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Clarence v Ulverstone (WSL)

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Final Score Clarence 0 – 3 Ulverstone

86″ GOAL!! Ulverstone, after so many chances this second half they finally find the back of the net. With Gorrie getting the initial shot off, hands of the goalkeeper touching it into the path of Christie Cox-Haines who calmly slots it home.

78″ Clarence get an opportunity with Chantelle Nowicki receiving the ball but a strong challenge by Emily Nellis stops Nowicki in her tracks. The resulting corner ends up with a Clarence shot going high of the goal.

70″ CHANCE! For Ulverstone, Gorrie again gets in on goal, but a heavy touch allows Goalkeeper Downham to get a touch to halt the danger.

57″ GOAL!!! Jazmine Gorrie doubles her tally, getting the second goal of the game. Easily slotting the ball home into the net after getting another one on one chance with a Clarence goal keeper.

“55 The weather is picking up. Who knows where the wind is going, it’s that swerly and the drizzle is going to ensure the ball will continue to pick up pace as this game wears on

51″ Substitute goalkeeper Downham comes up strong with her first save of the match, getting enough fingertips to the oncoming shot to force the ball wide for a corner

48″ First opportunity of the half goes to Ulverstone, where the ball gets skied over the goal posts.

45” Change for Clarence with Jessica Downham now filling in at goalkeeper in place for injured Vanderniet

Half Time: Clarence 0 – 1 Ulverstone

A half where the ball was stuck in the middle of the park for large spells. Ulverstone looked the better of the sides and after knocking all half final got their just desserts with a goal right before the halftime whistle. Of concern for Clarence for this next half is Amelia Vanderneit, who was outstanding all half, going down heavy, looking injured meaning a likely change in goals for the home side. For Ulverstone, if they keep playing like they are, with maybe one or two more shots on goal they should be comfortable to see this game through.

45″ GOAL after knocking all half Jazmin Gorrie finally gets it past the Vanderniet and slots the ball into the bottom left corner of the net

“40 SAVE! Vanderniet just gets fingertips on a shot from a one on one with Gorrie

“36 CHANCE! In perhaps the best chance of the half so far, Ulverstone break with numbers. Gorrie crosses deep to Reimer who hits it wide over despite having almost an empty net to aim at.

“31 Ulverstone again show they are ready for the break with Gorrie again running down with the ball for a one on one and shooting just wide.

“30 Foul against Ulverstone sees Clarence get their first opportunity in a while, with the resulting shot off target after the foul was awarded probably too far out to provide any real threat.

23″ Ulverstone get the break after Clarence have a short spell forward. Despite playing with a deep defence, Clarence are able to see off the opportunity and stay strong.

15” Gorrie gets another one-on-one with Vanderniet, who again does enough to ensure nothing gets close.

“14 Gorrie puts the ball in for Lucy Reimer, who hits the post.

“12 Ulverstone continue to press, with a cross going across the face of the goal but the touch to get it in going just wide.

9″ Ulverstone retaliate with Jazmin Gorrie running with pace to go one on one with Amelia Vanderniet who stands strong and pulls off a great save.

8″ CHANCE for Clarence! Nicola Davies on the end of a cross and just can’t get it on target.

5” The ball is seeing a lot of time in the middle of the park. Both sides having a few half chances pressing forward.

And we have kick off with the rain starting at the same time. Ulverstone starts and quickly releases the ball forward.