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Bass Strait Cup: Live Updates

Victoria win 6-5 on penalties (2-2 Full Time)

 Shots On
 Shots Off

So Victoria retain the Bass Strait cup after a penalty shoot out, a good effort from the Tasmanian side who probably had the better of the game but just couldn’t convert their early dominance into goals. A more clinical second half had them on track but they come up just short, falling in the shootout.

Penalty Round #6 Burt is next up and the Zebras midfielder is saved by Fonua! 5-5, next kick from Richardson could win it. She does win it! Strokes it home and Victoria win 6-5 on penalties!

Penalty Round #5- Medwin steps up and picks out the top corner, 5-4! Lorca has to score, and she duly does! 5-5!

Penalty Round #4- Williams is unflinching as she picks out the bottom corner, 4-3 Tassie! Coppock next up, and she rolls it home bottom left! 4-4! Sudden death from now on!

Penalty Round #3 Lucy Johnson shows no nerves and makes it 3-2! Greiser does likewise for Victoria! 3-3! Both sides still perfect.

Penalty Round #2 Adelyn Ayton the next up and she confidently strokes it home! 2-1! Anthony then responds by making it 2-2 with a well placed shot.

Penalty Round #1 Olivia Edwards steps up first for Tasmania… and places it perfectly into the side netting, 1-0. Sumner up to respond for Victoria, she mirrors it, 1-1 after 1 round!

Full Time: Into penalties we head!

90+1′ Shot on! A late chance for Coppock, but her shot is blocked which takes the power out of it and it floats into the arms of Garnder.

90′ Into stoppage time now, penalty kicks looming unless there is a very late twist.

Victoria finishing the stronger side and doing the bulk of the attacking as the game creeps towards penalties, a double sub from Tasmania seess Edwards and Ayton coming on, presumably to take penalty kicks.

85′ Shot off! Roberts pounces on an underhit clearance and smashes one but it is always rising and flies over the top.

81′ A questionable free kick decision earns the ire of Tasmanian coach Michael Edwards who apparently said something not to the referees liking and he is sent from the technical area.

77′ Medwin crosses for Johnson who fires one goalward but it’s blocked behind for a corner, into the final 15 minutes. If we’re still tied after 90 the game will head straight into a penalty shoot out.

69′ GOAL! 2-2! Victoria level it up from the corner, Komijat rises from the Lorca corner and thumps the header home!

62′ Injury seems to have ended Olivia Edwards day who has pulled up short and limps off. A double change is made, Edwards and Williams for Burt and Johnson.

59′ GOAL!!! 2-1! Williams! Ayton sends it in for Wiliams who expertly places it home with a first time finish! Tassie have started converting their chances and turned this game around.

52′ GOAL!! 1-1!!! Edwards draws Tasmania level! She belts a free kick into the bottom corner of the net. 

46′ Back underway for the second half

So half time and Victoria lead this game 1-0 despite Tasmania being largely in control of the game and creating a host of chances, but they have not been able to find a way past Fonua. A luckless first 45 from the visitors. 

45+2′ Shot on! Williams again denied by the inspired Fonua who makes a sharp stop to deny her effort after she had snuck in behind.

37′ Mason comes on for Gee.

36′ Crossbar! So close to a leveller for Tassie! Williams smashing a shot that Fonua got a palm to, deflected it onto the crossbar and it bounces on the line but stays out!

32′ Slice of Cheese! Edwards with a bit too much to say in her protestations that Bygrave deserved a free kick and into the book she goes.

32′ The second of the three subs for the half is made as Adelyn Ayton comes on for Burt.

30′ Shot on! A double chance for Victoria from a corner but Gardner ends up making the stop at the near post.

26′ Edwards shuffles his deck and brings on Kannegiesser for Johnson.

25′ Shot off! Bygrave passes to Medwin who had bombed on down the left and she unleashes a drive that flies over the crossbar.

22′ Shot on! Bygrave again from distance, and again Fonua shows a strong pair of hands to deny her.

20′ GOAL! 1-0! Victoria! Richardson’s ball into the box deflects off Medwin and past the keeper for an own goal, just like that the Vics have taken the lead completely against the run of play!

Tasmania have started positively and have had the better of the game and all of the chances thus far, the heat could be a telling factor later in the game so they will want to capitalise on this early spell and put it on the scoreboard.

18′ Shot off! Holly Ayton bombing forwards and after an initial shot was blocked behind for a corner, she has another effort moments later, but this time it’s well wide.

11′ Shot on! Edwards feels Fonua has handled the ball outside the box as she rushed out to punch away an her effort as she raced in on goal, the referee say’s it’s inside though and it goes behind for a corner.

10′ Shot on! Storay’s blocked shot falls into the path of Bygrave who smashes one from distance but again it’s comfortable for Fonua

8′ Shot on! Johnson fires one straight at the keeper after some nice build up play from Storay, Tasmania starting positively.

5′ No chances for either side yet, both sides probing and looking to get their passing games going.

1′ Underway at the Venoto Club

Teams are in and for Tasmania it’s Inocent Michael who gets the nod as the second centre back and will partner Holly Ayton in defence. Gee and Medwin the fullbacks in front of Gardner.  The captain Bygrave anchors the midfield with her Launceston City teammate Caitlin Storay joined by Georgia Burt in a midfield three. Williams leads the line with Edwards and Johnson flanking her in attack. Each side is allowed 3 interchanges in the first half.

Tasmania take on Victoria in the 4th edition of the Bass Strait. After claiming the inaugural edition back in 2013 it has been a pretty decisive pair of wins for the Vic’s in the past 2 years, can the Tasmanian’s turn the tide? Or will it be three in a row for the mainlanders, follow the live updates from 3:o0pm to find out.


Tasmania: Olivia Gardner, Izzie Gee, Inocent Michael, Holly Ayton, Aimee Medwin, Beth Bygrave, Caitlin Storay, Georgia Burt, Lucy Johnson, Olivia Edwards, Jesse Williams, SUBS: Kayla Mason, Alyssa Bowden, Danielle Kannegiesser, Adelyn Ayton

Victoria: Aneta Komijat, Sarah Richardson, Sarah Sumner, Christine Fonua, Emily Coppock, Marianna Anthony, Lisa Fonu, Emma Robers, Milla Jowett , Sarah Lorca, Savanna Anastasopoulos, SUBS: Lujeyn Al-Huneidi, Caitlin Greiser,  Elly Torre, Daniella Galluccio,  Alycia Eicke


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