Slice of Cheese

Djakic Downs Clarence At The Death

An 89th-minute goal by Phoebe Djakic broke the deadlock between South Hobart and Clarence, winning the match for the South Hobart. Despite the entertaining nature of the first half, both teams went to the sheds goalless. Neither could find what was clearly needed to see the ball into the back of the net in the tight contest. South Hobart came out the more confident of the sides in the second half, however Clarence locked them out of the penalty area. Whilst Clarence looked threatening off the break, with the final ten minutes of the match appearing to be falling Clarence’s way as the game once again opened up for end to end action. However, it wasn’t meant to be for Clarence, as South Hobart dug deep and Djakic found the lone goal of the match with a minute left in regulation time. 

The first half saw plenty of action. Both sides clearly showed their intent to come out early and get a goal to settle the nerves. Unfortunately for both, the search for goals was fruitless. Clarence demonstrated their creativity early on, linking up their midfield and attack well, plus the additional threat of Emily Grzinic carrying the ball down the right flank, which seemed to cause some trouble for the South side. Mady O’Brien both created and had some early chances, with a strong shot on the corner of the penalty area coming close, and a dangerous corner to three Clarence players who just were unable to angle themselves appropriately to put the ball away.

It wasn’t all one way traffic in the first half, whilst Clarence controlled spells, South in turn found their feet as the game wore on. Unfortunately for South, despite some good movement, they were restricted to purely hopeful shooting in the first half, either winding up off target or never really challenging the Clarence goalkeeper. Moments before the whistle, South created their best opportunity. South finally found the ball they’d been searching for, one that found the gap in the defence to put through Niki Moutsatsos in the penalty area. It was only through some quality goalkeeping the shot was blocked and the second effort from the rebound got a deflection putting it out for a corner.

In comparison to the slow first half for South, there was no issue finding their gears at the beginning of the second. Isabella Ferrier put a couple of early shots in, and whilst they were ultimately fruitless the intention was clear. Credit to the Clarence defence, who held resolutely. In the 57th minute it looked like South had possibly found the key, outnumbering the Clarence defence, with momentum just outside the box. However the Clarence centre backs appeared unphased, doing what was needed to clear the ball and had Amelia Vanderniet in goals to tidy up the shot from the second ball by a South midfielder. Whilst there were some thrilling moments of skill on display by South, there just wasn’t the final ball to really pressure the Clarence goal, nor the finish from efforts outside the box.

After South had controlled much of the second half, Clarence were looking increasingly threatening on the counter. The pressure to find a goal for South meant as the game got to the last 10 minutes play was opened right up, with both sides transitioning quickly in attack trying to catch the other with too many players forward. Clarence’s best chance of the half came in the dying stages, when Jessica Downham got on the end of a second ball, after South had cleared the initial counter. Downham had plenty of space, looked to chip the goalkeeper who was just off her line, and the shot looked good, but unfortunately was mere centimetres off as it hit the crossbar.

Big moments need big players and composed finishers, and South Hobart found that once again through the outstanding Phoebe Djakic. Clarence had pushed for a goal by moving their centre back, Jessica Newell, up forward. Unfortunately this was to their own peril. South got on the attack, as Eliane Fader put an initial shot in on goal from a tight angle. Vanderniet was up to the challenge and palmed the ball away from goal. Waiting for the palmed ball was Djakic, in the box, without Newell, who had contained her well, till being pushed forward. Djakic made no mistake from the second effort, and hit the ball into the bottom right hand corner of the goal, out of reach from Vanderniet.

In a match that appeared destined to end up goalless, and both sides putting in efforts worthy of sharing the points, South Hobart came away victors, stealing the win right at the death.