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2019 Refereeing A-Panel Announced

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The Refereeing Technical Committee has announced the A-Panel of officials for the 2019 season.

Those selected for the A Panel will take charge of the NPL / WSL games but will also be appearing across all competitions in the state depending the requirements by the Technical committee.

The list has expanded this year from 6 officials to 9, with Thomas Mace, Monty Piesse and James Hamilton all earning promotion to the panel, where they will join Nathan Coad, Brenton Kopra, Josh McInerney, Tony Peart, Stratos Plomaritis and Charles White.

Referee Development Manager Tony Peart congratulated those selected and said they had all earned their places on the Panel via their performances.

“As leading Referee’s in the state we look forward to some excellent performances from the group in 2019. The RTC believe we are in good hands for the year ahead and have every confidence in the named group.

He said that the youthful looking panel was exciting for the future of refereeing.

“It is a fairly young group of officials on the whole, which is exciting for the future of officiating in the state. It’s great to see some new faces in there with James, Monty and Thomas all ascending. Their commitment has been first class and they have really earned their spots.”

2019 Referee A-Panel 

Nathan Coad

James Hamilton

Brenton Kopra

Josh McInerney

Tony Peart

Thomas Mace

Monty Piesse

Stratos Plomaritis

Charles White

A future A-Panel ref in the making- Solstice Photography