Slice of Cheese

Devonport v Launceston City

Live From 4:30pm

Launceston City
 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time: Devonport 2-3 Launceston City

City hold on for the win and what a big victory that is! Make no mistake, City are contendors in 2018!

92′ A late free kick just outside the box on the left for Devonport! They win a corner, last chance here for the hosts.

88′ Devonport are knocking on the door here pushing hard and are having all the play but a determined City are holding firm.

87′ Late drama as Niko gives away a free kick on the 6 yard box after taking his goal kick! Maybe took it from in front of the line, maybe he took too long? Either way, its a point blank range free kick. It gets charged down quickly, and Mann blasts wide.

78′ Another RED CARD! Chris Gallo has been sent from the field for scrapping with Linger after he ran into the Devonport dug out. But now Linger is off too!! Oh my, Well we said their would be some feeling in it, there certainly has and things boiling over again.

74′ Krusa into the book for a challenge right on the edge of the area, promising spot for a Fischer free kick this.

73′ GOAL! 3-2! They pull one back though! Beau Blizzard turns at the top of the box and fires one into the bottom corner, perfect placement.

66′ So Devonport down to 10 men and down by 2 goals, that’s a huge hole they find themselves in.

63′ Big stoppage here and the referee has a decision to make. Gannon launched in with an awful challenge which Stone took exception to, not sure if Gannon was foxing the ref or if he got hit in the face by Stone either way he hit the deck and then it was on! Players from both sides storming in and the referee taking his time to sort through this, consulting with his assistant. The end call is a Red card for Lazcano! Not sure what he did, was a mass of humanity over on the wing but after talking with the red he then went and said/did something to Gannon and clearly it was bad! A lot to unpack in these minutes of madness. Also seems like yellow cards for Stone and Gannon and play resumes.

61′ Holden links up well with

58′ Holden picks up the ball in midfield and drives towards goal before unleashing a fierce shot that flies just wide but had Giantsopoulos scrambling.

53′ GOAL!! 3-1!!1 FISCHER! The old guard really are coming back to haunt Devonport. Syson chips in the free kick, it spills to Fischer who turns onto his trusty left and smashes it home!

46′ Back underway and Devonport have won a corner within seconds of the restart

Half Time: Devonport 1-2 Launceston City

45′ Brilliant flowing football from end to end from the Strikers leads to a chance for Holden which is charged down and blocked behind for a corner. The Strikers have woken up here and are taking it right up to City now after a sluggish start.

43′ A free is blown for a backpass that is handled by Giantsopoulos. Holden belts it into the wall and it deflects behind.

42′ GOAL! They do get one back though! Daniel Jackson smashing home, Giantsopoulos had denied Holden with a wonderful 1 on 1 save, but Holden showed composure, regathered it, worked it to Jackson and he emphatically smashed it home.

40′ Giantsopoulos! A top drawer save! Nothing we haven’t seen from that man at Valley Road before, but this time he prevents Mann’s header from pulling one back for the Strikers.

37′ Slice of Cheese for Brayden Mann for a professional foul, clipping a City defender as he looked to carry the ball out.

32′ A nice flowing moves springs Holden and he charges into the box on the left and squares it but Mann can’t quite get on the end of it to work it home at the back post.

27′ GOAL! 2-0! City double their lead! The free kick is clipped in by Syson, Mies squares it back across the face and Millington comes back to haunt the Strikers as he buries it.

14’ GOAL! 1-0 City! Tyler Fischer races in behind the lines and finishes perfectly!

3’ Strikers on the attack early, getting some good crosses in. Millington makes a big sliding block on Stone

1” Underway at Valley Road.

Second meets third with Devonport playing host to Launceston City. The Striker have been leaving it late but ultimately getting the job done in recent weeks. Late winners in 3 consecutive weeks has delivered them victories over Olympia, Northern Rangers and South Hobart. They say that’s the mark of a good team, and it probably points to their superior fitness, but we saw the reverse of it against Olympia at Warrior Park and at home against Hobart Zebras, in games where they didn’t take their chances early in games and it cost them points. That’s why they are currently a point behind a Launceston City side that has been a surprise packet so far. Seven points from their first 3 games was probably attributed more to their softer early draw and there was certainly still the notion of, “What have they really proved yet?” hovering about them. A win over Olympia and home draw with South combined with their march to the Lakoseljac Cup Semis has turned heads though and if they can march into Valley Road and put in a good performance, you’ll know they are the real deal in 2018.