Slice of Cheese

Devonport v Kingborough (NPL)

Live Blog Coverage From Mark Wakefield

 Shots On
 Shots Off


90+1′ SLICE OF CHEESE! Lazcano into the book for a cynical foul there. He’d been beaten and was on the ground, reached out with an arm to trip a Lions player there.

88′ SAVE! Mann get the ball inside the 18 and turns and shoots but the Lions keeper is equal to the task, getting a strong hand to it to parry it away.

86′ SHOT OFF! Jackson had a chance to close this one out, he’d burst through on goals and had space only to loft his effort way over the top when the goal beckoned. Seems to be a theme for Jackson – he could probably have had 5 today with good finishing!

81′ ANOTHER MAN DOWN! Schuth comes in for a meaty challenge and its a fair one on first view. Bidwell is down with some form of soreness, but he’s just gotten back onto his feet now. He’ll be fine to continue.

78′ POSTER! A driven effort in towards goal is marginally flicked on by Jackson and Mann is through, on goal, pretty much alone with the keeper. He flicks a little effort on goal and hits the right hand post before trickling across the goal line and getting picked up by the keeper.

77′ SUB! Another for the Lions. De Souza is coming off, and not sure who has replaced him there.

A goal here for the Lions could make things a bit spicy for the last 10 minutes, but it doesn’t look likely at the moment, the chances they’re having aren’t great.

72′ A bit of a stoppage here as Lazcano lays on the ground. Not sure if he’s taken a bit of a knock to the head. The Strikers also don’t look particularly happy with how they’ve been playing this half. Lazcano is up and walking off.

69′ SHOT ON! Mann makes a run from midfield unopposed and unleashes a shot that barely leaves the ground, the Lions keeper collects it coolly.

67′ SUBS! Both teams making changes, Lions bringing off Kantsoz and bringing on Lokoes? Stone is on for the Strikers, not sure who came off.

61′ SOMEHOW THE STRIKERS MISS! Holden releases Mann with a long through ball and Mann races onto goal, he’s selfless and lays off to his right, about 5 yards out to Barnard I think it was. And Barnard has somehow missed the target with no keeper to beat. He was under pressure, but still he should have finished that!

57′ CHANCE GOES BEGGING! Pitchford spills the ball to Kantzos and he can’t get over the attempted chance, instead skying it well over the bar from 8 yards out.

55′ SHOT OFF! Barnard gets on the end of a good cross from the right and heads it over the bar when the target beckoned!

Jackson has been a real menace for Port – he’s chased and harassed and has constantly looked threatening. 

50′ POSTER! Jackson under hits and cuts his shot slightly and wrong foots the Lions keeper, the ball hits the post and bounces away to safety!


HALF TIME! The huge save from Pitchford at the end there keeps it at 3-1. Great half from the Strikers.

45+2′ MAGNIFICENT SAVE! The shot was incredible from the free but Pitchford’s save was even better, he dives away to his right and somehow claws it out of the top left and concedes only a corner.

45+1′ FREE KICK! It’s right in the danger zone for Downes here, about 8 yards outside the 18 yard box. Pitchford will need to be ready.

43′ SHOT OFF! Jackson gets on the end of a sideways ball just outside the 18 yard box, looks up and shoots and skies his chance high and wide to the right of the goals. He should have done better there given the time and space he had.

40′ SUB! Lions make the change – Di Martino OFF and Easton ON.

In the meantime Di Martino has gone down and is hobbling towards the sideline with what looks like a rolled ankle possibly. Not sure if he will come back on or not.

37′ GOALLL!! I think that’s an own goal there possibly, Mann’s initial shot was well saved and the rebound fell to Jackson who shot across goals and into a Lions defender, the rebound finding its way over the line. You will have to check the scorers on the official FFT site once the results are up for the scorer of that one!

