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LIVE: Super League Promotion Game

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

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Full Time: University 0 – 6 Olympia

93′ Burley with a shot, going for the near post but Allanby has it covered putting it out for the corner.

90′ SUB: UNI ON Ward OFF S. Young

Addition time of two minutes to the game

87′ SUB: OLYMPIA ON Flack OFF Michael

87′ Black turning with the ball after receiving the ball from a corner, but it goes over the post.

84′ Save! George does well saving a shot aiming for the top post that was fired off from Russell

83′ SUB: OLYMPIA ON Cure, Mamic OFF Quin, Puli

81′ Chambers down the left flank, puts in a dangerous cross but Crawford just can’t find the connection.

78′ Michael cuts inside and fires off a shot, but George pulls off an unconventional save to collect the ball.

73′ Sub: UNI OFF Muir ON Lovell

72′ A free kick goes to Olympia in a similar position to where they got their first goal. Bomford steps up for the shot, but it goes over the bar.

70′ GOAL! Davies receives a ball in behind the defence, off a brilliant ball from Crawford. Davies keeps her calm and slots the ball into the bottom corner. University 0 – 6 Olympia

68′ Sub: OLYMPIA OFF Williams ON Russell

67′ Crawford pulls it back for Bomford to take a shot, but George again with the save

61′ GOAL! Michael gets her second of the game, finding the ball in the box after a corner was worked into the box. The initial shot blocked but makes no mistake of the second chance. University 0 – 5 Olympia

60′ SUB: UNI OFF Fraser ON Refaei

59′ Williams hits a good strike into the far corner, but George pulls out a quality save to put it out for a corner. Off the corner George again is up to the task and saves the shot aiming for the near corner.

56′ Uni with the break through Young and Muir, but quickly turned over again.

49′ GOAL! Worked in from a corner, the combinations pick apart the Uni defence, Michael with the final finish to get the goal. University 0 – 4 Olympia

46′ GOAL! Williams finds space at the top of the box to pull off a strike, which finds the back of the net. University 0 – 3 Olympia

Back for the second half, Uni starting with the ball

Half Time: University 0 – 2 Olympia

46′ Save! George pulls out two brilliant saves in quick succession Olympia bomb down the left flank.

45′ Bomford pulls out the tricks and a shot, but without too much power or direction, George is unchallenged collecting the ball.

40′ Chambers takes a hit on a tight angle, gets close but goes just wide

39′ Davies and Chambers link up to put the ball in for Michael, whose run in the box is threatening but George is quick off her goal and blocks the chance.

36′ GOAL! Davies gets onto the end of Chambers cross to bury it into the back of the net. University 0 – 2 Olympia

35′ GOAL! Bomford curls the set piece, over the wall and into the top corner to give her side the lead. University 0 – 1 Olympia

34′ Uni concede a foul in a dangerous area

34′ Bowditch with a massive challenge in the box to win the ball off Davies who was in on goal.

33′ Michael turns the defender and takes a shot, but too much power and it goes over the goal.

32′ Bomford shoots, but again Leon is there to block the shot.

31′ Chambers fires off a shot, but blocked by Leon

30′ George picks up the ball after Davies works down the left flank and puts a cross in, but no conviction from the forwards in the box as the ball dawdles to the keeper.

27′ Michaels gets the ball in the box, after some combinations between the Olympia forwards, but the resulting shot goes wide of the goal

26′ Goal saving tackle by Tadros, winning the ball in the box. Uni look to break quickly but Olympia soon get the turn over and have the ball once again.

24′ A teasing cross by Williams, floats across the box but doesn’t get the touch it was begging for.

23′ A freekick looking to be curled into the goals is caught by George.

22′ Bomford goes for a run with the ball into the box, but is surrounded by Uni players who win the ball amid a claim at a foul.

21′ A deep free kick directed to the left flank for Chambers, it bounces awkwardly for Uni fullback, Fraser, for Chambers to get a sniff, but Bowditch clears in the end

17′ Olympia with the break, as Davies carries the ball out running at the Uni defence. Chambers at the end of the attack but Fraser deals with the threat, getting it out for a corner

16′ Uni with the break, Young looking to run with the ball but Leszcynski clears.

15′ Bomford receives the ball in space at the top of the box, takes a one touch shot but goes well over the post

13′ Olympia earn a free kick in a good position. They pump in a cross, which finds an Olympia head but George catches the shot

12′ Michael’s finds Bomford with space in the box, but skies the shot

8′ Save! George with a quality save up high, with Michael’s turning in the box firing a shot off.

7′ Ball in behind the defence by Bomford, sees Chambers in, but the angle is too wide and the Uni defence recovers.

6′ Slight miscommunication in the back for Olympia sees Muir nearly get the break on a counter, with Uni gaining some miles up the park leading to their first chance up that side of the pitch.

5′ Davies uses her pace down the right flank to put it in for Michael, who is heavily marked, winding up with a corner

4′ Uni soaking up a lot of play here as Olympia have held the majority of possession so far this half, being patient and passing the ball in search of gaps.

1′ Davies straight from the kick off, runs down the guts of the field and takes a hit from range, but the cross come shot doesn’t pull off.

We’re underway for the play off game. Strong wind going up the park. Olympia with the kick off as Uni take the wind behind them for the first half.