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Northern Awards Night Winners

Men’s Northern Championship

Golden Boot: Aidan Rigby (Launceston United)

George Dale Medal: Todd Hingston (Somerset)

2nd, Daniel Syson (Devonport)

3rd Aidan Rigby (Launceston United)

4th Timothy Read (Ulverstone)

5th Christopher Budgeon (Launceston Utd)


Women’s Northern Championship

Golden Boot: Emma Langley

Best and Fairest: Emily Heazlewood

2nd– Emma Langley (Northern Rangers)

3rd– Melanie Smith (Somerset)

4th  Georgia Burley (Devonport)

5th Sheena Rawlinson (Riverside)

Emma Langley claimed the Golden Boot- Solstice Photography

Men’s Northern Championship 1

Golden Boot: Kym Ellery (Ulverstone)

Best and Fairest: Marshall Pooley (Northern Rangers)

2nd Joshua Duncan (Launceston City)

3rd Kym Ellery (Ulverstone)

4th Nicholas Goodwin (Launceston City)

5th Grant Ashdown (Devonport)

Northern Under 18’s

Golden Boot: Darlyton Echetama (Launceston United)

Best and Fairest: Christian Byard (Burnie United)

2nd– Fahim Moradi (Launceston United)

3rd Yak Koryom (Launceston City)

4th Lukas Souter (Riverside)

5th Darlyton Echetama (Launceston United)

Darlyton Echetama claimed the Golden Boot in the Under 18’s- Solstice Photography

Young Northern Referee of the Year: Nathan Brain

Northern Referee of the Year: Nathan Brain

Nathan Brain took out both Northern Referee awards- Solstice Photography

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