36′ SHOT OFF! I’m not sure who it was from the Strikers, maybe Holden? but he’s lashed a shot just wide from about 40 yards out after the Lion’s keeper scuffed his clearance and was caught out of goals. The Lions breathe a sigh of relief there!

To their credit, the Lions are having a good little period here. They’ve had a couple of chances the last few minutes and are finally putting some pressure on the Strikers again.

34′ SHOT OFF! Cowen with another chance after a driving cross from Zammit picked him out inside the 18 yard box.

33′ SAVE! Pitchford gets down smartly to save from Cowen after a slicing run through midfield from Baker before a nice pass to Cowen.

28′ SLICE OF CHEESE! De Souza gets a slice of cheese for standing way too close to the free kick he had given away moments earlier.

27′ SHOT OFF! Dom Smith skies a flicked on header well over the bar following a corner. Probably could have done a little better considering the lack of pressure on him.

24′ GOAL!!! Mann leaps highest from the corner and nods home into the right hand side of the net. He follows up with a very average looking celebration that’s completely lost on me! 2-1 Strikers!

22′ SHOT BLOCKED! There’s yet another goalmouth scramble, with Jackson again involved. His on shot target on the turn is blocked and then cleared away!

The game just burst into life there! What a spectacular couple of minutes.



18′ NEAR CHANCE! Mann tries an acrobatic first time volley after a cross from the left and doesn’t quite make contact. Would have been an excellent finish had he connected!

17′ SAVE! Jackson looks surprised to not be called offside as a long ball splits the Lion’s defence. He strolls in towards goal and shoots but its saved by the legs of the keeper.

On the balance of play so far, its the Strikers on top. They’ve got the Lions scrambling in defence and have already rattled the post once. Lions do look well organised but the class of the Strikers is shining through early in this one.

14′ SHOT ON! The Lions register their first shot on target through a long strike from a free by Downes. Pitchford has no trouble gathering the ball and it remains 0-0.

10′ OVER THE TOP! Barnard gets to a long cross first and headers it well over. Lions looking under pressure early here.

7‘ POST AND A MISS! It looks like Jackson was up at the back post for the Strikers and headed it into the right hand post before it trickled back out to two or three unmarked Strikers players – back to goals however. The attempted back heel rolls past the left hand upright as the Lions breathe a sigh of relief! 

Apologies, I was a bit slow on refreshing the stream there so I’ve missed the kick off – not entirely sure how far into the game we are – perhaps a couple of minutes in.


Good afternoon all! Thanks for tuning in to the live blog. I’ll do my best to provide updates this afternoon, though I cannot promise I’ll know all the players names this year. It’s Mark ‘Wiggo’ Wakefield bringing you the blog today – back for a one off special after big Drewster phoned in a favour.

I’ve only seen a small handful of the action this year, with time commitments elsewhere meaning I’ve spread myself rather thin on the football front. It seems like a much more even competition this year, with most teams capable of taking results off one another.

Today pits the Strikers against the Lions. The Strikers are sitting in third spot on the NPL ladder and will be looking to keep in touch with the top two sides with another win today, whilst the Lions are sitting 7th on the ladder – but only a win adrift of fourth spot. Plenty riding on the line for both clubs today.

The Lions have been somewhat of a surprise for me this year – in the limited time I’ve been able to catch any football at all, they’ve looked a much better organised side than last year. Broadbent must be working his magic – they’ve not been embarrassed by any sides this year and still sport a positive goal difference – in fact, they share the second best goal difference in the league still.

The Strikers were involved in a fiery game last weekend and came off second best against league leaders Launceston City. I did manage to catch about 20 minutes of that game (right when all the excitement in the form of cards started flying out!) I assume Coach Gallo will have to operate from behind the fence this weekend after appearing to get rather physical with a Launceston City player in the dugout last weekend.

Anyway, onto the game – like I said, I will do my best with names, I don’t have teamsheets. If I can get some I will try do a little better, but nonetheless, enjoy the coverage!