Slice of Cheese


Solstice Photography

GK- Niko Giantsopoulos (Launceston City)

Produced one of the saves of the season and put in a fine performance as his side secured a huge road win over Zebras.

RB- Eddie Bidwell (Devonport)

Full of energy as always, charging down the right flank and got things started with his assist of Jackson.

CB- Lindsay Millington (Launceston City)

A pillar in defence, absolutely enormous effort and one filled with goal saving efforts.

CB- Alexander Markaj (Hobart Zebras)

The brother can play! Alexander showed himself to be the real deal, stroking some sublime long diagonals and defending well before ending the game with a broken jaw.

LB-Alex Turner (Launceston City)

Jayden Hey looked like he was set to be the match winner as he stormed in behind the lines frequently before Turner was shifted across to curtail his influence.

CM- Eduardo Castaneda (Olympia)

Busy in midfield and kept the Warriors engine room running nicely, stepped up in a big way in the second half.

CM- Jack Turner (South Hobart)

Scored one and assisted another as Turner was back to his best, imposing himself on the contest and powering his side to victory.

AM- Michael Holden (Devonport)

Buzzed about the pitch and was always making things happen. A high energy performance that saw him creating a host of chances.

RW- Warren Wadawu (Olympia)

An element of fortune to his first goal as a clearance deflected off him and in, but his second was a stunner, somehow scoring the free kick from the impossible angle.

LW- Renato De Vecchi Marins (South Hobart)

A livewire up front once again with his mazy dribbling skills causing problems and eventually leading to a crucial goal.

ST- Noah Mies (Launceston City)

An emphatic finish for his first goal whilst his second was pure audacity. His coach may have wanted him to stay in the corner, but his decision not to led to one of the best solo goals you’ll see.