Slice of Cheese

Clarence v Northern Rangers

Live Blog Coverage from Daniel Webb

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 Shots Off

Full Time Rangers 4 defeat Clarence 2

90′ The Rangers win a late corner

90′ Soukary’s shot goes just over the bar from the freekick

89′ Cheese! Nick L.A. picks up a yellow for his challenge, gifting the Reds a freekick at the top of the box 

87′ Bremner and Soukary with a good one two for the reds

86′ Ngor with a good run and cross down the right

84′ Cheese! Mccormak picks up a yellow card 

83′ Hatcher does well with his first touch of the game, a good run down the wing

81′ Substitute for Clarence, Snell coming off for Hatcher

80′ a good chance for the Rangers, the ball goes over the bar

79′ Substitute for the Rangers, Sparshott coming on for Monticchio

78′ Goal! Nick L.A. scores again as the Rangers counter the Reds’ corner with a 4 on 1. The visitors now lead 4-2

77′ Stuart and Snell combine well to win a corner for the Reds

75′ Substitute for Clarence, Urcan coming off for Stuart

75′ Cheese! Urcan picks up some cheese

71′ Cheese! Jono O’Neil picks up the first Cheddar of the game 

71′ Snell with a good run and play back to Urcan

70′ Soukary plays a teasing ball into the box, but finds nobody

69′ Sanchez with a great cross field run

65′ Youd with a good run on goal, brought down by the Clarence defence

63′ Substitute for the Rangers, Jonathan Burk coming off for Joseph Mocormack

61′ Nick L.A. wins a corner for the visitors, dealt with well by the Reds

60′ Clarence are pushing for the equaliser, with some great attacking play

57′ Substitute for the Rangers, Adhar Ngor coming on for William Humphrey

57′ Goal! Clarence have halved the deficit after a Sanchez run finds Soukary in the middle who finishes well, the score is now 3-2 Rangers 

56′ Another corner for the Reds, Urcan swinging them in well

55′ The Reds win another corner after they almost hit the back of the net

54′ Snell with a good run and cross, winning the Reds a corner

54′ O’Neil plays a wayward pass to Dyson, who does well to clear

52′ Consecutive attacks from the Rangers, dealt with well by the Clarence defence

51′ Urcan gets a cross away, straight to Whatman

50′ Lucas and Thannhauser with a good attack for the visitors, Dyson saves again

49′ Another stoppage in play as one of the nets requires a fix

48′ Humphrey with a shot going well over the bar

47′ The rangers counter attack, with Nick L.A. and Pat L.A. forcing a sharp save from Matt dyson

47′ Clarence almost score their second after Bremners shot hits Whatman

45′ Half time substitute for Clarence, Kannegiesser coming on for Lachlan Hardwick

45′ Second Half Underway 

A solid half for both teams, with many goal scoring opportunities wasted for either side. The Rangers held the majority of the ball, having some quality build up play and converting three chances. Clarence on the other hand had a number of chances played straight to Whatman, with the home side still in this contest heading into half time. The second half will be an interesting one, and will need to be a real show of character from Clarence to come back. With Thannhauser and the Lanau-Atkinson brothers firing it will be a tough but do-able ask.

45′ Half Time 

47′ Goal! The Rangers corner finds Thannhauser in the box who finishes well, the score is now 3-1 to the away side 

45′ The Rangers win a corner after Nick L.A.’s cross is cleared

45′ The Rangers win a fredrick, with Nick L.A. whipping in the ball

43′ Goal! Clarence get one back after Snell plays the ball across the box to Paul Bremner who buries the goal, the score now 2-1 to the Rangers

43′ Urcan with a curling shot, straight to Whatman

42′ Youd finds space at the top of the box, his shot going high

41′ Price finds Snell from distance

39′ Sanchez and Soukary combine well

37′ A stoppage in play after goalkeeper Matthew Dyson’s boots break, requiring some running repairs

36′ Monticchio with a shot going well over the bar

35′ Humphrey does well to beat his man and get a cross away

34′ Bremner whips in a ball to Snell, but the flag is raised

31′ Another freekick, this time the Rangers whip one in, dealt with well by Dyson

31′ Hedge with a good ball to find Snell who does well to get his shot on target, but can’t beat Whatman

29′ Clarence win a freekick on the left, a chance to whip in a dangerous ball

27′ Nick L.A. with a good ball to Humphrey on the left

26′ Soukary wins Clarence another corner after a good effort on goal

25′ Sanchez with a powerful shot from distance, hitting the cross bar after a good save from Whatman

24′ Thannhauser plays a good ball to Humphrey, unlucky for it to be cleared

23′ Anderson’s cross almost go’s in the top right corner

21′ Clarence win a freekick on the right wing, however it results in an offside

19′ Nick L.A. is bought down, in a dangerous freekick position

17′ Lucas with a good run for the Rangers

17′ The Rangers win a freekick after an Urcan foul

15′ Snell with another shot on goal, not enough power

13′ Goal! The Rangers double their lead after some great pressure from Thannhauser saw Pat L.A. join his brother on the scoresheet 

11′ Nick L.A.’s freekick is caught by Dyson

10′ Cody Snell with a shot going wide

9′ Goal! The Rangers go one goal up after Sam Whatman plays a long bouncing ball that sees Nick L.A. beat Dyson and put his side ahead 

9′ Clarence win a freekick on the right, a dangerous area

8′ Mocormack with a powerful shot from distance for the Rangers

7′ The L.A. brothers combining well early

6′ Soukary with an effort on goal, not enough power

5′ Pat L.A. one twos with Thannhauser, his cross is caught by Dyson

4′ The ball flys over the bar after Clarence shoot from distance

4′ Urcan and Bremner combine well with a one tow to win Clarence a corner

3′ Nick L.A. whips in a dangerous freekick, but Clarence clear it

2′ Urcan plays a great ball through to Snell, whose shot is dealt with well by Sam Whatman

1′ Kick Off

A big game here at Wentworth Park with both teams looking to get their seasons back on track. For Clarence, a win today would see them draw equal on points with the Lions in 7th spot, whilst a win is vital for the Rangers as they look to keep touch with Olympia. Both teams will believe they can win this game, with the Rangers looking to repeat the efforts that saw them win 7-1 the last time these sides met.

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