Slice of Cheese

Clarence v Hobart Zebras (WSL)

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time Clarence 0 – 2 Zebras

87″ Clarence have been throwing a bit forward in the dying stages of this game, but haven’t had much success so far, just not able to get into a good position to pull of a decent attempt at goal.

83″ A header off a Zebras free kick sees the ball come off the crossbar, the rebound landing at the feet of another Zebras player but misses.

75″ The ball has found its way back into the middle of the park. Both sides looking to create something but struggling to get any breakthroughs

65″ GOAL! Quickly the Zebras make a double, this time Monique Undy finally getting the better of a one on one with the keeper and putting it into the back of the net. Clarence 0 – 2 Zebras

65″ GOAL! Zebra’s Danielle Kannegiesser makes her mark, scoring the first of the game out of reach from the goalkeeper, after Caitlin Roberts forced the turn over and a quick transition. Clarence 0 – 1 Zebras

60″ Having just been subbed on, Danielle Kannegiesser is making herself known by creating a couple of chances, including getting a good shot off herself on one of them

50″ Both teams struggling to get a foothold early this half, with the ball spending a lot of time in the midfield. The odd opportunity is coming the Zebras way, but they remain unable to get anything to challenge the keeper.

We’re back for the second half

Half time Clarence 0 – 0 Zebras

42″ Off the crossbar! Some really nice combinations to break down the Clarence midfield and defence sees the instigator, Alyssa Bowden, take a crack, which hits the crossbar.

35″ Clarence’s defence is holding strong and staving off every attack the Zebras are throwing their way so far

30″ The ball has made the rounds to both ends of the park, but both sides still looking for the killer opportunity.

22″ SAVE! Vanderniet palms the ball over the bar, after Monique Undy gathered the ball, running through the middle of the park, passed it on to Sarah Morris who striked it with some power.

20″ Still neither side truly dominating. Both sides having some of the ball in the top third, but neither have been able to put too much pressure on the respective keepers.

17″ It’s going to be dangerous playing any back passes today, the first one for Zebras demonstrates this, with Clarence forward chasing down the ball and goalkeeper, Kacee Ponting doing well to deal with the situation.

10″ Both teams seeing plenty of the ball so far, with Zebras probably just inching it. Clarence are playing very direct when they have the ball, which seems to be working for them, whilst Zebras are looking to pull off some nice combinations through the middle of the field.

3″ Save! Amelia Vanderniet pulls out a reaching save to stop the ball from going into the bottom corner

We’ve got kick off, with Zebras starting with the ball

Today’s game is again one with strong winds. This time it’s swirly, often going across the pitch, so both sides will be up against it and likely find it difficult.