Slice of Cheese

Clarence v Hobart Zebras


Saturday 25 August, 8:00pm

Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb

 Shots On
 Shots Off


93′ Full Time: Hobart Zebras 6 defeat Clarence United 3

92′ Freekick Reds

90′ Cheese! Palmer picks up somw cheddar and gifts the Zebras a free-kick 

90′ Burt forces a good save from Dyson

88′ A shot just wide from Dillon

86′ O’Neil with plenty of time to move and cross

84′ Goal Zebras! Dillon takes a good touch and scores, the score is now 6-3

83′ Clarence with a great chance, however a Zebras is fouled

83′ Dyson comes out to meet Pace, denying another goal

81′ Clarence win a corner after a great Lange cross found Stuart, with Stuart hitting just wide

80′ Substitute Zebras, Walsh off for Pace

80′ Kanegiesser with a great chance

79′ Palmer finds Lange who whips in a dangerous ball

76’Substitute’s for the Reds, Snell and Randall off for Houstl and Smith

76′ Goal Zebras! Skelnar finishes a great cross to put the Zebras 5-3 up

75′ Conforti plays it straight to Dysin

74′ Lange with a great ball to Snell, Snell cuts in and almost scores

72′ Substitute for the Zebras, Burt coming in for Muller

70′ A stoppage in play as Palmer and Muller clash heads

69’Dillon with a curling sjot, just over the bar

67′ Harry Lange with a great cross to Adam Hedge, Hedges header goes just over the bar

67′ Mayhem in the box as Clarence call for a penalty

67′ Stuart with a great switch to Lange, Lange winsa corner

65′ The Zebras win a frekick, a very dangerous area, falls straight to Dyson

63′ Goal Zebras! Van Doorne puts the Zebras in front with a fantastic chip, the score is now 4-3 Zebras

62’Van Doorne with a great win of the ball from Stuart, countering well

61′ Dillon with a good run on the wing, the ball goes out

59′ Snell puts Stuart through

58′ Dyson cuts out a Zebras cross

57′ Walsh forces a sharp Dyson save

56′ The Zebras looking more dangerous now

54′ Sanders finds himself offside

53’Goal Zebras! Van Doorne finishes off a great build up from Sklenar and Dillon, the score is now 3-3

52′ A long Zebras throw sees Sanders hit just wide

50′ Sanders with a header across the face of goal almost going in, before Sklenar hit the crossbar, Zebras pushing for the equalizer

48′ Some great attacking play from the Zebras, Walsh hitting over the bar with time and space

47′ Dillon forces a Dyson save, another corner to the Zebs

46′ The Zebras win a corner, straight to Dyson

46′ Hatcher with a good win

45′ Second Half Underway

What a half of football. Clarence have put three past the Zebras, showing great want for the ball. Cody Snell has shown fantastic pace up front, scoring two, whilst Jake Stuart also got on the scoresheet. Overall a great first half from the Reds and they arguably should be in front by more. For the Zebras, it was Matt Sanders who scored both goals, a great finish from inside a crowded box and a penalty. The visitors will need to work hard in the second half, whilst Clarence need to maintain their effort. Hopefully the final 45 is as exciting as the first.

47′ Half Time, Clarence 3 leading Zebras 2

47′ Snell with another run, Kamara gathers

46′ The Reds win the ball back through Snell, he plays Stuart who hits over the bar, almost another Reds goal

46′ Snell fouls Markaj

45′ Hatcher finds Stuart wide

43′ Dillon with a cross going out for a goal kick

43′ Another offside for the Reds, Snell was almost through

42′ The ball hits the back of the net for the Reds, but the flag is raised

41′ Palmers free-kick forces a sharp save from Kamara, anither corner Clarence

41′ A counter attack for Clarence, Snell is brought down in the box but the referee shakes his head, corner Clarence

40′ Conforti whips one in, Hedge clears early

39′ Harry Lange with a great touch to beat his man from a Kanegiesser long ball

38′ Dillon with a good run, but Clarence hold him well

36′ The Reds win an attacking freekick

35’Goal Clarence! Paul Palmer whips in a great ball and Jake Stuart finishes it off, the score is now 3-2 Clarence 

35′ Clarencr win a free-kick in response to the Zebras

34′ Sklenar is brought down, another dangerous freekick to the Zebras

33′ Jeremy Price with a foul, gifting the zebras a free-kick

31′ Palmers free-kick curls into the box, almost bouncing over Kamara’s head

30′ Randall with a good win of the ball, and draws the foul

30′ Lange and Kanegiesser combine well

29′ Palmer finds space to shoot, his shot is deflected well

29′ Freekick Clarence

28′ Free-kick Zebras, played short

26′ Sanders with a shot on target

26′ Adam Hedge with a sublime turn and pass to Dyson

26′ The Zebras are offside from the freekick

25′ Another foul from the Reds, Zebras free-kick

24′ Jono O’Neil rises highest again, headkng just wide for the Reds

23′ Another corner to the Reds after some good build up play

21′ O’Neil with the header, going wide of the goal

21′ Corner Clarence

20′ Cody Snell shows pace again, hitting the crossbar and very nearly putting his side back ahead

18′ Goal Zebras! Sanders slots from the spot, the score is now 2-2

17′ Penalty! Walsh’s cross hits the hand of a defender 

16′ Free-kick Zebras

15′ Goal Zebras! Matt Sanders gets one bacl for the visitors with a good finish 

13′ Goal Clarence! Cody Snell with anither good finish, Clarence showing too much pace, the score is now 2-0

12′ Palmer brings down Sklenar, freekick Zebras

10′ Hatcher is through on goal for the reds, however hits it to the keeper, a golden opportunity gone for the reds, should’ve been 2-0

9′ The Zebras wina freekick in a dangerous spot, they have held plenty of possesion so far

6′ Dillon with a shot on, Dyson hits it over the bar, corner Zebras

5′ Markaj with a wayward pass, Clarence win it again

5′ Clarence win an attacking throw

4′ Conforti attempts a long ball, goes out for a goal kick

3′ Markaj lines up from distance, Randall closes well

2′ Walsh with a good ball in, Zebras corner

1’Goal! Cody Snell with a great run and finish, putting the Reds 1-0 up with 20 seconds played

1′ Kick Off – Delayed start 2:10pm

Clarence Team Sheet:

Hobart Zebras Teamsheet:

A big game here at Wentworth Park with Clarence hosting the Zebras. The last time these two met at this venue it was a a draw and hopefully the contest is equally tight today. For the Zebras a win today would see them move to third on the table, whilst Clarence are still searching for their first win.