Slice of Cheese

Clarence v Hobart Zebras (WSL)

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

Sunday 25 August, 2:00pm, Wentworth Park

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time: Clarence 0 – 0 Hobart Zebras

94′ Save! Vanderniet gets her hands on the ball out of the crowd of players crowding the  ball from a deep free kick taken by Bowden.

93′ The games scrappiness is coming to a tilt as the fouls are starting to stack up.

93′ Zebras moving the ball in front of the Clarence defensive line and earn themselves a free kick to the right side of the box. The kick taken by Burt goes just over the post.

91′ Clarence quickly counters, but Bowden does well to win the ball off an incoming Hall.

91′ Burt taking a long shot from distance, but isn’t enough to get past the goalkeeper.

90′ Kannegiesser puts Morris through, Morris touches the ball around her defender and puts in a stunning ball across the box. Vanderniet dives and misses, but the ball doesn’t find it’s way to the goal.

89′ Drop of the shoulder, turn and ball put through in behind the fullback by Nichols, but the ball just runs too far for Morris to get onto the end of.

87′ Slice of Cheese for Newell for a tough challenge on Nichols. The resulting free kick 30 yards out in front of goal.

85′ The ball makes its way to Nichols, who takes the shot in front of goal on the turn, but doesn’t find the power to get it past the keeper.

83′ Long ball over the top from the Clarence keeper sees it nearly land neatly for Hall, but Bowden proves the hungrier and gets it first.

83′ After Clarence have had a good spell in the middle of this half, Zebras are slowly playing their way back into this one.

82′ Calls from the Zebra bench see a change of personnel in the attack, putting centre back Undy up front and having Bowden drop deeper to defence.

76′ Clarence get the ball into the box, bouncing high, looking to chip the keeper, but Ponting reaches and gets both hands on the ball

74′ Hall puts the ball into the mixer from the left flank, Ponting looks to gather but it bounces off. Kearney too eager to get the second ball and is given a foul on the goalkeeper.

73′ Clarence with a free kick in a good area, to the left of the goal. O’Brien puts the ball in, players are there to attack it but Ponting deals with it, despite the ball bouncing

70′ Kannegiesser is released down the right flank, the cross in is good and gets past the keeper. Morris nearly gets on the end of it but is unbalanced, giving Vanderniet time to get the ball.

69′ SUB: Clarence OFF Davie ON Hall

65′ Johnstone works down the right flank, and the ball then makes it’s way across the middle and back out to O’Brien, who takes the hit from long distance, but doesn’t find the target.

63′ Long ball over the midfield by Undy, sees Nichols and Kannegiesser chase. Can’t make anything off it though as they are shut down early.

62′ Leg race between Grzinic and Gill, seemed like the forward had it but Gill puts in the effort and clears the ball first.

61′ O’Brien picks up the ball from a loose touch from a Zebras defender and Kearney nearly receives it on the edge of the box, but Ponting is off her line and gathers

59′ Clarence locking the Zebras in from the goal kick, and Gill winds up having to take, however Clarence are still pressing, with the Zebras unable to get it out of the defensive area.

58′ Both sides working the ball and getting it over the defence, but both keepers come off their line early to deal with the situation.

57′ Again dangerous back passes, but fortunately for the Zebras, Ponting clears despite Davie bearing down on her.

55′ Inches. Zebras press forward, with some good movement switches play over to Kannegiesser, who just misses the target.

54′ Save! Safe hands there by Ponting, who saves a thundering midffield shot by Downham

52′ A poor clearance from a back pass by the Zebras goalkeeper nearly sees Davie and Grzinic link up, but pulled back for offside. Zebras struggling to get the ball out of defence.

51′ Ball in behind the full back, sees Morris beat her defender and put in an early cross, but it’s to no one, ultimately going for a Clarence throw in.

50′ Morris released down the right flank, forces a dive from the cross, but the goalkeeper gets hands on it.

49  Davie presses Delaney, but the defender is able to get the ball away.

The weather has turned wild since about the 30 minute mark, but both teams are now back out on the park with the seagulls. Clarence with the kick off.

Half Time: Clarence 0 – 0 Zebras

45′ Zebras knocking at the door in the dying stages of this half, but can’t find something extra to get through on goal.

41′ Combination between Bowden and Nichols sees Bowden nearly put a good shot off, but a miskick gives Clarence the ball back to clear.

40′ Davie sees a long ball put through to her, but ultimately can’t bring it under control or make it past the Zebras centre backs.

37′ Long ball forward to Kearney sees Graham up to the challenge to clear the danger.

36′ The refs are consulting one another, and the result seems to be a warning to Gill.

34′ The ante has been up and the physicality of this game has just escalated as the rain is settling in.

33′ Grzinic with a run down the right flank, but hits the ball too long to see it run out for a goal kick.

32′ A long ball forward to Morris out of defence, sees Morris run half the length of the field to get a shot off, but can’t find the target.

30′ Clarence have found them found them selves having a spell going forward, finally wrestling the ball out of the midfield.

28′ Bowden puts Kannegiesser through but Wilson jockeys here out of the box, but Kannegiesser earns a free kick for the hard work. The resulting free kick is collected by Vanderneit.

24′ Berry nearly gets through but between Vanderniet is off her line early and O’Brien there to tidy it gets out.

23′ Heavy challenge on Bowden sees Zebras with a free kick in front of goal 30 yards out. Burt plays it into the mix of players, and Berries head meets it but can’t fid a target.

22′ Kannegiesser dodges a couple of players and lays it off for Burt who takes a crack at a good distance, but the ball doesn’t make it’s way down.

20′ The ball doggedly makes it’s way into the Clarence penalty box, but Vanderniet is off her line early

17′ Clarence get a free kick just outside the box, deep on the right flank. O’Brien lines it up with players in the box, hits it low and hard but Gill is there to get it out of the penalty area.

17′ Some really good build up play by Zebras, but Newell tidies it up.

11′ Zebras counter quickly and Nichols nearly puts Morris through but a dangerous back pass by Goss is cleared by the goalkeeper

11′ Off a free kick, Clarence link the ball up neatly across the middle of the park but O’Brien takes the shot early from deep and doesn’t cause any problems.

8′ Getting out of tight spaces, Kannegiesser slots the ball through to Nichols who takes a shot. The shot hits a corner but doesn’t trouble Vanderniet.

7′ Acrobatics by Nichols to try and keep the ball in, but throw ins are the order of the match so far, and the ball goes out of play.

6′ Midfield battle , Johnstone nearly puts a forward through behind the defence, but is called offside.

4′ Clarence move the ball forward and get the first corner of the match, Zebras clear the ball easily from the corner.

2′ Zebras pushing early, Clarence momentarily tried to counter but were stopped, now the Zebras have the ball again in attack

Zebras start with the kick off.