Slice of Cheese

Devonport v Olympia Warriors

Saturday 9 March, 2:00pm, Valley Road

Live Blog Coverage from Jesse Dance

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full time! Devonport 1-0 Olympia Warriors

A tough battle for both sides with Devonport Strikers prevailing. Not much difference between the two teams except a Daniel ‘The Prodigal Son’ Syson, cooly slotting the ball past McDonald in the 55th minute. A good start to the campaign for the boys in blue and yellow, for Olympia it was a game they may feel they should have maybe snuck a point out of. Nevertheless, both teams will be happy with their performance and gear up for the next match day. 

90′ Corner for Devonport after some hard work from Denehey, nothing comes from that either.

Devonport faithful not happy with some of the decisions, few jeers from the crowd lets the referee know they aren’t happy.

Sub- Hingston off, West on. One would think the old legs would need a rest, young legs will do the trick.

88′ Dance fouls in the centre circle, surprisingly small amount of cards considering both teams’ high foul count. Free kick comes to nothing.

Couple to go here at Valley Road, looks like Olympia are pushing on more and the attacks keep on coming.

86′ Hill with a shot from distance and goes wide, pressure starting for mount for the Strikers.

83′ Free kick for Olympia on the top of the box, dangerous for the Strikers.

80′ Nkoso tries to feed on the seemingly tired and possibly injured Parke, wins a corner for Olympia.

Sub- E.Bidwell off, Denehey on

78′ Parke goes down from a tackle from Nkoso, medical attention required.

Tense times for the last 15 minutes, both teams with equal chance of scoring. It seems as though one more goal from Devonport will kill the game off but one for Olympia will give it an extra kick.

75′ Pitchford with a brilliant save on his front post, corner for Olympia is nullified.

Sub- Stone off, Dance on. Pressing from the front could lead to Dance sneaking one.

71′ Ball from Iggy sees Fitzgerald put through but is offside.

68′ Lazcano wins a header from a long ball Olympia free kick, collides in the process and a drop ball is awarded. Goes all the way from Pitchford to McDonald.

66′ Working down the right side of the field with Stone and Bidwell again, this time Stone is the one that shoots and is well saved, out for a corner.

61′ Slice of cheese! A sneaky touch from ‘Iggy’ Giampoli for Devonport sees Kurtz from Olympia dive in on him and earns himself a slice of cheese.

Sub- Ortmann off, Thompson on. Interesting substitution considering Ortmann was at left back, possible formation change.

Both teams starting to lose their legs here, a warm day means for sore bodies. It will be a battle of determination and who can persevere that will win this one.

55′ GOAL! A superb ball played from Stone puts Bidwell down the left wing, Bidwell plays a ball to Syson who composes himself, takes a touch inside the box to lose the defender and slots home! Not much of a better way to return back to Valley Road.

50′ Ball from stone plays through Fitzgerald, loses the ball after his second touch despite being put on through one on one.

49′ Olympia free kick from half way sees a dangerous ball played in, headed out for a corner.

47′ Olympia with the first shot of the second half after working the ball across both flanks before delivering from the left side, ball is headed for a goal kick.

46′ Start of second half.

Half time Devonport 0-0 Olympia

Solid defending from both sides sees them both scoreless, no major chances that should see either side ahead. Both coaches will have some words to say at the half to try and will their side over the line. Plenty of football left to play, Devonport with more chances overall but still anyones game here. 

45′ Slice of cheese! Lazcano thinking he was fouled goes to ground, referee does not see it like that and awards a slice of cheese for his theatrics.

Foul count starting to build for Olympia, putting the pressure on Devonport to move the ball quickly.

37′ Handball by Lazcano around 25 yards out, Scott puts it less than half a yard wide of the top left hand corner.

35′ Olympia win a free kick near the top of the box, cleared out for a throw-in.

Olympia trying their luck on the ball over the top for most of their attacks, building from the back and applying pressure through the one over the top.

27′ Slice of cheese! Stone goes on a blistering run down the wing and is cut down by Hill, a professional foul to say the least, yellow is shown to Hill.

25′ A free kick won top of the box again leads to a corner for Devonport, nothing comes from it.

21′ First shot for Olympia, a ball from the left wing falls onto Kurtz’s head and safely behind for a Pitchfork goal kick.

Play going back and forth, no one really taking control of the game.

Devonport assuming control of the game again, controlling possession of the game with the ball.

12′ A corner for Devonport is met by the bearded wonder, Todd Hingston which goes out for a goal kick.

11′ A bit of fancy footwork by Fitzgerald leads to a one-two with stone that allows him a one on one chance, tries to find a pass but only finds the defender.

Olympia starting to get themselves into the game, a dangerous run down the line leads in Hingston clearing inside his own 18 yard box.

5′ Freekick won by Bidwell on the edge of the box, promising position but the delivery goes wide.

4′ First shot of the game goes to Fitzgerald of Devonport, high and wide.

3′ Mearsn goes down while trying to tackle Hingston of Devonport, medical staff is on the field to assist.

1′ Kick off!

Devonport Strikers look to open their NPL account at home against a quality Olympia side that despatched the ever strong South Hobart last week. The game being played at ‘The Portress’ is always tough for opposing teams, having such a great home record. Fine conditions here should allow for a great hit out between the north and south teams, will be interesting to see how both teams will line up following the result last week. What is for sure is both teams will be desperate for a strong performance to start their years well.


Teams from

Devonport Strikers: Pitchford, E. Bidwell, Fitzgerald, Giampoli, Hingston,

Lazcano, Mulraney, Parke, Smith, Stone, Syson

Subs: Dance, West, C. Bidwell, Pearce, Denehey


Olympia Warriors: Hill, Kurtz, Ladic, McDonald, Mearns, Nkoso, Ortmann, Ryan, Scott, Stevens, Vandermay

Subs: Allan, Curtis, Randall,Thompson, Mulunsula