Slice of Cheese

Clarence v South Hobart

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

Wentworth Park, 7:00 pm

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time: Clarence 0 – 1 South Hobart

89′ GOAL! Djakic gets on the second effort and hits the bottom right hand corner of the goal after Fader puts in the initial shot which was well saved. Clarence 0 – 1 South

84′ Johnstone takes a hit from deep but it goes just off target. Clarence finding a little extra here in the dying stages of this match.

Sub Clarence OFF Grzinic ON no 4

82′ Downham gets a second ball after a Clarence break, looks to chip the keeper, looked successful but hits the crossbar.

81′ Clarence looked to clear the  ball, but a hand ball gives a free kick to South in a good position. Coy hits it in a sweet spot but Vanderniet is quick to deal with it before a South player can get a touch.

80′ South nearly finding some space in the attacking third, but no one willing to take the shot so Clarence are able to clear the baall some.

78′ Grzinic finds the ball in behind the defence and takes a hit, forcing Johnston to dive to stop the effort.

SUBS South. OFF N Moutsatsos Ferrier ON Choi Gossage

75′ Vanderniet pulling out two quality saves, as South are pushing to break the deadlock.

73′ O’Brien with a shot from very deep, but the shot runs out of steam, causing no problem for Johnston

71′ A ball cleared out of the Clarence box winds up to an unmarked Djakic, who takes the shot with power but doesn’t direct it

69′ N Moutsatsos dinks around her defender, looking through on goal but Vanderniet is quick off her line and gets to the ball first.

67′ South find themselves with a dangerous free kick, within perfect shooting range. Coy takes the shot, but goes wide of the post.

63′ South almost finding some space down the right hand side, with a through ball to Colanzi, the initial effort denied by the defence but N Moutsatsos hits a shot going wide.

62′ SUB: Clarence ON Goss OFF Holmes

60′ Coy with a thrilling run between Clarence’s midfield and defensive lines, but the pass to her forward doesn’t wind up with the intended outcome, Clarence gaining the ball and going on the break to earn a corner for themselves.

57′ Looked like danger from South, with the side’s attack out numbering the Clarence defence, but somehow there is a clearance and the shot from the second ball is easily collected.

54′ Clarence with a foray forward, a wishful shot from a distance by Kearney blocked by her own player.

50′ A challenge between Kearney and E. Moutsatsos sees the South defender come off second best, but ends up in a drop ball and no foul given.

49′ Ferrier gets another shot on target, however with a challenge coming in from Newell it’s difficult work and lacks the power.

48′ Ferrier finds an inch of space facing the goals and takes a crack, but goes right to Vanderniet.

46′ Carter carries the ball and lays it off for N Moutsatsos, who takes a crack on the edge of the box but it goes wide.

45′ Back for the second half

Half Time: Clarence 0 – 0 South Hobart

45′  Chance! Best of the half, with N Moutsatsos recieving service inside the box and only some good goalkeeping blocking the shot, the second effort being blocked and out for a corner

44′ South stringing together some nice passes with their midfield, however they’re up against a wall of Clarence white and aren’t finding any options to get through.

42′  Wishful effort there by N Moutsatsos, whose shot never looked likely to trouble the goalkeeper, being from such a deep angle it was always unlikely to be on target.

39′ Long range shot by Carter doesn’t cause the keeper any problems.

38′ For the first time tonight, the ball is seeing some time in the midfield. Both sides trying to find something to break the other down, but no success so far as both sets of defenders are on their game so far.

35′ Last ditch defending by Colanzi stops another run by Grzinic.

33′ Grzinic with another dangerous run at the defence, earning a corner. Which looks dangerous but doesn’t find a Clarence player. South look to counter off the clearance, but the cross come shot is easily collected

32′ Clarence knocking, a couple deep crosses winds up with an O’Brien cross finding Davie’s head, who just can’t manage to get under it as the header goes over the bar.

31′ Both sides having a shot a piece from distance, however neither can find the target.

29′ Fader bringing it to her defender, winning the ball from a loose touch, however Newell proves the stronger, ultimately winning the contest.

28′ Grzinic pounces onto a loose ball, lays it off for Downham who almost releases Kearney down the left flank, but South are quick to shut the play down once it hits the flanks.

26′ Clarence causing problems down the left hand side for South through Downham and Kearney. However South get the ball back and move it forward quickly, but don’t manage to catch the Clarence defence out with the counter.

22′ South having a spell of possession in the last 5 minutes. They’ve been able to link up play well, but Clarence are proving difficult to break down.

17′ South get the break through Ferrier, and move the ball about just outside the box for N. Moustatsos to take a hit, but comfortably dealt with by the goalkeeper.

16′ Clarence with all of play right now, Downham with a dangerous cross in. Whilst the ball goes dead, O’Brien finds the ball just outside of the box and strikes it, but goes wide

11’ Downham with the shot after Clarence move the ball around in the final third.

9′ O’Brien with a strong shot on the corner of the penalty area, earns a corner. Dangerous corner in by O’Brien, but with three players to choose from, neither can pull off the shot, instead it coming once the ball goes out of play.

9’ Grzinic running half the length of the field, but runs out of steam to get the ball into the centre.

7′ End to end stuff here, Ferrier with the shot, which is blocked to earn a corner.

6′ South on the break down the left flank, but the in coming cross is dealt with by Vanderniet.

5′ Clarence on the attack, Kearney and Davie link up but Downham gets the shot on goal, unfortunately unbalanced and the shot is comfortably saved.

2′ Clarence with the break, but Coy wins it in the box and gets the clearance.


1′ South with the first shot testing out Clarence from a distance.