Save! Van Beek makes another save 1 on 1 against Morris who got on the end of a lofted through ball and ran in on goal. Uni’s keeper is doing well so far but is not being helped out by her defence.

20′ Shot off! Kannegiesser seizes on a turn over at the back, sprints in on goal and puts it past the post.

18′ GOAL! 2-0! Some nice interplay at the top of the box between Burt, Berry and finally Bowden who smashes a drive. A diving Van Beek gets a hand to it at full stretch, but can’t quite keep it out. 

12′ Van Beek comes flying off her line and just gets to it before Kannegiesser, a tough collision between the two but both are quickly back their feet.

11′ Riddell with a nice piece of defending, stayed stride for stride with a surging Allie Berry who tore from the right wing into the box but saw it taken away from her at the last moment.

10′ O Brien releases Mason down the right, after a storming run her cross is blocked, but straight back to her and she shoots from the angle but just puts it wide.

6′ Shot off! Berry tries her luck from range but floats it over the bar.

4′ GOAL! 1-0! O’Brien taps one in at the back post, Berry slid one across the face after skipping around a defender and O’Brien was unmarked. Very soft defending though, all too easy. 

2′ SAVE! Van Beek comes up in big in the opening moments to deny Morris. Berry played her through with a wonderful through ball but the keeper made herself big and made the stop.

1′ Kick off, we’re underway at Olinda Grove


University- Van Beek(GK) Cropp, Duncombe, Dunstan, Hoystead, Lucas, Macgregor, Norton, Riddell, O.Young, S.Young. SUBS- Easton, Fraser, Refaei, Reid-Clarke

Zebras- Denholm (GK) Berry, Bowden, Burt, Delaney, Kannegiesser, Mason, Morris, Nellis, O’Brien, Undy. SUBS- Orlowski, Mcdonald, Moate, Harris

Good afternoon, welcome to this Easter Sunday Super League clash between ladder leading Hobart Zebras and University, Andrew Cooling blogging this one for you. The Students have not had the start they would have wanted this season and need to stabilise their defence if they are any chance of causing a boil over against a red hot Zebras side who have swept all before them so far this season. They will likely look to sit back and try absorb the pressure then look to hit them on the break with their stars in Young and Cropp. Zebras meanwhile will presumably play their usual possession based game, looking to control things from the midfield.


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