Slice of Cheese

Clarence v Kingborough (WSL)

Saturday 18/8, 2:00pm. Wentworth Park

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time: Clarence 0 – 0 Kingborough

90′ A throw in pass back to the thrower sees the ball pelted towards the goals, Gardner gets hands but fumbles, nearly in the path of an oncoming player but is quick enough to collect the ball.

87′ Last ditch defending with O’Brien thwarting an opportunity as the Lions had worked the ball in to Tatton in the box.

86′ Hickman finds Davis in the box, Davis turns her defender but doesn’t get enough composure to get the thundering shot on target.

85′ The Lions counter, with Tatton and Hickman linking up to get another shot off target.

84′ O’Brien takes a deep free kick, which is tantalisingly placed into the box, but can’t find the right touch to see it get on frame.

81′ Some nice combinations by the Lions, and link up between Tatton and Davis sees Tatton take a hit but unbalanced so can’t get it on target.

80′ SUB Kingborough OFF: James ON: Moore

79′ Last ditch defending by Newell, who stops Tatton who had beat the two players and looked about to take a shot.

76′ Saved! The penalty is hit by Davis right down the line, where Vanderniet remains there for the save.

75′ PENALTY! Handball in the box by a Clarence defender.

74′ The Lions counter quickly, with Tatton getting a shot, aiming for the top near post but Vanderniet palms it out for a corner.

74′ O’Brien plays a delightful ball in for Downham, but unfortunately it’s too heavy seeing it land in the path of the goalkeeper

73′ The pitch opened up for Hickman, who took the shot, keeping it low but ultimately within easy grasp of the keeper.

72′ Tatton and Hickman link up well, resulting in a cross which Davis gets a head on but is unable to get under it to direct the ball towards goal

69′ Kingborough get the break, with Hickman carrying the ball into the box but the angle is too tight to do much other than hit the near post where Vanderniet easily deals with the situation.

68′ The Lions living dangerously in defence, with Gardner well off her line, but it pays off as the ball is cleared.

67′ SUB: Lions OFF: De Smit ON: Davis

63′ O’Brien pounces on the ball in midfield and lets one rip from 30 yards out, with enough pace behind the ball but the direction is well wide of the post.

61′ Clarence get the ball forward, with Eaton finding space but Gardner comes off her line to block the ball for a corner.

58′ The Lions attacking with numbers, but some good defending by Newell stops Tatton from being able to bring the ball back into the area, seeing it out for a corner

57′ Some nice combinations by the Lions in the middle of the park sees Tatton able to find a gap running through the Clarence defence with the ball, her shot doesn’t find its target though.

52′ Tatton gets a glancing header to a Hickman free kick, but the direction isn’t there and it goes well wide of the post

49′ Some good link up play between Hickman and De Smit sees a chance, but it the shot isn’t up to par.

49′ Downham gets a break but it’s cleared away soon.

47′ The Lions get a free kick on the edge of the penalty box on the left side. Hickman lines it up, and glances the top corner but goes out.

Back for the second half, after a tense first half lets see whether the second has the potential to break the deadlock.

Half Time: Clarence 0 – 0 Kingborough

43′ Johnstone does well to earn a dangerous free kick for Clarence, the resulting shot by O’Brien is hit well but plucked from the air by Gardner

42′ Tatton shrugs off a defender to put Hickman through with space, Hickman’s shot is good but Vanderneit deals with it, making the catch look easy.

39′ Kingborough pressing, trying to find some space on either flank and earn themselves their first corner.

36′ Half a chance there for the Lions with Watkins and Tatton linking up but the Clarence defence does well to snuff out the oncoming shot.

33′ Wishful shot from a distance by Tatton, who does well guide the ball through defenders but was always easy pickings for the goalkeeper

33′ SUB Clarence OFF: Holmes ON Eaton

31′ Watkins breaks with Tatton, but quick goalkeeping by Vanderniet sees the ball blocked and the Clarence defence with the opportunity to clear.

27′ De Smit finds space in behind the defender, with no support coming takes the shot but it goes just wide of the near post

21′ Goss creates some space off the turn to get a shot off at the edge of the box, but it’s easy pickings for the Lions goalkeeper.

19′ James finds space just outside the box in front of goal and takes a crack but the Clarence keeper saves it with ease.

17′ Still the game is stuck in the midfield, both sides trying to probe a bit, but defences are locking them out.

11′ The Lions try to play it quickly out of their half but Tatton is called back for offside.

9′ Clarence get the first corner of the match and it’s a teasing one put in by O’Brien, but no one can get on the end of it.

5′ Tense start to the game with both sides testing each other out with some strong challenges, the Lions with the best of possession but unable to find anything to break down the Clarence defence right now

The wind is about, but it seems to mostly be going across the field right now. The teams switch ends and Clarence get the kick off.