Slice of Cheese

Five Star Pirates Sink South

On a cold winter night, Taroona made no doubt of who would be the victors, putting away five goals against South Hobart in a dominant display to run out 5-0 victors. After scoring early on, the Pirates consolidated their lead by halftime with another goal, although the first half did see South threatening at times, even if they were shut out of the box by a disciplined back line. It was a much more even contest than the second half would prove. After halftime, Taroona showed no mercy, scoring three goals in the space of an eight-minute period and dominating the game, with the South Hobart attackers left isolated and the ball struggling to get beyond the halfway line with the Pirates in complete control.

Whilst there was little heat being brought on by the weather, there was plenty of heat on the pitch from the start. From the kick-off, Taroona tried to put South on the back foot by flying down the right flank and cutting the ball back across the box. South immediately replied, dealing with the situation and in turn sending the ball down the left flank, and whilst there was potential for a counter-attacking goal, no midfielder was on hand to put the effort away. There wasn’t long to wait for the breakthrough, however, as in just the 4th minute, Taroona found the opener. Again bombing down the right flank, the cross came into the box where Sophie Booth was waiting to apply the finish and open up the scoring for the night.

South Hobart tried to rally after conceding early, with Eliane Fader and Phoebe Djakic combining well throughout the first half. However, Taroona had their number the whole way through, dropping deep early, allowing no one to get in behind their defence. To dampen the efforts of South, Taroona continued to press the South defence and wreak havoc down the flanks, especially with the combination of Lily Hulton and Lisa Bremner up front. In the 21st minute, the duo combined for the game’s second goal. Hulton was the provider, feeding the ball into Bremner who had time and space to put the ball into the back of the net. Whilst both sides continued to threaten, it was Taroona looking the more dominant and leading 2-0 at the break. 

A double substitution at half time for South Hobart did the side no favours. Having taken off their chief creator in Fader, Djakic wound up looking isolated all half, simply unable to get the ball without three players quickly pouncing to rob her of it. Taroona, on the other hand, came out and truly grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck. In the 54th minute, Taroona were truly able to kick off, their patience finally reaping dividends.

Finally Hulton found success in front of goal, having found the space inside her defender and turning with ease having received the ball at the top of the box, Hulton hit the ball into the top right hand corner, leaving South goalkeeper, Margot Johnston, with no chance of getting fingers to the shot.

Taroona didn’t let South catch their breath, as two minutes later Bremner capitalised on Johnston being slightly off her line, chipping the goalkeeper to get her second for the night and Taroona’s fourth.

Even with two quick goals, Taroona still searched for another. After a number of corners throughout the night, Taroona were finally able to capitalise on one. A well taken corner, saw Melinda Minstrell getting on the end of it. There was a bit of chaos on the goal line, as Johnston got her hands on the ball, but her momentum was carrying her backwards, and the referee clearly signaled that the ball went over the line in this process. 

Whilst no more goals were found, Taroona still searched for them and pushed hard for a sixth. Meanwhile South Hobart found the occasional opportunity as the game wound down, but were really limited to the rare shot from distance that never really looked dangerous. The final score, a comfortable 5-0 win for Taroona and one of their best performances of the season. 

No doubt the best team won on the night. Taroona had South Hobart’s number from the kick off. Once the sting of South Hobart’s attack wore off after half time, Taroona contained the young side with ease and discipline. Meanwhile, an onlooker would be fooled into forgetting the game was so late in the evening with how fresh Taroona looked in their play, combining pace, patience and no fear of taking a shot all proving too much for South Hobart.