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Brown/Chambers Claim Top Gongs

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Two of the brightest young prospects in the state walked away with the major prizes from the Veto Southern Awards Night as Callum Brown and Madison Chambers took out the Veto Southern Championship Best and Fairest awards.

The Golden Boot winner for the competition, Brown claimed the Vic Tuting medal by a comfortable 4 votes from his Knights teammate Jonathan Ladic, in a tie for second place with Hobart United’s striker Riak Dhieu on 18 votes. Hobart United were well represented in the top five, with Jai David coming in fourth and Beachside’s Henry Fagg rounding out the top five.

In the Women’s count, it was a narrow affair with Olympia’s Madison Chambers edging out Taroona’s Mia Fujiura by a single vote to claim the top prize at the tender age of 16. Janaya Moate of Hobart Zebras came in third place ahead of South Hobart’s Charlotte Ingram. Despite storming to the Golden Boot, Olympia’s Bonnie Davies polled just the 13 votes and finished in fifth place.

In other counts, Matthew Pace of Hobart Zebras may have been pipped for the Challege League Golden Boot, by Jonathan Mulungula on the final day of the season, but the Zebras attacker turned the tables in the vote count, finishing 2 votes clear on top. Whilst Shae Hickey proved class is permanent by streeting the field in the Championship 1 vote count, winning by 5 votes from Jade Clay.

The match officials were recognised for their work, with Alistair Cooke voted by the coaches and referee technical committee as the Southern Referee of the Year, whilst Brentyn Muir was adjudged the best up and comer, winning the young referee of the year award.

There were surprises in the Coach of the Year voting, with New Town eagles boss Andrew Leszczynski adjudged by his peers to have done the best job in the Men’s Championship, whilst Kingborough’s Martin Dunnington took out the Women’s Coach of the Year award.

Best and Fairest Standings

Challenge League Best and Fairest:

Place-Olaf Conforti 16 Votes (Hobart Zebras) 16 Votes

Place- Pajari Sculthorpe (South Hobart) 16 Votes

3rd Place- Keenan Douce (South Hobart) 16 Votes

2nd Place Jonathan Mulungula (Olympia) 19 Votes

1st  Place- Matthew Pace (Hobart Zebras) 21 Votes


Men’s Southern Championship 1 Best and Fairest:

5th Place, 12 Votes- Adam Shackloth (New Town Eagles)

4th Place, 13 Votes- Max Mcqueeny (University)

3rd Place, 14 Votes Joshua Dinjan (Glenorchy Knights)

2nd– Place, 16 Votes- Jade Clay (Glenorchy Knights)

1st Place, 21 Votes-  Shae Hickey (Beachside)


Women’s Southern Championship Best and Fairest:

5th 13 Votes Bonnie Davies (Olympia)

4th 14 Votes, Charlotte Ingram (South Hobart)

3rd– 15 Votes, Janaya Moate (Hobart Zebras)

2nd – 16 Votes, Mia Fujiura (Taroona)

1st Place- 17 Votes Madison Chambers (Olympia)


Men’s Southern Championship: Vic Tuting Medal

5th Place- 15 Votes- Henry Fagg (Beachside)

4th Place- 16 Votes- Jai David (Hobart United)

2nd, Place- 18 Votes- Riak Dhieu (Hobart United), Jonathan Ladic (Glenorchy Knights)

1st Place- 22 Votes Callum Brown (Glenorchy Knights)


Award Winners

Women’s Championship 1 White: Golden Boot: Marian Greeley (Southern FC)

Women’s Southern Championship 1 Red: Golden Boot: Serkalem Mulu (Glenorchy Knights)

Challenge League Golden Boot: Jonathan Mulungula (Olympia Warriors)

Women’s Southern Championship Best and Fairest: Bonnie Davies (Olympia Warriors)

Men’s Southern Championship 1 Golden Boot: Rowan Heggie (Glenorchy Knights)

Men’s Southern Championship Golden Boot: Callum Brown (Glenorchy Knights)

Southern Men’s Coach of the Year: Andrew Leszczynski (New Town Eagles)

Southern Women’s Coach of the Year- Martin Dunnington (Kingborough Lions)

Young Referee of the Year- Brentyn Muir

Referee of the Year- Alistair Cooke

Images From Solstice Photography